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Held on August 17, 2020 @ 5:30 PM

Ask me Anything:
AI/ML Executive Program
By IIIT Hyderabad and TalentSprint

Asokan Pichai
Chief Learning Officer

Looking forward to building AI expertise from a reputed institute? This video provides a perfect roadmap of getting started with the same.

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About Advanced Certification Program in AI/ML

Advanced Certification in AI/ML is a 6-month in-depth, and comprehensive program. It enables working professionals from around the world to build AI/ML expertise from India’s top Machine Learning Lab at IIIT Hyderabad. The program is led by collaborative faculty from academia, industry, and global blue-chip institutions. The unique 5-step learning process of masterclass lectures, hands-on labs, mentorship, hackathons, and workshops ensure fast-track learning.

Event Transcript

Ask Me Anything AI ML Executive Program by IIIT Hyderabad and TalentSprint

What do you mean everyone? Good evening ashokan



thought to talking about this program or any other questions you have, so some you want to say

yeah so good evening everyone and warm welcome for today's session of Ask me anything for AI ml executive program by triple it naturopath and talentsprint. Let me start with an introduction of ashokan ashokan is programming guru with software development experience of 35 years. He is an early adopter of open source software. And he has seen this program since inception he has taken so the first cohort, the journey ahead going on. So ashokan I would like you to you know, give them a brief brief about yourself so that

the participants will know more about you okay. I think writing code on the training part for hundred years. So my primary interest in problem solving, coding in functional languages more than 200,000 lines of professional code in six languages. I am old school statistics, math enthusiast, so

some of the pictures

some of the modern era things we're interested in. So it's been a real pleasure and great learning journey to be part of the program. Tom, thanks to the door, it is simply our show. Oh man, my trouble is that I love that background too. And I saw someone saying Dr. Brown

Canada welcome.

audit should be

pretty early in the morning, right?


Ready? First and foremost, you're talking to only the panelists. It's proper etiquette to talk to everybody so that others can see what question you're asking and answering that. And welcome to Osaka from California

must be pretty early in the morning. They're

very, very nice of you people to make the time.

Please remember that a lot of people are typing to type a question that would have rushed off so

All right, so far away anything Oh, Oscar raised to send you want type your question. Very often we find

it is

technically speaking anyone can do the program, but probably answering you technically speaking the repple over the river. But considering it's a very, very big investment, unless you have a good opportunity to use it somewhere, it is not of it's unlikely to be of great interest to many participants. So it is a generally for people whose f1 prospects are connected to this program. It's a good idea if you have already good amount of work experience or you're working in an area As PR marketing nation which expect to use ml, then this program will be of use to us to do this successfully in this program, you need a good understanding of math.

It is

also requires you to be reasonably mobile program. So that's the long answer to your question. Okay. So

typing away like this, it's not going to help. I suggest you. You want to ask questions, raise your hand. I'll acknowledge you then ask the questions. asked, What would you like? What is your question? Please go ahead and ask your question or type your question.

Now I do have any questions.

I won't even. Okay, faster ways to send them just like that. I'm sorry, there is a long string of letters, probably someone who's logging in

from Idaho. Okay. Okay,

shake us off.

Now so do go ahead and type your question.

People if you keep typing like this, I'm very sorry to say I'm not able to answer because there are people raising their hand have more go through there. And if everybody types I will not be able to see anything. My screen goes wrong.

Okay, hey, do you have a question or not? Yes,

please So, is it possible that I first do the program and then after getting a job I pay you back more than possible sorry, we wish we could, but we are not in a position Okay.


She moves are typing all the time, because it is industry 4.0 he wants to die four times. I have no idea what is industry 4.0 I am a I'm a developer. So, but it is, I can tell you in general, it's going to be part of any industry or domain where there is a significant amount of data where the large amount of data generated by the operations of the company itself or the industry it is bought up and that data can be used to generate new insights predict possible scenarios that's where a is definitely going to be used. So the answer is probably yes. Specific concept, I wouldn't know.


What is the main role of AML in medical and healthcare sector? pharma industry uses a fairly large fashion. He, like I said any industry where there is a significant amount of data, hospitals have a huge amount of data. medical information is available because diagnostics is an area where a lot of work is being done, how to use a programs to assist in diagnostics is something that is happening a lot particularly diagnostics of critical diseases a cancer. Of course, a lot of work being done in drug discovery. bioinformatics is an area where a lot of a lot I don't know what I mean by medical coding. The problem is, we use these words very, very differently. I have no idea what what you mean by medical coding. So I'm not going to answer that directly. Let me repeat this you can ask in every domain my answer will be the same. If the domain has significant amount of data and has a potential to mined the data for information, chances are very high ml is already being used are going very, very

sharp VB used.

So the medical coding a common to healthcare since I don't know what medical coding means, I can explain the answer. education sector if you are going to do the course, again, or even in the education sector, if you are in training, you want to be part of training or you are in a college you are teaching your daddy To the courses you do, definitely yes. In fact every batch about three for quite a few number of faculty do this, okay. computational biology is different from bioinformatics but related What have you DevOps people? I don't know what PP stands for quite a few DevOps people are doing that, okay. So yes, DevOps, particularly if you have a large amount of data gain, can I have collected PD for example, let me tell you the story of one of our first cohort students. She comes from a middleware company so they have a software middleware services. So what they found was a large amount of failure rods from which they started predicting under what circumstances and service rates so their ops is something which definitely benefits from a Okay SPV auction we might ask you your question

so some freshers have a plate and dunnville also but it's a it's a program which will definitely benefit people a lot more.

I don't know what I mean by those data sets used in course are far away from actual working whatever gives you the idea. I can't solve that problem, Akshay. If you don't have experience and come you want, that is nothing no them all right. You could argue about that for an accountant they would argue that for a doctor to so

I don't know how to answer that. Okay.

Oh, I'm crutch. Can I have your question?

Why Python for a while because Python is today in the language of scientific computing, it was become literally the number one language five years back. It was about 6040 in favor of law, but it's glorious. today. 75 80% of all libraries are written in Python. So Python has become the lingua franca of the machine learning community. Okay, so it is that's why it is okay. Yes, soon. You make Despite my repeated requests, people are going on typing. There is no way I'm going to be able to answer if you keep typing out of order. So please go ahead.


I read out one question here from Nathan. Nathan is asking, how is this program helpful for someone with over 15 years of it development and management experience to transition to an equivalent role in data science?

Why is it

also They can't hear it. Please check your audio give the candidate ask a question.

Preparations past

Susan will discuss that and I'll explain program will start programs starting next Sunday. The program duration is approximately six months. prerequisites you need programming experience knowledge of programming. Actually you should have a minimum of one year experience. Python. I know what I mean by Python mandatory course. Programming Languages require and we are offering a bridge course they are already running them a couple of times. do run into the last one. For anyone interested in a free program on our python programming. We are running on as we speak. That's okay. The question bandwidth. Yes. What's the question?

for 14 years already during transition to data science, okay. A significant number of people who come to the program close to one fifth of the people are in 30 plus years of experience, and there are people in fact, even having already paid plus years experience people also do attend the program. So this is best answered by you in the context of your organization in your organization. Ah, what is that the people, portals opportunities for you? Is there a data science group? Is there AI ml machine learning group, then your chances are very high because machine learning is becoming democratized. Many, many things are doable following well defined libraries and well defined methods and procedures. So, if someone has domain experience and knowledge of the industry that is extremely valuable. But of course, if you're looking at pulling away from your domain or your industry, that will be a lot more difficult for someone at 13 years of development because they're essentially saying what that 15 years is what you're bringing to the table along with an inability to appreciate how or where to use a vision.

So that's the document you have to make.

The ideal scenario is your own organization, either as a machine learning group, or looking at machine learning projects or data science projects, whichever the terms I'm using them interchangeably. They're related but not the same but I am using them interchangeably. And the next best is in your domain. You know a lot of companies that use it, you want to switch.


Richard, can I have your question? Welcome to

return. Gotta have your question.

I don't think this question is need neither has a coding, of course, statistics background. He is from a digital marketing professional. So

it is possible but it'll take a lot of work on your hand, you need a reasonable amount of mathematical abstraction. You don't need to be able to do statistical calculation, but you definitely need to appreciate the concepts of statistics on maths, not just statistics, math, probability, calculus, linear algebra, you need to concern your abstraction of these topics. It turns out that it will be very, very tough. Some people have been, but it will be tough. It's tough going for such people. See, there are a few people it also depends on what you want to do. For example, we have had some, there was a person who was a director of an NGO who did this program, our goal was purely to understand how she can direct the efforts of people working under her. She said, I'm not going to write the report, all I need to do is get a feel for the subject. There are some people from in other very early batches, there was a senior person from QA who said, I have no idea how we are going to test all these new data science and machine learning systems. So I better understand what it is all about. So and I also have had pre sales people attending this program saying they want to have an intelligent conversation with their customers on with their own developers. So your ability to use is a function of what you want to do with the program. I hope that answers your question richer. please do feel free to ask more in the air. bom, bom type something that can be used there was studies of satellite TV TV service solution solution. That's very technical. I don't know what I mean by converting a coarser resolution into

closer to solution to

is intuition. I don't understand what do you mean by how to convert.

A lot of image processing is being the proper domain aware. And wherever there is a large volume of data and you're looking for patterns in the data. This is definitely the province of air. So in case of higher resolution data constraint, I don't understand what you're saying. They're

going in order of raise their hands. So it will be

unfair to the people who are raising their hands.

Raise your hands in asking the question. Dr. Regina, can I have your questions?




Listen, Good evening sir.

My question is regarding software requirements for setting up of AI lab for a B Tech students is okay. Suppose now various new programs are being launched under the IDS machine learning etc. Yeah. Oh, Buddhism curricula Mark course structure for a list of subjects to be studied by undergraduate students.


who made the industry need

so what are all


as software requirements shall enter the software requirements For lab point of view, to run a lab area, my lab

is like asking Sir, we want to do computer courses. What is the lab requirement? Can the question be answered?

Not the computer requirements are not listening to me.

I said, if somebody comes and says we want to teach computers everything for industry requirement, what all software we need, that's not the to general equation in the same way. It's very difficult to answer without reference to a specific or sada Pacific content without reference to content. But in general, today, you don't need to install stuff because of Google gives us a software called Cola, which is freely available, all the machine learning libraries come along with it. So all you need for that is a good internet connection. So 80% if not 95% of the kinds of personnel you depend on your horse your design of courage. can be tackled by that simple software. So I suggest you try your Google color. And then based on that our

plan for future means. All right. Okay, good. Thank you.

She asked

that question is so technical I have no way of answering because I don't understand what they mean by fusing of higher resolution image. Data.

Question about

Yes. Hello?

Yes, sir. I'm working in telecom company. I would like to switch over my carry Yeah okay I'm fine it is what is the foreseeable future for this industry

ah again telecom generates a huge amount of data that would be customer usage patterns to from a marketing perspective which customer is likely to switch which customer likely will stay loyal to more technical patterns such as where calls are originating or that is time duration etc There is a huge amount of data that is being generated. And yes, so, there is a definite potential to use machine learning tools in any such domain, specifically intelecom there is in fact your has a very big ml research to Lanza repeat game or research So, it is being used it is possible, but whether you can make the switch the best way for anyone with a significant amount of experience like I said earlier is in your own company or next best is in the industry you know some company which is which will value our experience. Please remember if you have significant amount of domain experience, you need to move you need to go to a place where that experiences level. So you are coming with the X amount of years of domain experience plus knowledge and understanding you will be valuable. Okay, the only company I have done a course Don't worry about my other experience. It's very very difficult for you to compete with the fresh graduates who will be masters students who are doing

all right.

Yes. What is the course fee sir, for this

game the details of that will be totally exclusive. I like to spend time talking the technical details. Okay. Yes,

please go ahead and your question

Hello sir. Am I audible? Yes,

sir. I'm looking at this embedded software development since three to four years.

Oh, like staying in embedded fit, how can my knowledge of embedded work in the field of AI or ml?

Oh, and slightly expand your question to see any AML system has to be deployed somewhere it has to work out or something. Yes, very often today. be working somewhere. I happen to be what's called the edge devices. It could be mobile devices or it could be other types of embedded devices. Nvidia is generating a large number of small TPU which is essentially an embedded device to do. So, yes, there is a lot of work happening. A lot of deployment of ml solution happens in the embedded space. It can happen on a big machine.

For example, Google Glass, yeah,

I mean it if it has to identify the item that you will put a piece of some food item on your table, and it connects to the menu identifies items based on the picture and tells you something that has to be done in the class. So which is an essentially, the deployment of the arrow software often happens in a combat experience? So yes, any experience in deploying and developing it embedded is definitely valuable for a lot Okay.

So I saw like I can be in touch with the embedded as well while going in. But of course,

if you're going for depends on the type of applications you are covered a large number of applications are in the embedded space. For example, one of the first batch students is participants has built a system which separates good vegetables from bad vegetables. Well, this has to be deployed on a small mobile platform because it cannot you not expect the vegetables to be transported to a single central location. So the time of purchasing itself they want to use this to select and so on, so the solution has to be finally deployed. Yes. So solution uses ml libraries and other techniques. But the final deployment happens in the embedded space. It happens often enough so it will be valuable.

Okay. Okay, okay, thank you very much. Yes.



Okay. So from our typing

specialization data science.

See, it's like asking how is a programming job programming was one different. It can be very different. It is going to because I was the same sublimation was In a data center or power, the same core area, that difference comes from the fact that the professors and people in AAA D are some of the longest researching group in India in the area where they have one of the largest research groups and replayed The hydrobath is also India's largest academic incubator. So they have a large number of startups inside their campus. And they have the Tata Group has funded and set up a huge center portfolio center for intelligent systems. So there is a enormous amount of expertise and experience in a Milan they work with government defense, and big companies like Nvidia and Intel so that that way, yes, the professors and their experience and expertise is where the differences

I have this question here that he asked. Tina's years of experience in program management and operations and as a player for an HR and employee management. So he's a bit confused whether to start learning I am at this juncture and how will it help his career going post over

10 years

experience in Program Manager project management and operations

again, is DCR organization looking at a as an area? That is the first question to answer. If so, then yes, anyone with experience inside the organization and domain expertise will definitely be valued by the organization when it is moving to New technology compared to someone who only has knowledge of the technology. Obviously, you don't work in a vacuum. If your organization is going into a mess, they are going to add some specialists, some additional people, some Junior programmers, some big bunch of people To be hired and your value will come from the fact you understand the organization, you understand the industry. Now, if your organization is not getting into a project, it gets a little tougher you have to then look into your industry. Are there other companies in your domain using this? previous it'll be a value because Java is already useless. Don't get me started on Java eight.

Did I answer your question?

Okay, speak out. Please go ahead.

There are a few algorithms which we will use to sell for a particular problem statement to solve it. So do we have any thumb rule or a particular procedure, which algorithm to be selected? or any kind of guideline blind guidelines, which has to be followed when selecting an algorithm? No, in fact, is a question which we address in the very first class. And if you're looking for an answer to that question, it doesn't exist. Okay. That is why ml is interesting today, because you generally argue from analogy, a similar system uses these algorithms. So that's a good starting point. We use the word experiments in the we don't call them exercises in the course because the real skill you need is the ability to experiment and figure out which algorithm is best for your circumstance. That is most important to this whole thing is what we often refer to as non deterministic. It is not like programming where I want to solve the only one way to solve Okay, now, that is what makes this game interesting. Exactly. That's why there is so much demand for people and so much a lot of work is happening because it is still in that stage. Thank you, sir.

Again, the same people's hands are still raised over there for last second follow up questions. Current Ramkumar, please go ahead.

Show concern. Hope you're doing well.

I work as a software engineer now. Ah.

So I just wanted to ask you this question. What is the average salary of a bi slash ml engineer in hydrobath or below. Like You're confusing me. In the placement company,

I'm a trainer by some program or by the teacher, some understanding of the early parts of a, but obviously it is a hot area. So it is significantly higher than other areas of software engineering or equivalent experience. I really don't have a single answer that question because it depends on so many different things. But I do know quite a few people have made significant jumps, but it's very domain and person dependent so I can't really give you a specific answer X. X likes to relax, etc. We often don't what are the difference between a data analyst and a data scientist? The answer is 10 lakhs per year. So that's a joke that's like that. Yes. A will we will tend to get significantly higher salary or a similar experience whether that's that or is there another way there is so much of people are entering In this program, beyond that, it will be difficult to offer anything specific.


Alicia, please go ahead.

Good evening, sir. Can you hear me? Yes, I can. So my question is how AI ml is helpful for control system and automation software domain. So I am into this domain from last 15 plus years. And I say automation software it's like PLC programming and HDMI software for rotating rotating equipment like centrifugal compressor or steam turbine or gas turbine.

Yeah. And

a second follow up question is how much programming experience is required for the Python experience basically before enrolling to this course

is a very easy language to learn. I can tell you that from experience because define them to college students. So I typically teach by them into half of this. This is for first year students. After they enter one week they will mid sized complicated games. So very easy language, if you have programming experience by then is rarely going to be a problem. But I really can't see this is yours, the area you're talking about is likely to be later two areas in the game will be, for example, autonomous driving, autonomous navigation, the Tesla's of the world are going to need a lot of this summer technologies writing on top of machine learning. So yes, but directly being used in your domain. I don't think so. I'm not sure directly in your specific domain here will be used a lot but there is in a significant amount of areas such as autonomous driving There is a nexus between the type of work you're talking about. system which on which is deployed.

Okay, got it. Thank you.


People to the oars preferred more than five who say that is preferred more than five. I just no answer 70% of the patient learning world uses Python sometime back it was 40% or was being used 60% in the open source software that is MATLAB. Mathematica is used also but nowadays it's Python more and more. All right. Walmart, the person who cannot please go ahead and ask you a question.


Well, my question regarding the first of this program, and as a PhD student, what I am expected to get benefit from this program as it was, in general.

Understanding I'm sorry, go to speak a little louder and more.

I'm audible now. Audible, but I said,

What is the point of this question for this program? How much it costs?

Four times are we spending so much time to ask a question which we said we'll answer after the technical questions?

The technical Of course, the art both of this could help as a PhD students on this

question, please. It's difficult to hear. Okay. So then of course, there are four We use it a lot. That doesn't mean it are is being used by the actual community that works in a way. I can tell you for example, the company in their research group in replacing users only by them and many, many other organizations only use them to the web R is being boosted very few cases.

Can you please type your question?

Okay, anyone else who's question

there are still a few hands raised. Raised Yes.

Sir, am I audible? No.

Sir, actually, I am pursuing my integrated MTech in remote sensing and GIS now I would like to ask about the role of AI and machine learning in the field of GIS technology and what can be either one saying that whatever you're processing, is it being used, sir? Actually, I don't know about the expectation future of AI in GIS field. That's why

because, yeah, men in a very specialized field is something only the specialist in that field will be able to answer. As far as I know, if there is a huge amount of data and analyzing the data and looking for patterns and making predictions, then that is a ticket. Description doesn't fit as MDS is ripe for exploiting a yes. Okay, that's a general rule.

Okay, thank you. So, thank you.

Howdy, Aria, please ask your question.


Sir, can I am I audible? Yes.

Okay, so sir My question is around the the teaching methods is it based on recorded sessions or live lectures versus in classroom lectures no classroom COVID-19 has no classroom we don't see foreseeable future classrooms, how can you exchange them any classroom before things change drastically in the duration of the course there may be classroom but it does not foresee that happening because they are responsible for the safety of all the students who are there. So bringing in some hundred and 2200 people from all over the country into the class is unlikely to be something they will accept this year. So, agreed agreed. It is next week. lifeless, and we don't expect this cohort to be anything. But we're nervous. Okay. So on the project side, like what kind of industry experience related projects we'll be doing? Was the entire Emily being used by industry so any work you do is essentially typically people work on papers which came on here. Okay, for example, one of the projects involved many hackathons and hackathons was unlocking a mobile by looking at your face. And since that can easily be spoofed by putting a photograph, the system will recognize your face and then ask you to have an expression say it's my law or cry or look angry and then if that detect the emotion and another is trying to identify the authorship of a particular document. These are words which are being done day in a day or so these are the type of products and m is a high level of obstruction the same technique is used for finding out whether a picture is that of a cat 95% of the approach is identical whether in on deciding whether a person can be given a law or whether a person's X ray you have whether the person has a particular disease or not 95% of the underlying approach coding is identical between the three problems. That is why we keep saying on point repeatedly What you need is the ability to abstract how to think or deeper abstraction. So, if you're looking for Can I get a specific project in my area very unlikely, but you love something which you can use in your area.

So, one last question. So, I work for TCS and know that we have helped set up in nice to play t nikoli center of intelligence.

Yes. So, as part of As an alumni of that Institute will be have access to either the lab or Institute or any of its resources. later on. You will be an executive program alumni of the Institute in Yammer today, there is no real lab. Like I said, Today, Google and other companies Amazon have made available resources on the clock. So you don't really need a lab setup. But yes, you will have a certain type of access to the professor's during the course of after the course. But obviously, they are not going to be available for free consulting.

Focus. Thank you.

Yes, Sunday, go ahead.

your mic is

now no it is audible

Yeah, so

I'm working currently we're working on one project like stop dieting simulator, right. So, we are taking the help of unity 3d like this software is a cause a game development activity, but we are getting so many issues in in that software bounder during the programming and all so can we can we help can this program will be helpful for our like project like developing the model such as we can talk to any place to places which are the main vehicle we'll be moving on, and we have to capture the all the things which are which are which are being obstacle in all these things. So in that we are working on that. But we are

one of the projects

hackathons with a couple of batches back was to program a robot actual moving robot, our son obstacle course it will read the signs and turn right left, you turn and all that it will navigate a premade group. So this is standard computer vision problem. So this is not a this is a standard computer vision problem. I don't know why you are talking about unity, which is essentially a game engine. But if you're looking at real world analysis of real world traffic or obstacles are features, geographical or physical features in the road analyzing that. Yes, yes. After a response to Yes, that is the type of thing you can do at the end of the course. A little advanced problem, but yes, you can do most of

our last motor is my Our objective is to tackle the any kind of like Google map is there, right? So we can pick up all any of any kind of two locations. I mean, and we can easily work on it. But right now we develop the one program for the specific for one kilometer, two kilometer, which is really difficult in a real life problem like we can took the Bombay to Punahou. Right. So we're getting probably finding so many difficulty in that. So. Yeah.

Yes. You are asking me how I can solve your research problem. Well,

no, no, no, no, not. The idea is yes, that's a doable problem. Yeah.

Two years I have no idea because you are giving a one sentence description of your problem. I'm sure your problem is much more than one sentence. specific goals you're setting up for your project etc. You need to be understood the divorce like I said, as part of the course one of hackathon says that most of the people in groups work to program a robot to follow up pre defined goals with signs, traffic signs and other obstructions and navigated that tells you the amount of expertise you can pick up as part of this program, whether it is enough to solve your problem

you can differentiate tivity it will help us but my problem how much time it will take around we have no no more time actually, we end up this this around into August is December till the till the December 221. Right.

I can't predict how long your problem can be solved.

and wanted to know how much time how long it This course will take. The course

is about six months.

around six months. Yes.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Okay, yes, give it up. Please ask him

Hi, thanks for the opportunity. I work as a manager in Providence and I have about 18 plus years experience in it out of the last six years in Azure and a little bit of AI. So I want to learn

today today.

Today every projects in fact, NASSCOM has said 70% of all projects are going down some a component in it, this is what I'm trying to tell everybody. There are no age specific projects are not going to be there. Every project will have some a component, because that's how it is going to be any sort of a

good opportunity to explain some years ago and

now my question is, is this the correct next step for me to take up this course or anything more in a deeper level that I should be looking at is what my question is, because I don't have eligibility criteria. Part of

this course is for experienced people with minimum one year of experience or programming knowledge on our typical profiles 50% of the people are more than 10 years experience about 20% of the people are more than 30

years experience

because of two three reasons, because these people can bring a lot more domain knowledge because whether the problem should be attempted can be attempted those things become critical in the early stages of the technology. The Hot Shot coding is not the only thing that is required in the early stages of a technology, domain experience of people their understanding of practical issues, cost benefit analysis, all of them become very critical view are likely to not right for so deeper knowledge unless you are a very strong technical person who says, You know what, I actually want to sit down and write for them. Yes, you will. definitely benefit a little from the scope. But you'll have to do a lot more than that. But many people with more than 10 years of experience are looking at being a technically aware, not fully hands on but not hands off type of managers. That is typically the outcome here seen as working for most of our participants, their observation

kind of

what is the type of industry you're working in? Or if you don't want to? Okay.

Now, I'm kinda I work as a manager in Oregon healthcare industry right now. So I as you mentioned, I like coding, but I may not get the opportunity on a day. Yeah, you probably

should mean probably because, see, coding particularly are the advantage of a demo today, significant amount of predefined libraries are available. So it's a question of configuring them on conscripting them to do your work. So in this MBA program, or six months, you are unlikely to write more than 300. Because there are libraries already written, this is not a course where you design a. This is a course where you use existing libraries to get a more tasks done. And you need the conceptual background to understand Okay, what do I need to know, to check whether this will work for this problem? So that's the conceptual diagram you need and the background you need is relatively limited. So yes, if you're looking at how am I going to write the code to figure out a new type of algorithm specifically of use in this corner, probably not the course. And you probably shouldn't be looking at it because that's a very specialized game. There are enough master students on both coding and a man who will be breathing down your neck in that particular case, but your existing experience is invaluable in Looking at okay which type of algorithm to use which type of system to build for this business? And that the course of you want

thank you. So it seems like the right next steps for how deep the decision Kolonko sorry, how deep does this course curriculum go? Can we

therefore this question for later because there is a that will become very detailed and very specific. If you don't mind stay on, I'll answer it in there if it's already.

Nobody's I mean, I can I can wait for an email to if that's

okay. Can you send me with the curriculum details? If you go to our website, you can download the detail curriculum also.

Okay, I can do that. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Okay, anyone else who hasn't talked so far?

All right.

She No I will repeat this I have already established your industry has a large amount of data. And the key is finding it useful to generate predictions and patterns from that.

Identical engineering or engineering mechanics doesn't matter.

So, if you want a guarantee whether in your company in your current desk whether it be useful, I have no idea how to answer the question. In general, any field in which this applies? Alright, are there any specific questions of law hands are still up? So speak on Sunday punch? Do I press you? Your questions are already up and I answered them. If not, please raise your hand again.

Slash open visa question. The chat box and how is this program helping a random living? How does this program helping aibs drug discovery?

ABS drug discovery that's extremely specialized to pee. noodle?

Yes, yeah, machine learning

is used but is risky drug discovery is your thing? I don't I think it is more of a research topic. I wouldn't be in a position to give you an authoritative answer. But as far as I know, a drug discovery is a research topic of the day. I don't think by doing this program except your doctor job where you will work in a company reducing the chances are probably not, you need to be working as a researcher in the field to be able to do that is my understanding. But please don't take my word for it. That's the literature

Yes, Krishna,

please go ahead. Yeah.

It'd be nicer.

Okay, actually my friends completed this course in 200 about in the earlier batch and they mentioned they're completed like in around three months. I wanted to check if I spend more time could this could be completed in shorter duration or is it?

One of the things is he see where are the earlier matches are completely classroom based. So every Saturday and Sunday we have eight hours of classes, but now online It is very difficult for someone to sit for 1215 hours in a weekend. So the course is now restructured and paid different to shoot for the online video. We are also added some To extract objects to accommodate both the forces pick up long view the course is only for about six months by an

estimate but without holidays the worry is that another

six months So to give you an A categorical answer law, the duration is six months, you work extra hard, you will learn a lot more but unlikely you will learn faster. Okay, thank you.

Alright, that seems to be the end of our questions.

Some people asked if you miss a class what happens we all the our elements will be hosting the videos after 48 hours. It takes about 48 hours for us to process the videos and republish them. So all people in the program will get access to the recorded videos on the process. Yes, that's correct. You have a question? Ask Mike is on

on screen Oh, regression please

Please don't ask me again very mechanical engineering issues

can we have a fast track course for on daily basis like regularly? Okay

You're the host domestic discussion is being broadcast not only on Shino Are we done?

Okay. Okay.

Okay, I think that's the end of what we wanted to cover up. 7630 good. Any last question? And around for a few more minutes. Please. Yes Nasca question asked you keep raising her hand Your wife is on but you're not talking. Okay. We're gonna take care of your system, particularly in this course you want to have your audio system checked because obviously you're trying to speak. Alright. Any other questions from anybody else?

pressures. This program is probably not the best program unless you are very clearly. You are already landed a job. Yes.

technical problems.

All right.

Yes, I think I probably come on the program. scheduling,

placement assistance This is not a placement program please remember a large number of people come to this program because they are sponsored by their companies. Obviously, we can't be moving them around, but that said a large number of companies send us requirements saying please share it with your element, which we continuously do. So, there is no direct placement assistance, there is no place there is no placement which is there as part of the program. But because in Hyderabad and now all over India, this is one of the premier programs for experienced professionals. We keep getting about a couple of requirements every month, which we we will get you ask you whether you need to be informed of those things and then after you sign up the company talent network is

sent those

requirements are coming up regularly. And please also remember there is a very large number of Talk about it and you will meet a few of them virtually probably in this back so you will get to see where people are working, what type of tasks are being done and so on.

Yeah, but to be

to give an unequivocal answer, there is no placement guarantee outplacement support or placement assistance, which is part of this program, primarily because a significant number of people who come to this program are sponsored.


Thanks a lot people

said will you take over for the longest?

Yeah, sure. And so much open.

Yeah. So the program is going to start coming Sunday, August 23. So the applications deadline is on 20th of August to complete your applications and Proceed for the selection reviews immediately because we don't have much time we've already started with the learning for the batch which is going to start on August medical. So you can get in touch with us and for more information the numbers are available on the website. Yeah I will attend If not, the fee for this program is two lakhs less GST that appears scholarship of 35,000 is offered that makes the fees my net 65,000 plus GST 97,700 so the process is you will have to complete the application form. Once you complete complete application with all your documents there we send the applications for the selection review. And the same day you get to know about the selection and pose that you can control your enrollment process. So that is the process and do complete the application process so that we can accommodate you also end up looking forward for some more seats for this board. The board is where to start. All this. So anything regarding that I will type my number here you can get in touch with me for any details regarding the program. I've shared my number here, but your child also shared her number you can get in touch with us for any kind of assistance in terms of completing the application and selection process. So to conclude, I will just launch a short poll here. I would like to request you all to complete this, this will give us a better idea in terms of your interest to join our program. I request all the participants to complete this poll as early as possible. Okay. So I named this poll you got the responses. So with that we come to the end of today's session. You can get in touch with us for more information regarding the program and hope to see you see also in the cohort study

and so much

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