Aspiring to Be a Teacher? Know more about the Job

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Does the chatter of children put a smile on your face? Do you look forward to something new every day? Do you take pride in being the instrument of someone else’s achievement? Do you like to make a difference?

If your answer to some of these questions is ‘YES!’, then a teacher’s job is just right for you.

What makes a teacher successful?

It’s not enough to aspire to a teaching career. If you want to succeed as a teacher, here are a few thoughts that you must consider:

Be encouraging: Not every student has the confidence to put his/her best foot forward. You have to judge the needs of every student and help him/her give his/her best. Children, especially when they are too young to understand, can be very cruel to someone who doesn’t fit the norm. A good teacher ensures that no child is left behind or made a misfit. The weakest must not only survive but thrive.

Decide the dose of discipline: The days of sparing the rod and spoiling the child are passé. It is necessary to be firm about things like behaviour in class, tidy work, and timely homework. Many children, particularly adolescents, are rebellious and an authoritarian manner often proves to be counter-productive. A successful teacher is a master of the iron hand in the velvet glove, firm but understanding. Never make the mistake of losing authority to popularity. It’s nice to be liked, but certainly not enough.

The use of praise: Students need encouragement, but it makes no sense to praise work that is only a percentage of what the student is capable of. Use praise judiciously and when deserved. Encourage the student to earn praise.

The mutating classroom: Teaching needs are constantly evolving. Syllabuses change; students grow up, and generational changes take place with the Tab of today replacing the paper of yesteryears; new methods of teaching are in demand. As a teacher, you will have to welcome these changes and adapt to them.  Successful teachers keep on learning.

Sandwiched between the parent and student: You have to keep communication with parents ongoing and open. Share your concerns and listen to theirs. Just keep in mind that both parents and teachers have a common goal- doing their best for the student. Many a time, it has been the teacher who has successfully solved the problems of a child when a parent could not.

The terrific three of a successful teacher would be Confidence, Spontaneity, and Creativity.

Just remember: when school friends get together in adult life, sometimes many, many years down the line, they never speak of the great textbook or lesson from school. They talk of the teacher they loved or the interest in a subject that a teacher kindled in them. That is the kind of teacher you would want to be.

Teaching jobs in India

Given the level of overpopulation in India, though a school seems to have sprung up in every lane and by-lane, we have insufficient schools and insufficient teachers.

Still, one cannot deny that literacy is certainly on the rise. When we talk of literacy, our aim is not to count the number of PhDs. We have to set a modest target of at least educating our masses up to the 10th class. This thought gave birth to the Right to Education Act which envisages free and compulsory education to children between the ages of 6-14 years.

Social change is always difficult and slow to come. Education is a very powerful tool of change and is rightly the national priority.


In keeping with the spirit of the RTE, the Government of India also felt that the quality of teachers and schools should match these high ideals. The Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) and the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) aim to standardise the quality of teaching staff. CTET/TET certifications are compulsory for teachers to get employment into government or government-aided schools.

Of course, teaching may be its own reward, but an attractive salary and an enjoyable workplace are important too. All of these can be yours if you get a good CTET ranking.

In 2016, approximately 8 lakh candidates appeared for the CTET. Obviously, teaching jobs are in high demand. It would be a wise decision to invest time and effort with a good training institute that will help you score high in this test.

TalentSprint understands your aspirations and commends your choice of a teaching career. A teacher helps to mould the future citizens of this country and, as such, holds the future of the country in the palms of his/her hands.

You have it in you to enable students to realise their dreams.

Let us help you realise yours.

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