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Held on October 9, 2020 @ 5:30 PM

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AI-Powered Marketing Programme
By IIM Calcutta and TalentSprint

Aritro Bhattacharyya
Sr. Director

IIM Calcutta and TalentSprint’s AI-Powered Marketing Programme helps professionals leverage cutting-edge capabilities of AI and enhance their overall marketing efforts. In this webinar, find out how you can ace your marketing game with the power of AI and master the new age marketing

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About Advanced Programme in AI-Powered Marketing (APAIPM)

The Advanced Programme in AI-Powered Marketing is a first of its kind by an IIM. Launched by IIM Calcutta in association with TalentSprint, the programme helps professionals ride the newest wave of data-driven marketing practices and create highly personalized consumer experiences.

Ranked #3 in Asia, IIM Calcutta is well placed to launch this Programme for CXOs, Revenue Owners, Marketing Professionals, Tech Professionals in Marketing, and companies who are looking forward to investing in some form of AI in their marketing practices.

Event Transcript

AI Paving Way for A New Age Marketing

Trying to open up offers etc to try and figure out get some insights from customers, they actually started implementing customer insights defend the entire customer data into an AI algorithm into a deep learning algorithm they implemented AI. And they started segmenting customers betters they started offering offers to come to these segments in in a much more targeted way, which led to their sales team having much better insights when talking to customers, their website becoming much more personalized in giving offers to people, which lead to customer upgrades. So customer upgrades are, you know, you you sign up for this pack, you buy a higher building pack. So, and most of these were obviously you know, postpaid connection, so to speak. So you have customers buying going up by eight times, the team was able to convince 40 plus percent of the customers more of the customers were persuaded to add, you know, more value adds to their products, customer satisfaction with the agents went up, and NPS the Net Promoter Score went up by close to, I think 40 times, yeah, convincing 40% more customers to add a new product line and the NPS Net Promoter Score went up by 4040 points only about 40% 40%, this was something forms are covered extensively. So this is one use case of a mobile company using AI to get you know, better to have less customer churn to, to cross sell upsell, better content generation. Now, with natural language processing, content generation will become more mainstream. We've already had one example of MSN, though, it kind of received some bad press, and is kind of being stopped right now. But it will not stop the journey of, you know, NLP and content generation using AI. So I think some time before, I guess, the pandemic hit sometime in the month of April, April, May, if I'm not, if I remember the time, right. You had MSN saying that we are reduced, we are changing the entire editorial staff for the new section into in an AI bot. And what happens is that and and the content that's there, it was, it was quite good, it kind of went into controversy, because, you know, you had one issue with some images being identified, etc, there was some racial bias that came in. But that's not the fault of AI per se, it's because the, again, the engine that got created, the learning engine that got created, probably had that bias over there, which can be solved, you have a lot of content, if you really look at this, you know, any of these websites that you go, and if you go down, you will find that this is syndicated content that's been created to it comes from syndication, and in some of the websites, you will be able to find that this content has been created using artificial intelligence, etc. Some of the content may be don't, in fact, some of our own marketing videos, if you were to go to the talentsprint websites, you will be able to find the iPod marketing videos that are there, you know, all the HR webinars that are there to be same webinar that I'm kind of doing. But the entire whatever has been spoken in the webinar or whatever has been discussed as a part of even a class. So actually, all of our classes, the videos, the lectures that are there, everything gets goes through an AI layer, and the entire excuse me, the entire content of what the speaker is speaking, or the students are asking gets transcribed, and you can jump to that specific section. So that's where NLP comes in. I mean, there is the Content Marketing Institute. Again, it's a global body, which kind of says that, you know, most cases, content sells much more as marketers, I'm sure you would have come across this that you know, people want us to be content creators, and not nearly posting messages, etc. creating engaging content possible possibility of converting people into customers, goes up manifold. So that's where we are and AI can help us do that. Hyper targeted advertising. You know, be Salesforce. This is again, a prediction by Salesforce, this is coming sometime last year, maybe 2021. pain may become 2022 times to the pandemic or it may happen earlier as well. Most cases we expect relevant searches On a set of people who are buying it, there are still motivations that are there. right now as we speak, you know, human robots are not taking over that decision making. So as long as that is there, you'll be able to and you're able to gain those insights a will be able to help us in a b2b marketing space and it's happening over there.

Okay, then what's the difference between Ai e commerce and AI in retail? Again, yeah, and e commerce retail, you know, retail is you can have a retail store ecommerce is you don't have that in a physical store. That's it's, it's, it's more of a semantic difference of, you know, you can probably ignore that, that word that I'm guessing that is come because of the, the way in which the slide was named, it's a physical store. One is a virtual store, a lot of things can be used as obviously BEST OFFERS and all of that can be put up real time in a in a physical retail store, but something like an Amazon go, maybe Yeah, if once that becomes more prominent, you may start seeing that happening also very soon. You don't see an RV ship has a question you don't see a Python module. Again, this is not a programming thing. This is not going to teach you programming on Python, whatever basics we need to understand as a part of Python, it will be covered but this is not a coders program, we The objective is to help marketers make better decisions and do better in terms of marketing, not become marketeers becoming AI coders or etc. So, most of what we will be doing, you will be using our studio, the basic code that is being used required for our studio will be taught and you will create that framework for you know, your use case, you'll create that framework as a part of the program. And then you will have enough understanding to kind of tweak that framework a little bit to work. So that's how it works. In the program are the classes available offline in the in case we miss them online. The class is delivered on our platform, which is the which is a platform which you know, you can attend classes on a phone or a tablet, on a tablet, on a supported tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. All these sessions are recorded, in case you missed the session they are all live sessions you know, just like an interaction, you can even ask questions, you can talk to the professor, ask questions, you know, breakout rooms are available in the class, all of that is possible now, and it's just like sitting in a real class you have you know, the access to the whiteboard, all of that is available in case you miss a class, you can go back to the recording and go through that. And it's an A part like I said, so you can kind of see you know, skip to you want to revise as well that's it works in the same way. So, okay. How many capstone projects are there as a part of the course, there is one capstone project, you will start off the capstone project. So, at the initial stage, when the course begins, groups will be formed and people with access to data because not everybody may have access to that data. So all of that will be done. And you will start on defining the problem at the start of the program, you will define the program and you will start working towards that in the midpoint of the program is when you will be making your presentation so to speak, project presentation implementation presentation, this is not the execution presentation we're going to be talking about you know, this is what is available, this is the problem this is what we are going to be doing etc etc that happens sometime at the midpoint and then you will start working by then you would have gained, you know the requisite knowledge of working with our studio off the the the the AI ml portions of the DD program, which will then we will start implementing that and the project, the program will end at the end of six months with the project presentation. That's the last activity that happens and you will be completing the program as a result. So it will be one project but in that one project also what we are seeing is that if if there are five people in the group, for example, if five of them obviously will be coming from different companies if they want to mix and match saying that, you know, these are three things that I want to achieve. And I have three sets of data from three different sources, different companies, etc. That's also possible. Is there any fee for the program? Yeah, it's the fee for the program. It's a three lakh rupees plus GST that's the cost of the program. It's there on the transplant website. Also on the website. You can pay for people who are in voting quickly. I think it will probably get over by October or November. October end of October or maybe sometime in November, we have 24 month interest free EMI options which are available. You know, that's that's something that you can look at a lot of people also get some sponsorship from their company, you can look at that. The only thing is that most cases what what usually happens is again, this is this is this is from my experience of, you know, having sold this program and so many other programs as people wait for the right time to do a program. In most cases for working professionals, there is no right time. I mean, the faster you do it, and this is something which is very new. So if you were to get in on this earlier stage of of things before, this becomes very commoditized. All you have, like, for example, ai ml, it's now you know, everybody's doing it or data science, everybody is doing it. But for the people who have done this, we are for us in our example only we have VR AI ml program is three years old enough, initially the people who had done it when it was not so commoditized, etc. They are at very senior positions right now. So that's that's one advice that I could give for people.

At the end of the program, would I be able to use the tools for different sectors that I serve as a marketeer as a consultant and not just one, of course, you will be able to do that, you know, I have some access to some of the classes that are going on. It's you know, it's not just for one specific sector, we're going to be talking about some of these concepts. And these concepts are these stand their ground, irrespective of the sectors that they're being used some use cases may change some variables may change in the data. But at the core level, how you implement types of delayed decisions have been taken will still be the same. So and we have many marketing consultants who have actually come in who who consult for multiple sectors and not just one. So and the feedback that I've received is, is they are it's very positive thing. Okay, one of my favorite, I mean, I was hoping, I will see this question, Ramesh, can a startup be able to accommodate this AI and marketing, automation, you know, like I said, you know, you can, if you know how to use the frameworks, you can build it on our studio, which is free. So, nothing prevents a startup from, you know, doing this, it's just that you need to know how to do this. And, and that's, that's what will get you to, you know, to use that so it's you can use it you can you can go for very far, you know, costing you can I actually had that on all of those services will cost you money. If you don't want to spend money you can start off with just with us today, you just need to use it to define the case and understand that you don't need again, you don't need to buy an AI engine. As a senior marketing This is from safe, I will take our next two more minutes and we will get wrapped up. I'm a senior marketing professionals can I take these classes without a technical orientation so they're trying to take the basic data science course separately before the program, you don't need to take any data science program. Again, this is not a data scientist program. This has a huge focus on marketing, practical marketing problems, if you will, to really look at it in a in a data science program. You don't have all of these Futuristic Marketing, ai ml applications and marketing, digital social media marketing etc. So you don't need to do that everything whatever you need to success to be successful as a marketer will be covered as a part of the program. It says no preparatory work is required. Yes, there will be an orientation on online midpoint orientation that we are planning to do sometime in the month of November. You there we will share some pre read stuff that that will be of help to you. So you can call me in gold. If you are enrolling before that you will get access to that. Okay, I'm going to join this course and learn more and implemented in my business idea for ABS digital marketing when the faculty helped me in the direction Chandan pacu wants to know if the faculty will help. Of course, I mean, you know if you can if you if you have an idea you can use that as a part of the capstone project you will be mentored by the faculty. On most cases, the batch is has the contact details of the faculty. From my experience of from our experience of running the other programs. People are very much in touch with faculty they work extensively, etc. Some of the programs the students, the class itself comes together. We've had cases where startups are formed. Multiple startups are formed as a result of that people with their classmates. So all of that will be possible you will be a part of the I am Calcutta executive Alumni Association so to speak or the alumni network, which will give you access to hundreds of thousands of professionals like this and you can exchange ideas not only with the faculty, but with You know, the other alumni who have passed out as well?


yeah, this is not an AML program, what are the job prospects for someone looking at this? Okay, this is the last question that is there. And obviously does what job roles should we expect after this course? What are the options for Java assistance on two things? One is that most cases when people look at a program, and you know, I spend all my life with executive education or education, or upskilling people, the poor thing that they miss is that when we get these questions, what jobs will I get? Again, you don't have enough data to answer, the function of you getting a job is actually based on the skills that you have built up as a part of the learning. It is never about, you know, I've done this program, what job that I get, that's not the way jobs work. In this case, the market is NASA to not have you know, professionals, marketing professionals who know how to use AI and AI, like, you know, I've been talking about in that sequence is, is needed. So if you want to do this, and my My only advice to people would be to concentrate on building the skills up, if you have the skills, the job will follow. Most cases, people look at this as be like, get the job, even if you were to do the course with a job placement and, and and, and you do not have the requisite skills, you will not get the job. So My only advice to everybody who joins all of our programs is that concentrate on building the skills if you build up the skills, you will get the job. So that's that's the part about data. One question is IMC alumni on part of the regular MBA course. No, it is not an MBA program, Marsha, so you will you will be an executive program on the regular program. I thank you for all for joining us. I know I've passed I'm almost eight minutes past the regular time. Thank you for joining in listening in to us. If you have any questions, Nicole has been sharing his contact details. please get in touch with him. You can go to the talentsprint page or an catholica page and you will be able to get the contact details for the program and any questions you have. We'll

be happy to answer that. Thank you again, stay safe. I look forward to seeing your applications and maybe some of you if not most of you in class. Thanks goodbye.

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