What is Socialization? – Meaning and Phases

In this post, we will discuss what is socialization, the meaning of socialization and the Phases of socialization to make it easy for you to answer questions in CTET and TET exams.

SOCIALIZATION FOR CTET AND TET EXAMS - What is Socialization? - Meaning and Phases

Socialization and Socializing are often two confused terms, aspiring CTET and TET exams candidates mix up the terms and end up losing their scores in exams. At the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of socialization and socializing which will help you to boost your time and speed in the CTET and TET exams.
What is Socialization?
Socialization is a lifelong process of accepting, acquiring, adjusting, and adapting various values, beliefs, expectations and social skills.
Socialization is a two-way process which helps one to develop an individual personality on their own.
The process of Socialization “begins at birth and ends with death.”

Phases of Socialization

Primary Socialization – Phase 1
Primary socialization is defined as the process in which a child, in his early childhood becomes socialized through the family. In case of the primary socialization, the key agent is the family.
Let’s take an example: A young child in the family possess very little information about his culture and he/she is not aware of the values, practices and the social norms. A child learns about the do’s and don’ts of the society via family.
Therefore, a child learns
-Internalization of the society’s culture
-structuring of the personality
Secondary socialization – Phase 2
Secondary socialization is a  process that starts in the later stage of a child through agencies such as education and peer group.
In secondary socialization, the involvement of the family becomes less and other social agents play the dominant role. At this phase, a child predominantly learns everything from the school because a school bridges between the family and the society. In school, a child learns to be treated equally as others, since they don’t get any special attention at home.

Watch our expert faculty explain you Socialization and four important agents of socialization.


Previous year CTET and TET exams questions –
1. Process of socialization does NOT include:
a. Learning the customs and norms of a culture
b. Acquisition of skills.
c. Acquiring values and beliefs
d. Genetic transmission
2.The most intense and crucial socialization takes place:
a. throughout the life of a person
b. during adolescence
c. during early childhood
d. during adulthood
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SOCIALIZATION FOR CTET AND TET EXAMS  1 1 - What is Socialization? - Meaning and Phases

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Sourabh vishwakarma
Sourabh vishwakarma

Very good material for ctet .

Astuti Deep
Astuti Deep

1. (d) genetic transmission
2. (b) during adolescence