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Held on October 10, 2020 @ 6:00 PM

AI Expertise - A Necessity
in the New World Order

Aritro Bhattacharyya
Sr. Director

AI has become a harbinger of growth and productivity for organizations. In this webinar, Aritro Bhattacharyya, Sr. Director, TalentSprint and Kalicharan Mahasivabhattu, Alumni of AI/ML Executive Program currently working as Technical Design Specialist for Novartis, discuss the significance of building AI expertise in the new world order.

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About Advanced Certification Program in AI/ML

Advanced Certification in AI/ML is a 6-month in-depth, and comprehensive program. It enables working professionals from around the world to build AI/ML expertise from India’s top Machine Learning Lab at IIIT Hyderabad. The program is led by collaborative faculty from academia, industry, and global blue-chip institutions. The unique 5-step learning process of masterclass lectures, hands-on labs, mentorship, hackathons, and workshops ensure fast-track learning.

Event Transcript

AI expertise is both urgent and important in the new world order

We started with the simpler ones, and then slowly progressed to the deep learning at the end of the course. So after the deep dive, the next day was Sunday, which was like a full day, sitting in the talentsprint Lab. Of course, we were served some good lunch in the afternoon. So yeah, I mean, we've been all day we were like, just like trying to learn the coding aspect of, of the of the whole algorithm. And in a way, for me what I was primarily doing testing and a bit of data management was not really coding. But coming back to coding was also exciting because I, I didn't knew Python before I joined the course. So I was like, in getting introduced to the coding aspect, and then taking help from the lab assistants. I think we just kind of, we always used to grab them get please come and help me and then made a lot of new friends who are still in touch. So

yeah, absolutely. Supporting so we'll start by assuming. Yes, yes. So what was your experience like with him? Okay, so

can these? I think he's like a mad scientist, right. And then he says, like you having him in the classroom? And yeah, it was, it was good. I think there was as a precursor to the program. I mean, they were like sessions on Python, which I've attended, which were taken by us, you can, but once the course started, I think the coding exercise was pretty much explained. I mean, they used to give a sample code and say, Hey, can you add on to this? Right, few more lines to the code? And then and so on. So yeah.

Excellent. And in terms of, you know, yeah, one observation that why when you done it, this used to be a physical programs, we've kind of graduated in keeping with the times, we've kind of graduated to an online program now, because, again, I don't know when, you know, we'll have physical sessions available of 150 200 people, 300 people are possible. So we kind of move but one good thing has been that, you know, thanks to the platform, that's that that we have, we've been the mpsp ankylosaurus off the students, the cohorts which were on offline versus online, the online ones have actually gone up, he had one of our highest end pieces across in the 14th cohort of 98, which, which is out of the world. So as such, you know, all the experience that you kind of did, we've been able to replicate that online, in the learning management system. So that's, that's why don't change. I thought, I'm going to kind of talk about that. Because, you know, that's, that's one change. And people should not think that this is going to be an offline program. It is an online program, but it's a live program. So you know, it's just like a session that we're having right now. You mentioned briefly about the the peer learning that you had, what was the size of your cohort? I think it was a large one. Plus, yeah,

I think there are 300 people in that class, I think, I think only something like apple, it could accommodate 300 people sitting in one classroom.

Yeah. So and what was the experience like that? You know, are you still in touch with your peers? How was the learning experience? What was the kind of, you know, peers that you had in your cohort?

Yeah, in fact,

I mean, that it is, in a lot of ways, right? I think first when I joined, I mean, I joined when I had 15 years of corporate experience, I thought I would be the outlier, the rare person in the group when I joined nicer, so many people with 15 years, 20 years, 13 years, like, I think that was the majority, that's kind of a was a revelation, because seeing so many people who are at their senior manager level, just coming in and joining the course. So that was a revelation. And, of course, I mean, there are a lot of people like me, I in fact, I met one of my cousin's, as part of the class, we looked at each other, like, Hey, you, too. Okay, so so that's, and, yeah, I still keep in touch with a few of the people that I met during the course. Some of them were from the same domain, I used to work for oil and gas, and I met people who were from my domain, they were exploring ideas. And they would like break time, during which we used to huddle and then discuss like, what's what's going on? Like, what's happening at your place? It has, has your company started, what kind of job opportunities are you exploring? Because I mean, that's, that's when you you discover that okay, maybe this company is hiring other companies hiring. And I think that's, that's a greatest advantage. Because when when you get to people, I mean, they'll tell you, maybe you should start learning this technology. That's where the hiring is more. So yeah, I think those conversations really, I think they were really important.

Absolutely. Do you have a whatsapp group or something like

that? Oh, they were all kinds of WhatsApp groups. I mean, they like yeah, like the the Section A whatsapp group, the the, the the people who teamed up for a certain exercise that before

To build a chatbot. So either you learn everything for spending two years or four years and then eventually work on 10% of what you have learned, or you spent six months or four months to learn the concepts, and then start building your initial in one of those groups which interests you. I think that's that's how you make a choice.

Absolutely. In case people want to ask questions on Yeah, you can raise your hands. Kumar is doing that Kumar, I am allowing you to speak, you can unmute yourself and ask you a question. Others if you want to ask a question, you can raise your hand Jamar, a high quality. So my question is like, I have almost 15 years of experience in business development, preferably with the telecom media and content operations. Also, I mean to say digital content operations. Okay. So, how, because I know that I'm also into marketing strategy, what I mean says digital advertising, so considering my experience, how data science or a will help me in my leveraging my career path, that's what I was pushing, okay, and what kind of roles with similar What is my career path? Me? Okay, so, basically, you are into marketing and strategy? If I understand that, yes, yes. Yeah, literally just a digital marketing strategy, digital marketing, you should really look at it, there are enough, I actually did a webinar yesterday on the AI pod marketing program that we run with I am Calcutta. You know, there are huge areas where AI is disrupting marketing as well beat in segmenting, targeting, positioning, customer journeys, you know, budgeting budgets, natural language processing, because majority of the the searches that are happening on Google, our voice based AI data report, somewhere, almost 40% of the searches, which have been conducted on Google this year have been voice based. So you need NLP to kind of make sense of that and all the customer data that is available. And doing a program on a guy in marketing, which is in a very nice program that we run will probably be more useful for you. And I already know from the fact that you know, there are more than I think the first cohort we have, we were planning on getting 50 people for that program, we got close to 100, around 8889 people. And there are, you know, professionals with similar background as yours, who would be looking at this kind of programs, a lot of your AI program or the data science program for you, you should look at being the fact that you have your core competencies marketing, and you are not looking at becoming a hardcore AI coder, so to speak. But to use AI in marketing, which, which, you know, I kind of covered around 16 or two use cases yesterday on the list, you can refer to our website for a copy of the webinar. That's the program that I would recommend that you look at.

See, Mike, my take on it I, if I answered that, too. So I would say that see every company is if you look at it, the nature of the companies are either it's a product development company, or it's a services company. And every service based company needs to grab projects. And the new projects that are coming in are projects on AI. So whenever new project comes in, they need a consultant to actually go to the client and understand the project business requirements. And then come back and talk to your technical team to help them how to develop it. So there is a lot of space for experienced people. I mean, you mentioned 15 Plus, and people like you who have got the domain expertise of doing projects in the same domain, you will be asked to be a consultant to a lot of company I mean, you could fill in that consultant space, where you understand what algorithms are what AI can do. And you go to the client, you talk to them, you explain them as to what can be done, maybe kind of frame a proposal, and then deliver a nice proposal and then come back and bring business to the company. I think there is a space for that you might not be somebody who's sitting down and writing code, but you could be an AI consultant working for let's say pro I mean if you look at the pro enterprise got like 500 people of AI team within within their their whole gamut.

Absolutely. So there is a remote custody has raised the hand if you can unmute yourself and ask your question.

Yeah, hello. Are you able to listen?

Yes, we are

Yeah, hi, Carlita. This is promote story. I did my Master's in mechanical engineering and I have worked as a validation engineer for two years, eight months and hendriksen, International. And then, so that was an automotive. And then I moved on to work as a senior design engineer at sine, Pratt and Whitney in Hyderabad. So I was curious about the topics like digital twin and structural health monitoring, where we try to take as much as multi physics data from a typical model, and then we try to process it. So I was curious, from that perspective, how this course can be a primer, or could be a help to that particular topic.

So welcome to the club. I'm a mechanical engineer, too. So yeah. So see, I think that's a very nice question, because I've got friends. In fact, one of my very good friends, she's a structural engineer, who's been working with offshore structures, and she has done data science, and the aspect on how you could apply data science to structure I mean, you could read a lot of white papers which are coming in even in the medical domain. Yeah, there's a lot of FDA work that's happening in the breast cancer space on how you could apply concepts of FDA in order to read the medical images from a structural point of view. So there is I mean, AI has shattered every known industry. So I think you It's all up to you on how to use find it. But again, I mean, this course would help you understand the terminologies because when you read the paper and somebody is talking about a birth, or somebody is talking about some other terminology, which is specific, I think you need to have the knowledge, I think you need to get started learn the course. And then you I mean, that's, that's when you dive deeper into what's happening on the mechanical engineering space. I am sure I could I could come up with a lot of use cases where this is happening on the mechanical industry as well.

Okay. And one more question, how is the curriculum when I know like, there, there are two courses like one from the AAA at Bangalore and another one from the AAA at Hyderabad, I think upgrade is offering that particular course from triplicity Bangalore. So how do you compare both the courses are like, which would be a decent course?

Who's this question to this for?


I think anyone can answer. I don't know.

Okay, so I take a stab at this character, see, every branch has its own merits, etc. is, you know, look at the program, which, you know, fits what you want to do as a professional, who I'm sure every professional has certain criteria. And when you're looking at a program, this coming from somebody, you know, who's been advising professionals on this, look at the kind of roof that is there, look at the kind of curriculum curriculum, you can compare the fact that you can compare, and you can have peers that are there, okay, that you are going to be an outlier in the class. Perhaps that's not the best program for you. Because while you can learn this, you will learn a lot of things from you know, younger professionals. I'm not saying that but the fact is, you usually learn a lot more from professionals or from peers who are closer to your experience range or higher than you. So, that should be one of the criteria in terms of which program to choose the you know, not only this, there are so many other programs, you will look at what is more important for you and and then to the program, all programs are good. I would say that, you know, any program is that we have our own value proposition and our own niche. And that's, that's where we want to be. So if we kind of fit with what you want, you would choose us.

Sure. Thank you.

Thank you. I'm so push on and push on and has each sign on YouTube.

Yeah, I got it. That's

Keiko steden. Hi, good

evening. My question is actually, I'm doing this program in ISP for MBA marketing like PGP Pro. And I'm in between in middle of this alright. So but by doing this program, I realized that this AI and ml is like an important thing and even if I have to get into the senior management and as calixarene also specified that knowing the language is very important, so that you should plan things for organization and the organization gets benefit in that way. But the thing is that the problem I'm facing is that the program, which I'm doing is also like a weekend program as an alternate weekend. Is there.

Yes. And

your program is also a weekend thing. So I don't know the shading, exactly how it fits into. So in this coming one year, I wanted to badly do it. But somehow I'm not able to find the shedule. And the time the what kind of cooperation you can extend are, how can that be? They useful to me and I don't miss out on the opportunity. That's what I'm, my question is interesting, which

PHP pro cohort partners? Because

the current one, it actually was supposed to start in July, but but you recorded it starting as testers started last month.

Okay, okay. Yeah, I mean, I was a part of the admissions team, by the way, not too long ago. Not for that program, though. But for the PDP one. So okay, good, too. Good to see you here. I know that your classes are four full day, every alternate became a yes. And 18 month long. So yeah, we can probably look at during can connect with Villone below the knee, she is the program manager, we can kind of look at if we can give you some exceptions and all from attendance, because most of the programs, and it's it's available online, I mean, all of it is recorded. So you could look at an option where you know, you attend the program, and some extensions are given to you, or exceptions are given to you. So you can connect with the Northern immunogenetic request you to put your contact details in the chat window, and you can reach out to her, she will be able to help you out with this. So all of the lectures, they are available, it's a smart platform, you know, they are a power lectures or whatever is discussed. You know, it's all available, we may need to get a special permission for you to kind of not be there for some of those weekends when you have classes. But usually these classes they happen on weekends in the mornings, I think it's six hours now. On a Saturday and Sunday is the is the lab sessions, which you can check out on that we've just opened up a poll, if you can, you know, kind of give us your opinion on what you thought of this webinar. I will let me try and see if I can get the last question. Dual door girl sorry. Last question. And then we're gonna stop allowed you to unmute yourself, you can ask your question.

Hi, good evening. My question is, is it time right. Atomic alternatives available? I mean, everything is online. I want to know the timelines can use.

Yeah. So are you talking about this program? Are you looking at if it's going to be moving back offline?

No, indeed, no, it is how the good is going on. online classroom.

It's completely online, we actually moved. One of the cohorts we moved, you know, way back, which was which started off as an offline course, kind of moved online. In the month of March, we actually started seeing the feedback, you know, in the NPS Net Promoter Score going up for that. We've had we've delivered two programs. The next cohort, which started in April for AML, cohort 15. Of course, our cohort 14, we, it banks completely online and the platform is such that it supports everything be group sessions, breakout sessions, a virtual lounge, all of the whiteboard that our faculty would use is available. The lectures are online power, it's a live session, you actually can interact just like when we're talking. We are seeing culture and in mind video, all of that is possible. Incidentally, it's the same platform that was used that is being used right now by in Calcutta to deliver their flagship their main MBA program for all of their students with the same platform that's being used. IITJammu is using the same platform to deliver courses. So it's it's a very robust platform you will not feel like you know, you are in in a class you are all alone, etc. You know, the platform is one of the best platforms that is available and you know, both the pandemic happening He never used to monetize this platform. But we received so many requests. You know, multiple large organizations and educational institutions are in touch with us to kind of replicate and you know, to one IIT and one leading ions have already implemented that. So that's where it is the program after it's moved online, the success, or the customer satisfaction with the NPS scores have kind of gone up. So if you are having any questions about the efficacy of the program, after it's gone online, you can be rest assured that it's actually gone up and not come down. Thanks to the technology that's available with us. I think it's 707. We've kind of crossed the one hour mark a while back, college and some last comments for you. last piece of advice. I wish I wanted to I know he had more time to take all the questions, but I don't want to impose on a Saturday for everybody's happy evening. But any last comments from you before we wind up?

I think the only comment is yes. I mean, guys, when you're doing a course, it just puts a discipline into your learning. I mean, you could watch YouTube videos all day long. But AI is too big to get lost in in trying to figure everything out, I think, to put a proper discipline you need to have it in in the form of a course. That's that's when you gain knowledge out of it. That's that's the that's my own personal experience.

Absolutely. This Thank you. Thank you so much. I see one last question the fee and the payment options. The fee is Yeah, that's we know, they just put that it's two lakhs. But then there are scholarships that are available. We know that he has put in her contact details, it's up there on the chat, just take it down, it's there on the website as well. There are scholarships, various kinds of scholarships, scholarships, young professional scholarships, etc, early bird fees that are there, that we bring the fee down significantly. And you have till the end of this month, you have interest PMI options for 24 months, which are available, you can use that to probably will not be there in the future. So that's there. All of the information is available on the talentsprint website. I would urge all of you to go ahead and have a look at that in case you have questions. And thank you so much. Thank you for joining us today, you know spending and our 1015 Minutes with Us. On a Saturday, it was really great talking to you and getting your insights and reliving kind of your journey from the first cohort. And I wish to you know, safe, you stay safe. And, you know, I hope to catch you up with you sometime in the near future.

Sure. Sure.

Thank you very much.

Thanks. Thanks again. Thank you, everybody. It was lovely having all of you. And, you know, thank you so much. I still think I made one last request for them to have not yet voted to kind of, you know, vote on the poll. That's still open. Thanks again. Thanks, everybody. Have a good evening. Stay safe.

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