DeepTalk Episode 2

Weapons of Mass Inclusion

H. Srikrishnan, MD & CEO, Jio Payments Bank
Hosted by Santanu Paul, Founder & CEO, TalentSprint

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Financial inclusion, a wicked problem, still remains largely unsolved. To discuss challenges in financial inclusion, Santanu Paul, Founder and CEO, Talentsprint invited Srikrishnan H, MD and CEO, Jio Payments Bank to DeepTalk on Weapons of Mass Inclusion. Continue reading here

About the event

DeepTalk is an interactive series on Deep Tech where leaders, experts and trendsetters at the forefront of technological change, discuss and share their unique perspective and knowledge in disruptive technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, FinTech, IoT and more with our vast community of professionals.

This episode of DeepTalk gets deeper, featuring H. Srikrishnan, MD & CEO, Jio Payments Bank. He will share his unique journey and experience of being at the forefront of launching technology solutions to enable mass financial inclusion for billions of Indians. And how disruptive technologies like Mobility, AI/ML, Cloud and Blockchain are shaping this massive financial revolution.

Jio Payments Bank is simplifying digital payments with an aim to create a rich ecosystem of banking and financial services for every Indian. It is currently in the process of building a pan India presence with 70,000 banking outlets.

Key discussion topics

  • The next big thing in financial inclusion
  • Technology and the last mile challenge
  • Lean business models that are profitable
  • Role of disruptive tech in the ecosystem
  • Threats from global players
  • Opportunities for startups/professionals

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Srikrishnan H, MD & CEO, Jio Payments Bank
(Ex Yes Bank, Emirates Bank, HDFC Bank, BoA)

Srikrishnan leads the Commercial, Retail and Transactional Banking, Technology and Payments initiatives at Jio Payments Bank. He has thrived in the industry by creating new business models through innovation, digitisation, technology and entrepreneurship.


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Santanu Paul, Founder & CEO, TalentSprint
(Ex Virtusa, IBM, Open Pages)

Santanu guides strategy and growth at TalentSprint. Under his leadership, the company has emerged as India's leading deeptech education platform for working professionals and young graduates. The company has won many awards and raised venture capital from Nexus Venture Partners and NSDC. He also serves on various boards of banks, financial institutions, and high-tech firms. He has been a visiting professor of entrepreneurship and computing at leading academic institutions and writes often for business and mainstream media.

About Jio Payments Bank

Jio Payments Bank Limited is considered the next big thing in the Indian FinTech space. It is set to make a transformative impact on India’s financial inclusion landscape to lead and co-create an eco-system that provides accessible, simple and affordable banking solutions to all and acts as a catalyst for a cashless society. Know more at jiopaymentsbank.com

About TalentSprint

TalentSprint brings transformational learning programs to young and experienced professionals seeking deep tech expertise. With an aim to enable 1 million professionals by 2020, the company partners with top academic institutions and global corporations creating and delivering world-class programs and outcomes. Know more at talentsprint.com

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