AIFM Webinar August 24 2021

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AI for Financial Markets
Accelerating the
Pace of Change

  • K Sridhar
    Chief Business Officer

  • Aritro Bhattacharyya
    Senior Director - Sales and Marketing, TalentSprint

About the Webinar

The financial markets sector has been an early adopter of AI. Every wave of innovation within the domain has steered more accuracy and precision in decision-making.

Here is an interesting webinar that will help you explore how financial markets are embracing this transformative power of AI. If you have observed or worked in the trading arena, you will find this webinar useful.

Further, the session also puts a spotlight on a unique program by NSE Academy for those interested in leveraging AI for predicting markets.

About Advanced Program in
AI for Financial Markets

The Advanced Program in AI for Financial Markets is designed leveraging the expertise of NSE, the world’s largest Derivative Exchange (2020) and India’s largest stock exchange. The program is aimed at financial market professionals keen to unlock the power of AI technologies. The program is brought to you by TalentSprint, an NSE group company, which brings transformational high-end and deep-tech learning programs to emerging and experienced professionals. The 6-month program is ideal for professionals working in Hedge Funds, Investment Banking, Stock Markets, Commodity Markets, Derivatives, Insurance, Forex, Money Markets, Fintech Startups, NBFCs, and Regulators.