Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

Coforge, one of India’s top 10 IT companies is looking for 220 professionals for their DPA business division. They are looking for freshers who are trained and certified in leading low-code technology platforms like Pega and Appian.

This program is designed by TalentSprint and Coforge DPA to enable young graduates to learn the world's leading low-code automation technologies and start their career with one of India's top 10 IT Companies.

Immediate and Assured Placement: You will be provided with a Conditional Offer to join Coforge DPA, one of India’s top 10 IT companies upon enrollment into the program. This will be converted to Full-Time Employment within 3 months through the program based on your performance.

Premium Package: Launch your career with a premium remuneration starting from ₹4.5 LPA.

Global Certifications: You will be awarded 2 globally recognized certifications by the world’s leading business process management (BPM) application building platforms.

Master Classes: The curriculum will be delivered by the best-in-industry instructors.

The TalentSprint Advantage: Experiential learning on TalentSprint’s AI-enabled Digital Platform.

The current selection is for Hyderabad or NCR locations. Candidates are required to be flexible with any location in India or abroad.

  1. Get globally recognized Pega / Appian Certification
  2. Launch your IT Career with a premium remuneration package
  3. Work with one of India’s top 10 IT companies
  4. Be an early adopter in a fast-growing tech area

With your dedication, you will be able to complete the program successfully. Under rare circumstances, if you are unable to complete the program successfully during the first attempt, you will get a second chance to complete the program.

In case you are unable to complete the program successfully even in your second attempt, it may be that you might need a longer duration for building an in-depth understanding of a new platform/capability.

TalentSprint will guide you with its additional Placement Support facilities. Most leading tech companies recruit TalentSprint alumni for their requirements. You will get priority access to such opportunities.

Basic coding knowledge is sufficient. However, participants will be provided with refresher training sessions as part of the curriculum.

Your selection for this program in itself shows your capability in achieving the certification.

If you stay determined and put in the necessary efforts required for the program and towards your future, you will be able to complete the program successfully.

The program fee is ₹1,00,000 + GST. Participants will have to pay ₹20,000 + GST as their enrollment fee at the start of their training. The remaining program fee of ₹80,000 can be paid upon joining the company. Certification exam fee to be paid separately on actuals. To help you finance your learning, we have easy EMI options. For more information on payment options, you may contact us at Sahisri 7330685853

The program will be conducted online on TalentSprint’s patent-pending AI-powered platform,

The training will start in July. 300 hours of training will be delivered to cover this certification.

You will have to enrol within 48 hours after receiving your selection communication.

About Digital Process Automation

Digital transformation remains a top strategic priority for organizations today. At the centre of this transformation is Digital Process Automation (DPA).

Organizations irrespective of industries they belong to, heavily rely on Business Process Management (BPM) to streamline their business processes and manage overall costs. DPA is a crucial evolution of this BPM that helps enhance customer experience and achieve desired outcomes.

The Global Digital Process Automation Market is projected to reach USD 16.6 Billion by 2026. However, to leverage the benefits of DPA adoption, organizations need professionals who are well equipped to work with DPA and help boost company performance.

TalentSprint, a leader in DeepTech education has introduced Certified Business Process Automation Professional Program to help organizations address their DPA talent demand.

Most of the world's leading consultancy, advisory, and technology firms require Pega and Appian specialists. These include TCS, Wipro, Accenture, Mindtree, Cisco, PwC, Deloitte, Philips, Cognizant, EY, Virtusa, Capgemini, Infosys, JP Morgan Chase, HCL, and more.

About Pega

Pega is a software used to build scalable, enterprise-grade CRM, Digital Process Automation, BPM, Case Management, and AI apps, all on one unified platform. It helps organizations irrespective of size, build end-to-end applications and manage their business workflow.

Today, Pega is empowering the world’s leading companies to achieve breakthrough results. In addition, it is also offering a great opportunity for Pega Certified professionals to grow. With an urge to enhance business efficiency, many giant tech companies are hiring Pega talent in the current scenario. As more and more organizations realize the need for this platform to streamline their business, the demand for certified talent will continue rising.

Pega has a global partner ecosystem of over 300 of the world's leading consultancy, advisory, and technology firms. Pega software is used by top companies across diverse sectors including HCL, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, NTT Data, Mindtree, Coforge, Tech Mahindra, MPHASIS, Capgemini, Infosys, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Cisco, Philips, Cognizant, EY, Virtusa, Merkle, Hoverstate, HSBC, NatWest, Lloyds Banking Group, Air Force Research Lab, Bavarian Government, FBI, Vodafone, Achmea, Tokio Marine, Toyota and more.

About Pega Certification

A Pega certification certifies your capabilities, knowledge and experience to architect and implement world-class Pega solutions. With Pega being the most widely used BPM platform among global companies, this Certification will aid you in personal growth and help launch your career as a Pega professional in the industry.

Participants will be trained for two-level certifications during the program.

  • Pega Certified System Architect
  • Pega Certified Senior System Architect

Pega Certification is valid globally. Irrespective of the location you work in, whether in India or beyond, you need this certification, to work or implement Pega projects.

Based on experience and Certification level earned by a professional, Pega Developers can command an average salary of ₹13 LPA. Early-career professionals can start at ₹ 8 LPA while experienced professionals can command remuneration up to ₹ 23 LPA.

About Appian

Appian is a low-code development platform that helps organizations build applications and workflows rapidly. With Appian, you can build applications 10x faster, reduce maintenance costs by 50%, and gain superior functionality against traditional development.

Appian is used by the world's largest organizations to improve their customer experience, achieve operational excellence, and simplify global risk management and compliance.

This growing global need for the Appian platform is also creating demand for Appian developers. Organizations on the global front now need professionals capable of creating solutions that enable innovation and accelerate business growth.

As of 2021, over 700 companies around the world are using Appian as their bpm tool. Majority of the companies using Appian are from the US, UK, Australia and Asia Pacific region. They include Deloitte, Capgemini, KPMG, HCL, PwC, Coforge, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Hexaware, Happiest Minds, ValueLabs, Accenture, Automation Anywhere, IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, Mindtree, EPAM, Blueprism, Perficient, SAP, Amazon, Amazon Web Services, Wipro, Atos, Deft Consulting, Fortekna, Concord, ICF, Everis, Dr. Agile Ltd, Halys Digital, Informática and more.

About Appian Certification

An Appian Certification validates your proficiency in working on low-code application development. With Appian’s quickly-growing global network, its partners are in need of certified developers. This certification demonstrates your Appian capabilities and technical know-how and will help advance your career.

Participants will be trained for Appian Certified Associate Developer Certification.

Appian Certification is valid globally. Irrespective of the location you work in, whether in India or beyond, you need this certification, to work or implement Appian projects.

In India, an early-career Appian certified professional can command an average salary of ₹5 LPA while senior and experienced professionals can command a lucrative remuneration upto ₹16 LPA.