Get Ready for the Future of Telecom: 5G

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Held on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 | 6:30 PM IST

Get Ready for 5G
The Future of Telecom

  • Speakers
    Prof. Chandra R Murthy
    Dept. of ECE at IISc
  • Speakers
    Prof. K.V.S. Hari
    Dept. of ECE at IISc

In this webinar, IISc Faculty panel discuss the road to 5G powered telecom. Our webinar content looks at the latest developments in the industry and professionals currently working within, can grow to adapt to the evolving industry. The webinar further deliberates on IISc and TalentSprint’s 5G Technologies with AI and Cloud Programme, designed for professionals working in industries implementing 5G technology and applications. Watch!

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PG Level Advanced Certification Programme in 5G Technologies with AI and Cloud

IISc and TalenSprint’s 5G programme helps tech professionals understand and apply 5G applications and build and run the 5G system. It offers a unique 5-step learning process of LIVE online faculty-led interactive sessions, capstone projects, mentorship, case studies and hands-on sessions to ensure fast-track learning. It is delivered by IISc’s distinguished faculty group involved in advanced research in Telecom through global projects like the National 5G Testbed (DoT), British Telecom India Research Centre (BTIRC), working on cutting-edge AI, mobility and software engineering technologies.