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TalentSprint, a National Stock Exchange (NSE) Group Company, brings transformational high-end and deep-tech learning programs to emerging and experienced professionals in partnership with top academic institutions and global corporations. Its patent-pending, AI-powered, digital learning platform enables a perfect blend of high-end academics and industry-leading practitioner experience. Its programs have consistently seen a high engagement rate and customer delight. For more information, visit

ai, AI/ML, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, voice technology June 29, 2022

Voice and Language-Driven Intelligence

Until a few years back, speaking to a voice assistant while cooking new recipes or asking for directions would have been either akin to insanity or the equivalent of having a genie in a bottle. But look at how normal it is now. It is hard to imagine a road trip or a workout session without the assured, helpful and insightful voice of artificial intelligence (AI) around. 

development, devops, skills June 16, 2022

Step Up to DevOps – The Elevator to The Future

Sometimes, when you walk into your office, the world looks quite alien to what it used to be just a few years back. Gone are the burdens of monolithic software. Away and out is the heavy-lifting that most application development cycles used to suffer. You don’t see any more shelves of pending files and bugs. You do not sneeze at the dust that would pour on you when you entered those dark and dingy server rooms. As IT is becoming modular and we see the rise of microservices, Cloud-first applications, containers and AI- the way you work on applications – gets lighter, gets sharper. It’s an expanding paradigm, upending the application model for many businesses. 

Cyber Security October 7, 2021

The Digital World Needs Cyber Security Professionals

In the Industry Immersion Event, Britto Sidhan, General Manager (Global Security Lab), Schneider Electric, shared an interesting observation on how the global talent shortage in Cyber Security can become a goldmine for aspirants. Especially to those planning to launch their tech career or professionals looking for a career switch.