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Held on August 16, 2020 @ 11:00 AM

Ask me Anything:
AI-Powered Marketing Programme
By IIM Calcutta and TalentSprint

Sridhar K
Chief Business Officer

In this webinar, Sridhar K, Chief Business Officer, TalentSprint discussed how AI enables marketers to optimize their marketing efforts and meet customer appetite for personalized experiences. Further, you’ll also explore how the AI-Powered Marketing Programme by IIM Calcutta and TalentSprint help in achieving this endeavour.

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About Advanced Programme in AI-Powered Marketing (APAIPM)

The Advanced Programme in AI-Powered Marketing is a first of its kind by an IIM. Launched by IIM Calcutta in association with TalentSprint, the programme helps professionals ride the newest wave of data-driven marketing practices and create highly personalized consumer experiences.

Ranked #3 in Asia, IIM Calcutta is well placed to launch this Programme for CXOs, Revenue Owners, Marketing Professionals, Tech Professionals in Marketing, and companies who are looking forward to investing in some form of AI in their marketing practices.

Event Transcript

Ask me Anything: AI-Powered Marketing Programme by IIM Calcutta and TalentSprint

Good morning everyone. dis is sridar here.

Oh, yeah, see?

Okay, it's 11 I think it's time to start planning everyone. Nice to see you all on a Sunday morning over a long weekend. That's great to have you all hear that we start with a short intro. I before that can just confirm whether you're able to see me as well as hear me.

Yeah. Yep. Okay, I have got couple of confirmations. Let's go ahead. Great. Great to have you all. Nice to see you today.

Today, the objective is to really look at how marketing is changing with the power of AI and how the I am Calcutta. talentsprint program can be useful to marketing professionals keen to get into the next level. So with that background, let me start with an introduction of myself. My name is reader. I've been

In the banking, financial services FinTech and edtech industry for the last 30 years, I started my career with Citi back then moved to

ESRI finance, which subsequently became GE money. Then I was working with companies in the financial services area, it was a country head for a group called curvy group for some time and after that,

startup bug hit me. I am now in talentsprint. We are part of the company looking at deep tech programs for working professionals and fresh graduates, what we do as a company, right? Personally, hi Am I as a Chief Business Officer, I take care of the marketing and sales of talentsprint and even in my earlier cars, I was responsible for marketing sales and revenues of Kirby group. So really understand the impact of how things are changing in this world and I thought it would be great if we can discuss some time. Take

input as well and discuss and take it to the next level and see how he is going to impact marketing going forward. With that background, I will start sharing my screen we already have around 50 odd people


Are you able to see my screen now?


Great, let's start. But this what I will do are symptoms of format for the day. I will start with a

short introduction and just talk about how AI is impacting the marketing area and then make it q&a. I think this is largely going to be q&a. My presentation is not going to be more than 2520 minutes maybe. Right? And you're free to stop me and ask me questions. In case you want to. Okay, so, just an introduction about talentsprint. As I said, we are a deep tech player, we are focused on deep tech areas which are impacting businesses which are disruptive in nature. And we do it with top academic institutions. As you see poor examples are given here there are more that we do like to apply to Hyderabad we do a program on AI and machine learning blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. These programs are more than two years old and more than three

years now. With I am Calcutta we have three programs.

What is not talking can just

Please put yourself on mute if you don't mind.

Just getting some.

Okay, thank you.

Okay, so


Then we have a program. I mean, I am Calcutta three programs. The first one was FinTech and financial blockchain. We launched more than a year back. Recently. This is the first cohort of AI powered marketing. And just now a week back we announced a third program on digital economy and global money in the post pandemic words. So, these are very relevant and teamtec programs, IIT Kanpur, we have program on cyber security and cyber defense, Indian Institute of Science which is a number one university in the country. We are doing a program on digital health and imaging and Today's focus is going to be on a covered marketing that we have.

Okay, so just a background I'm sure all of you know about it.

What Why do we do marketing? What is marketing

thing and stuff like that. I think the real value is exchanging offerings that have value to customers, clients, partners and society at large. The process that we use for that is called marketing. And I'm sure all of you know about it, and you have been extensively.

Having said that, it's very interesting. I mean, I was trying to look up what is the global market of advertisements and marketing. And in 2020, we understand that it grew only by 6% and 650 $6 billion dollar globally on advertisements.

And digital ads accounted for more than 50%. This has happened for the first time since 2000. When the digital ad started with a 2% market share of the advertiser, and from 2000 to 2020. It has taken 50% or in fact, 51.04% as you could see in the graph

of the market, Google and YouTube have

Sit down. I mean, they continue to grow and their revenues are growing by 20% basis Facebook revenues in terms of ad spends or ad revenues are growing by 13%. Amazon has a new kid on the block, so to say when you compared to Google,

again, taking a huge share there, and all these are eating into the ratios of the percentages that are allocated to TV print out the home that outdo radios, magazines, kind of specs. And and this spread. Very, very interesting, right? So TV commercials have been there for long newspaper has been for even before, right radio was there and stuff like that. Things have changed extremely in favor of digital over the last 20 years. This is expected because of multiple resets, like for example in newspaper you don't know who you can target. Your paper is for everybody. I mean of course there are specialist papers like economic times.

Technology papers available, but otherwise it's common for everybody.

So you cannot restrict the audience and focus on a specific segment.

All these expenses or one time huge brand building but plus object lead gen which internet marketing has created into the space. And

the future is going to be more and more digital. with whatever pandemic situation that we are in I'm sure digital is going to be much more focused. And this trend is expected to continue what used to be 2% 3% 20 years back has gone to 50% now and still eating away the market from others.

The best part of digital marketing so far has been the data that it creates, right? Today, if I go to anybody's website,

I am being tracked. There are data that is created out of my behavior.

On the website, whatever advertisements, I see products, I see the the

searches I do and more importantly, each and every activity of browser, a person who's browsing is being crazy and tracked and that provides a huge amount of data. And that data is today the starting point of the next level of digital marketing if I really look at it 22,001 to 2020 belonged to digital marketing. Before 2000 2000 it was largely newspaper and traditional marketing, I would say and from 2020 onwards, already it has been used but place most companies are going to exploit data to market better. I have some people showing their hands I'm asking me how to unmute and ask your question, please.

Hello, Sal, good morning.

So, in the previous slide you showed the the global market can be also have the data on the specific Indian market, because a lot of times it happens that everything is available about global trends. But in our day to day presentations, we have to show how India's doing with respect to these trends. Yeah, so that's a very important point. However, the challenges in India the data acquisition is not great, right? I think automobil data comes out. Other than that, the business data on most places are very limited. more so because many of these companies are global.

Right? For example, I mean, if I look at talentsprint, my digital ad spend is around 85 to 90% of the total marketing spent.


If I look at companies, I know five

in financial services, when I really look at mutual funds, insurance companies, it is in the upward range of 60%. But do you if there is is there a data India as a whole across all industries? My answer is I have not been able to come across anything that's dependable as of now. But I think given digitization, probably India is equal if not ahead of the global averages. Right. Okay. You're the advertisement spends on newspapers. I mean, past six months, I have seen and before that itself, it was visible last six months, I don't think any of us would have seen two page for the ads of Hindu, The Times of India or others, that all you miss coming down. That's right. The fact that all the media, whether it is television or newspaper, or focusing extremely on the digital presence of death, like for example, when we launch this program, you know, how did we launch it? We didn't launch it an advertisement in the paper.

Or not even the Google Ad we launched even done with et. Right at branding physics. Yeah. Okay. Is it digital? Is it physical? In my view? It is digital.

Well, you gave me if you consider the print medium,

right. So I would say that this would approximate India.

And probably India would be more in digital than the others.

At this point of time, the 51 can be 60, but I don't expect it to be below 50.

Thank you. So, as I answer your question,

thank you. Thank you. Okay. So, that's, that's a good question. But I think, as a country, though, official and published data is something which we really don't have.

Whatever data published data comes comes after a couple of years when you are not able to use it any longer. For day to day decision, the market changes very fast.

So coming back to the slide, I'm just talking largely about when I gave earlier say let's say

2000, I was giving an advertisement in the paper, or even today,

who sees the ad, what response that comes out of it, or for that matter, TV advertisements that not trash placeable right. When digital came in, the internet came in, everything became so then it became traceable, what happened us

data, what?

When this data

got created, it was being so far used for optimize campaigns. If you really look at it, what was the search engine of search engine optimization on one side or for that matter, social video optimization or paid advertisement optimization, all that PPC optimization, everything was being done using this data

over the last six, seven years.

And in fact, when you look at Amazon a little longer than that, these data's are also being used for something for beyond

just optimization of the complex. This is now started being used for understanding the behavior, identifying and probably looking at the opportunities, giving recommendations or civilization a lot of interesting stuff has been happening on this area. I have Soto raising his hand. So please go ahead.

Sir, yes, sir. What do you think in Indian market and that digital marketing can replace a TV commercial or no, because if you see the lockdown period also, we have seen us so many new TV commercials from the different different brands, like libel having their own commercial and other brands came in with the same kind of my personal view is, everything has to coexist.


our Amazon's billion day comes, they still advertise in the newspapers.

Okay. So in my view it is not that something will go off.

Right? I'm sure when

the radio is dead

correct. Today radio continues to be there. I'm not talking advertising and marketing alone. I'm generally saying there is a role for each of them. Right. Right. all said and done. No country including India has gone hundred percent digital yet.

Right. And

we don't have more commercial comparison to India In India we have more

like in. If I say Middle East, they don't have much of TV commercial. They have a promotion digitally or voting.

Unlike that, but not much on TV commercials see in India the TV commercial in my view will continue to have a good presence for multiple reasons, right? India is having a huge as a social setup, right? I think we respect we respect stars, we give huge presents for the stars, right?

And the challenge is really looking at it. Is there any TV commercial today, which is not there also on digital medium?

Or do I see what's up. So, gender of the day they will coexist, same advertisement will be taken it will be given on Sony Macs or for that matter, do Darshan and will also run on YouTube and a digital ad will run on that.


maybe you will continue to happen. Question is

The channel wise Of course, internet digital channel is taking a higher shadow which is very visible for various reasons many of which we know Like for example, these advertisements can generate leads while a TV ad generates brand

right is not necessary that CTA cannot be managed and

call to action in a TV commercial or for that matter newspaper. Right. So, I have the next slide that next slide will probably answer some of them if you can hold on a little more. Okay, so.

So when we really look at it, this data is what is driving us. And I will just probably put the overall marketing into

pre 2000, which I call traditional marketing, which was not only brand focused, it was media focused. What question that you asked exactly where the questions

That were tried to be answered during that phase of traditional marketing. Marketing became a real profession. Marketing became very, very professionally organized. And newspaper, TV events, right?

The Apple, Apple's Mac computer being launched in the

big ball day and all that stuff are all things that we know. Right? Those things have been of great positioning the challenges, it was a media which will drive that and how will this be taken? Right? If I give a newspaper ad, everybody whether it is a 60 year old individual or a five year old individual, everybody will see it irrespective of this ad is for them or not. So that's brand focused, period. All right. That was the traditional marketing's outdoors, right when the digital marketing came in.

It has largely been focused, it was driven by persona you can define saying that I want my advertisements to be seen by individuals in the age of 20 to 30 having an engineer or having a degree right and having coding as one of the interests, I can go to that specific right and so, one lead to them and not everybody. And because we define the persona and the medium allowed us to define it, because we define a persona, he started getting lead based market because no longer brand alone, right, it was brand and Legion and this was looked at as cost effective. If I give a one page ad in the paper, I need to spend 25 lakh I can spend 25,000 rupees a day for the next hundred days spent the same 25 lakhs and get much much, much more leads instead of one day. shelf life of a newspaper or

I can give ads 480 seconds a day for one month with that money. Now I can run it for six months, right and I can restrict the view to a certain audience and create leads into the day that became cost effective, that made things easy for startups to market. Otherwise you read it New York should have had huge packets to be running marketing campaigns for your products and services as a startup. The big companies followed sweet suit on that, they are also looking at that as a great potential in terms of marketing.


what has happened during this time, we are able to that social media came into being we are able to look at people that behavior, their interests, much more variables are coming into the fray and based on that, we are able to show our


If you don't mind, can you mute yourself?

Nice setting those sort of nice kind of background. Okay, so with that, I think in this

portunities, which is what a driven marketing of the future is expected to be, while traditional was brand focused, digital marketing was lead focused, we expect AI marketing to be prospect focused. And when I say we expect there are already some companies which are already using it extensively, and they are eating benefits out of

the traditional marketing was media driven, like, for example, you are with this media or not, right. Digital Marketing was persona driven, which is this persona or that persona. Now, it is data driven, and you can go and move between personas and videos based on the data.

traditional marketing was, yeah, what do you say?

Magic Bullet where you put a huge investment in one advertisement, digital marketing was cost effective, but a marketing is going to be all about return on investments, how much more can I squeeze the data to spend the least and get the maximum revenue? Right? The ield is going to be the focus in the new future. And effectiveness will also be a very important metric.

And and we believe that at this point of time, the amount of data that has been generated thanks to digital marketing, the fact that digital marketing has contributing more than 50% of ad spends across the globe. It is going to create a sea of data which is going to be used by a algorithms to get into return on investment.

So what happens with huge data what happens

And what can i algorithm do? I mean, I'm not going to talk technical here, I'm just going to talk about as a marketing person as a salesperson As for me, what does it do? I expect

detect a pattern and provide recommendations, which will help me classify the leads prospects and customers in various buckets and handle them the way I want to

take it can help as a marketer to me to predict sales, predict who is going to be a customer, predict the behavior of the person, what they are going to do next.

Okay. So that's one major bucket in which AI is going to help marketers. The second bucket in which the AI is going to help marketers is on personalization, right, personalized engagement, putting a conversational AI bot and stuff like that to make

personalized service, which is extremely difficult when you are having huge data of prospects and leads, right in a company, which is B to C companies, broadly globally, people say that the conversion ratio is around 2%. So, the signal to noise ratio is two is 298. Right, the more and more effectively we can filter the noise to create a signal using algorithms. It's going to help improve the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and provide far better return on investment. Right. There are many more use cases and we can see some of them as examples. And from there, we can take it forward in the meanwhile, I see Mohan wanting to ask a question, please go ahead more Mohandas.

You can unmute yourself, please. So I wanted to ask a question. Can I

Please go ahead,

as you are discussing that digital marketing is arrived in around 2000. And now in 2020, we are having AI in the marketing. But now there are some tech giants such as Google and Facebook, they have their own algorithm for AI. So how can how can it help us as some companies because we are just posting our ads on these platforms, and they are doing stuff by themselves? Now, can it be beneficial for us as a business? Tell me what business you are?

I am in a texture. You're an attack. Great. Okay. So think about it.

I say attack, how long is it going to be useful? Let's look at step by step. Google has its own AI algorithms. And you can automatically save or optimize my campaign for these these these these things, right. that Google is keywords based

on profile based in LinkedIn, you do anything.

Today, that is a global data import.

You like to just do a different example, right? In my view that is like a printed map.

This is being offered. And you as an individual can say, Okay, I am in, where are you from?

I'm from Malaysia, or from Delhi. So how do I go from cannot place to the airport?

You can look at the map and it'll give the same answer for everybody.

Yeah, right. But when you have to specifically move from one place to another, personalized maps have come in correctly. Specifically, just take the second left, go to the third, right and go and stuff like that. Yeah. Oh, for your business, huh? need to create, nobody's going to create it for you.

Okay, based on a customer behavior, like for example, I can tell this right and I'm probably opening up a few things that we experienced, but for the benefit of people, I'll talk about it. I know that a person who comes to my

But marketing websites for the time will definitely become a customer 85% chance that that person becomes a customer.

Hmm, okay, we have a we have a grading system under point system, right? I know that there is a 85% chance that an individual with 150 points generated in less than 15 days

will join the program.

This I am sure that Google is not going to give it to me.

Right? This, I need to find out I need to analyze my data based on the data that Socrative generated either in Google or in websites or in Facebook or not LinkedIn, bring it, analyze it, Google come with my point system and look at how I can do this.

So I think it will be more beneficial if we go with the practical example.

giving my example. So I am in a tech startup, I am running in a tech startup. And I put ads on Facebook. Suppose I got some leads or as emails. Now I want to target them on the basis of how many times they visited my website or how many times they attended my free seminar. So in this aspect, how can it be helpful for me as a business or for all the participants who are not really understand what is your question? Are you how AI is going to be helpful? Or how about marketing program going to be helpful? What is it? What is the question

from AI, a marketing program? First, we need to understand how ewca going to be helpful or not.

You can say I say attack I'm benefiting out of it.

Okay, I am doing various things. I take this data, I have a algorithm running this data and giving me certain focus areas I need to focus on.


How to do it of course, the

program help you do it. Right. Not, I can't do that in the one hour session. Right.

But the fact that there are companies which are able to do this effectively and reputed to say, as talentsprint, my maturity in this will be two out of 10. I'm not using it effectively enough.

Right? I'm only doing 20% of its effectiveness currently being used. Right? I don't I want to go to the next level.

There are some companies which are using it at five somebody who's doing it at zero.

Depending on the company depending on your use case, I think this has to be developed. But the fact is very clear. The factors, the marketing as much as Yeah, he has changed the way retail businesses are happened. AI has changed the way even technology developments have happened. Yes change the way how medical treatments are happened.

I think a is also equally going to change the world of marketing.

Okay, from that point, how it will do for each of those businesses, of course, that's

in detail we need to work on. And that's a project that is worth doing for every organization 76% of the CEOs in the recent recent research or survey done by one of the company says that they will want AI in marketing functions, right, because in many companies, marketing happens to be either the second or the third largest expense right? in their p&l

right. In some cases, it is one some cases it is second some cases it is third, most b2c companies b2b may not be so much most b2c companies, the

marketing expenses in the top three item of total expenses of the company.

That's going to be an area that everybody's going to focus with data availability on one side computing capacity on the other side, and a algorithms on the third side, this is possible.

I don't know if I answered your direct question, but the challenges.

It's Yes. It's it's not I mean, that's full time testing, it would be consulting going forward, right? Yeah, you can get into that in a one hour session.

There are many such questions here. Let me just while Do one thing, I have another two more slides. I'll finish that and then get into q&a Otherwise,

the floor would get

disturbed. So. So, I mean, typically as a as an as the Chief Business Officer, what is my role? Right. I look at what I am spending x today and getting y. How do I get to wait with the same x? Right? Can I get 1.5 y with the same x

Right, if I can do that,

I think that's the biggest problem that anybody can solve for.

For that, what should I do? Instead of showing my ad to everybody in 20 to 30 with so and so, can I show it to specific people or instead of spending myself tele calling time to all the hundred leads that was created? Can I identify the 15 which I need to focus on?

Right? Can I say I know that out of 105 people or 10 people will join instead of calling hundred and to get the five or 10 people can a call to clean and get the three to five people that were supposed to join. Right? Or can I say my sales will happen when my sales team is sleeping?

Right Can I have a 24 by seven sales team.

Which because end of the day, I see that 38% of the leads

Come between 9pm and aka.

And if they want to speak to somebody, people are not available to connect.

I'm able to do it between 10am and 8pm, but not wait between 8pm and na. So can I have something like that? Of course I can put people on shifts. But that doesn't help me on the point at six months, right? Is there a way I can find out whom I should offer? What price?

Right? If we can answer these questions to Plaza, key to my primary challenge, saying that how do I enhance my yield? Or how do I enhance my return on investment, that's when things are going to be I mean, the real value of the data that we have created for so many

months and days and yours are going to be very useful.

All of us have seen

These things I'm sure I don't want to spend too much time. Yeah, in retail in various areas. It's that chatbot customer behavior tracking recommendations, all that are very predictive merchandising, I'm sure we can go through online, there are enough articles on those recommendations are all there everywhere, right, which you have seen in your marketing, personalized movie recommendations is there in the in the entertainment space?

dynamic pricing in the hotel industry, of course, unfortunately, it's not doing well now in the current situation, but this is a great benefit for that industry earlier. Financial Services anyway, one of the top uses of technology always, right.

virtual assistants, virtual financial advisor and customized recommendations. So I think all these are going on at this point of time. I mean, in terms of content, this is probably my last


I think this is a analysis of what is the expectation from the marketing professional in the industry. 41% of the job roles want people to be good and analysis 38% of the job roles want them to be automating things, right. And next is just 36%, which is on user experience. Just think about it 10 years back, it would have been very different.

You become a good marketing professional digital marketing professional. If you have played marketing PPC campaign, you can run the SEO sem campaign, you cannot. And can you also run an assemble?

If these three were good,

right, somebody could become a good marketing professional, specifically the digital marketing a to 10 years back today, that has become the last three and the top three are data analysis, marketing, automation, and user experience.

All these three

ball into the future, becoming digital and AI being a great solution, because you use a data analysis

using AI, a lot of times you use automation and customization, and recommendations and

chat bots and conversational bots using automation and the experience of customers and prospects,

that it has changed with the mobile

generation, right, so we need to be ready for it. And as marketing professional for the future, at least the five believe that all of us need to be very good and move from campaign management to data analysis, getting insights and identifying the right algorithms to use for the right purpose. Embrace automation

be enhanced user experience, probably using automation and bring in people experience only where it is necessary. engaging content is a big, big, big area. Right? And that also I think, is a huge place you can if you have a three minute video, if you know that 87% of the views are dropping on the 37 second, you know what is to be done. Okay, so again, algorithms can help us there. And, of course, with things coming in AI is one of them. Probably there will be more technologies we need to be ready for in the future. But I think he is going to be the prime holder of tomorrow starch. That's that's where I believe we are going with regard to the program. We have great professor Sarah Jackman and Akasha I am Calcutta professors, great experts both in data analytics, AI, machine learning and marketing together. Being

institution of management institution they have a very, very strong marketing background.

various modules I have nickel, one of my senior colleagues available in the call, he can take us through specific questions about the modules. And I'll probably end with the slide which is this a six month program. The program starts on May 23. You will learn digitally online but with the live faculty interact the way we are interacting in this webinar and learn from top I am cognitive faculty, we continue our assessments and people who complete the program have will get I am a certification and executive alumni status. We launched this program only for around 50 people. However, as of now we are at tandag. We had to expand that seat to 75. Now, right because of the demand, we already have 67 people who have already enrolled for the program. These people are from most B to C big businesses of the country. Many of

So 90% of them have enrolled individually as a professional and looking at

enhancing their value for the future. And and I think with one week to go, I think we've thought this is the last weekend, we will do one more hour more webinar two, enable those who want to enroll for this program, help them understand what the program is and take it from that. So that's where we are. I think I took four five questions and in 40 minutes, the

basic presentation is over. We can go into interaction now and all your questions can be


Now, let me look at the chat. There are many chat questions.


For laymen, what is

that means

Okay, ah

okay, so what send us please go ahead. I have unmuted you.

Good. You have a question. Yeah, I have a question, please, when we're discussing about traditional marketing moving to digital and 2020 is moving to AI. You know India as a market is is divided into three parts as far as consumer profile is concerned, we have a rural market which is which has the largest base we have a semi urban market and then we have urban market.

Incidentally the urban market has a smallest base in terms So, the total you know demographic profile. So, when you look at the rural and semi urban market, you know these markets the penetration of the digital as a medium with the with the penetration of the smartphone is high but

The engagement with digital is not as high as it is there in the urban market. So therefore, you know, when it comes to AI and looking at the behavior pattern and then taking the behavior pattern into the converting that into a prospect wins that we saw effective in the rural and semi urban market. Don't you think that semi urban and rural market is still into traditional medium of marketing? Okay, but can I understand a little bit of background of yours? You sly I work for regional newspapers, and I've always worked for regional newspapers.

I understand where you're coming from. Let me clarify here. I never said traditional marketing will be out.

Right? We are only talking about 50% going digital, of the total expense in the country. That doesn't mean that 50% of the customers are coming only through digital. If you really look at it. The

I mean, if I classify I mean I'm sure you're a newspaper person, you know about it.

Right from the media, when you really look at it, the percentage spent on the high income and high middle income and middle income group

in terms of products and services are so high and relatedly. Hence the advertisements and marketing focused on them aside. Right? Yeah, the bottom of the pyramid market is coming up. But while like say that, yes, Google may not be the answer, I completely understand. I have my personal experience 10 years back, right. I was part of one

bidding event management services, right. And we wanted to create something unique, right for a big wedding. And I personally went to a rural Rajasthan, right, went to a particular place where the handicraft items are made as returned gifts and stuff like that.

They did not have Google. They did not have Facebook. That

However, even till today, we are procuring from that person over the last seven years using WhatsApp.

Right. So I'm not saying that Google is the be all and end all digital marketing.

Right? Even today, if there is a wedding, my sister has a business. She will say I need 600 pieces of five and a half inch

red and yellow. What do you call elephant for return goods? Right WhatsApp, he gets it money gets transferred through earlier it was going and depositing in his State Bank of India bank account. Now it is UPI payment. Right? So

things have changed. It's getting digital. Think getting digital need not necessarily be one only

one Li online on the Google side. I mean for a college student.

business for talentsprint services. I have a very, very interesting phone driven marketing.

Okay. Okay. I don't know whether you can consider just traditional or current, I don't know, automatically a call will go out. It is a recorded voice. People will give options one, two or three based on the option subsequent discussions will happen. And we are automating and digitizing that way. Yeah. So the way things are being done will change. And let us not even just because Google, LinkedIn and Facebook and Amazon are probably the biggest names that we can think of at this point of time, that does not restrict digital ones to that.

Right, I am sure whichever media that anybody is in every media is launching the digital version.

Yeah, that's true.

So the fact that as the direction we are moving towards


The challenges are benefits that's going to generate data,

which we never had in a printed newspaper or an

advertisement on our TV channel or Oh, data. Now this data

holds ocean of the

gifts that can be unlocked. As a business, each business will be more profitable, more successful if they either sell more or spend less. Both are highly valuable in nearly every context, not just to trust that answers your question. There are many questions that need to banish.

When you simply do, please go ahead.

Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody.

I have an issue. Although I will be the query in our channel development. How can we use AI and what tools

should be deployed to develop an effective channel. Is it a bottom program? Which channel? Are you talking about? The the

engineers and

the ultimately in every cell production? Yeah. Okay. Standard issued? Yeah. So it depends. Let me put it to say, I've been? Well, these are very specific questions and we would definitely love to take it. Some of these have deep understanding of the domain that's required and we need to discuss more in detail to anywhere come close to the right answer. But if you believe that the business you are in can generate data and that data is required to be analyzed, and that will give you input for decisions on marketing decisions on pricing decisions on customer acquisition to be made, then you should be exploring it. It's as simple as that. Right specifically, I have not run a channel business for me to understand how it is

So, we may have to discuss that in detail as and when the program gets done and as part of the project, you can probably take it up as part of the product and look at it. But clearly, if I look at Netflix, they use extensively

right? If I look at

any of the other channels, Starr uses it extensively. The question is, is your channel going to be generating that much of data for you to be able to analyze and take it forward?

Yes, and then ask a question and then please go ahead.

Yes, I

am from a sales background with the construction based company. And just

as we are looking that the marketing digital market

Hello, am I audible? Are you sorry? I think it went on mute for a sec, please repeat? Yeah, yes, I mean to self provision, I understand that you said when we get into digital marketing, you're starting at that time the line got disconnected. So, yeah, this digital marketing, we have seen that it has helped a lot to grow

the organization. So say, this artificial intelligence, just I was looking this, how come this can happen to a salesperson? Because both this perspective are different marketing and sales? Yeah. It depends on how you want to look at your career. Is your career looking at saying that I want to be the best salesperson and want to evolve level to level on as a great sales person? Or do you want to become a business or business leader at some point of time, right, once a revenue? That's a budget, right and has a marketing budget and how do I run it? So it depends on what your personal growth is?

aspirations and direction of your aspirations are. Right? I started my career in six. All right, first job I did in my life is sell car loans to boiler rooms and

fixed deposits and talking about way back in 1990. Right. So that's how I started. But I went into operations later, then I went into marketing and now into business, right? So if your objective is at some point of time, you need to be a business owner. I think new skills are necessary in today's context. Yes, this is an important thing. From the sales side, it can help certain sales decisions. However, it depends on what the focus is b2b versus b2c within that b2c, whether it is high volume, low price or low volume, high price, various things will come into picture. That's something that we can discuss in person data.

Okay, let me look at

Yeah, so there are some answers. Sorry, there are too many questions. I have not been able to explore all the questions.

Okay. Sonia is asking, Can you give us an example of an Indian brand that implemented AI marketing with the necessary instrument in technology? How does the brand reap the benefits?

Flipkart uses extensively in Miami. All right. I am sure polar caps uses it. Right? I'm sure.


red bus and bookmyshow have been using it.

Are they using it fully? extensively? I still don't know because personally, I have not been tracking them. But I am 100% sure these companies are using it. And many automobile companies are investing in this at this point of time as a know, like many automobile companies, specifically two wheeler and popular companies, because it's a lot of pressure on them.

At this point of time because of the current situation, so ITT tech is using it extensively in my view. So there are many companies which you can take off for using it. And probably many of them in the early stage of using it and will evolve to the next level sooner than later. Right. So there are enough examples in India that people saw people are using it.

What are the tools tactics and AI for Channel deploy development? This is a question. Yeah, that's what I think we answered just now. Okay. Ah,

Denise Gianni has a long question. Dinesh. Can you come online and ask a question?


And then please go ahead.

Do you have a question?

Now mean? You can unmute yourself is

Hi, Susan. Good morning everyone. See I have a experience of almost 20 to 23 years experience on b2b sales and marketing. Good. So I have been hearing the value addition of this AI and ml in more and more in b2c domain.

Can you just give some examples where companies have implemented AI and ml in b2b?

That to me, I'm into industrial sales and marketing. So, to see here conventionally, from last 6070 years the business model has not changed. It is basically from manufacturers to channel partners or distributors and distributors to customers. So even today,

The same business model is running to I just want to understand whether there is any scope of

using AI ml and then adding value in this b2b. That's a very good question. I think I would take you.

I mean, I have been largely in b2c. So I'm not a professional who can explain b2b sales there. But having said that, I really want you to look at what Alibaba is doing.

Yes, yes. Okay. They have a huge b2b presence.

Okay. And most valuable company, they're in China. So if you really look at it, I have read through Alibaba, but

it would not be fair on my part, not to know it fully to explain it. But I would probably give you a reference to read through the Alibaba story. There are

many such b2b portals that are happening in India.

And across the world as well, right? There are many platforms that are trying to come to change the way things are working in the b2b space. While b2c is highly visible, we see it every day. And it affects us individually as participants. And under what do you say consumers? In b2b, we don't see it as much. But I am sure many platforms, right from bidding to supply chain management to ensuring that things are working Archmage. Right. Some industry is very, very traditional. And we can't change that. But I think b2b side things are changing. And in the new way of things, digital will be a very, very big part. So second questions, sorry to ask it once again. What as a career, how can I

use this opportunity and

Just like this, when we really look at 70% of the new jobs that are coming out are attributable to senior level of marketing are clearly looking for people who are having some understanding of using technology, I am not the people are not expecting you to be a coder to solve a problem, but understand technology find out which solution to be used, where which algorithm to be used, where to become effective marketing professional. So if you want to go in that direction, a program like this will help. As I said, this program is for marketing professionals, specifically digital marketing professionals who have some exposure to using data for decision but even other traditional marketing professionals who have good analytical skills will definitely be benefiting from this program. And it will it is for your personal development in addition to whichever company you are working with, because end of the day, it's not that we all I mean, I was

in finance, financial services are long enough that I change to attack at some point of time in my career and that happens to everyone right? So for personally individual to go to the next level it will be useful. Right? And from there we take it forward. That's it. So that's the program is the program, I mean See, not many will get I am Calcutta

certification and the branding and the quality of learning from them. Things like that is yes, yes, our partner have our role to play in getting industry into this and stuff like that. We are in fact, the introductory speech is being offered the program is being done by Karthi who is a very well known retail marketing person, head of cortex marketing. So he bring in that experience from our end. And the objective is to

is to really explore and ensure that we are sent professional whoever is part of it.

Improve gross and be a touch better for the I am Calcutta by showing that in that area right because that's See I think I have already enrolled

for this program

assuming I

good yes thanks Okay. What made you enter what is the one thing that made you see this

exactly see after having this much of experience and be to be okay.

Considering this AI and ml valuation in the domains I have been seeing, I felt the future is more and more of product, improving the productivity, improving the consumer experience, okay. So that can only be

happened through AI. And that that is the only option for organization to reduce the cost and improve the profitability. I think this is one thing which helped me for next because I always feel whatever education we have will only last for next eight years. 10 years. So probably I have another 10 years for retirement should probably this can help in sustain my I think the cycles are getting shorter. My father worked in the same place for 40 years, right. Oh, yeah, I'm working. This is probably the fourth place I'm working in in my 30 years. And I'm sure my son is not going to spend more than five years on average in a job and the skill that he is going to have every five years has to teach. Right. So that's that's how I am in this.

I am.


But next 30 years are going to be saved. Some Yes, yes.

By getting the kids need to change more often than what we have been lucky to. Okay.

What are some questions that sorry, there are a lot of questions. I'm sorry, having to cut you off. I know. Thanks. Thanks to the thanks.

We'll learn and competed, correct. Please understand.

I have a I don't code in my life.


But that doesn't mean that I should not learn. Yeah. Okay. I have gone through the technical classes of AAA at Hyderabad two years back.

Today, I personally believe that as a marketing professional that has killed me, because I can look at the data differently and I can look at and I can tell my coding person saying that please run this algorithm and give me how it looks.

Okay. That analysis decision making is what this program will


You have at some point of time in the future or now you want a budget to spend, and you need to take decisions on that you need to spend that money. And more importantly, you have a target objective to achieve.

There is no way that you can or any in any professional can stay away from using

the AI algorithms. It is earlier it was it was calculator. After that it was Excel sheets. Now the future is going to be in AI. Okay, we need to know how to use it. I don't need to write code. I don't need to be a coder to be in this program. I don't need to be a coder to use AI in my marketing activities. What I need is, I need to understand how bot algorithms can work. How I can use and why I why I should use

Something in place of the other incident situations.

Right. I don't need to quote. Right. I mean, it's it's all depends on how you look at your career.

Rashmi houda, I want to understand whether the platform was Saturday.

See, the focus is going to be on marketing and Rashmi, this is not a completely AI program. I mean, there's nothing called a complete a program anyway, even if you do a five year research project, it's not complete enough, right. That's how the depth of field is. Having said that, in this program, you will be able to understand the various algorithms what to use that mostly from the marketing side.

Right. If you want to build AI expertise, as a technical professional, there are other programs we offer. But if you are a marketing professional, you are not trying to code as people are

For you are trying to use AI the power of AI in the marketing, this program is free.

It's okay, the questions. The second part of the question is very interesting. Rashmi is a 10 year experience person, this change of role or an upgrade. In my view, it's an upgrade, upgrade from being


person who has been running campaigns to someone who is able to decide campaigns and take decisions and make the campaigns much more effective. And that will also empower you to grow up in the ladder to wall either the revenues or the budgets. I think if that's your aspiration, this program will be useful for you.

Okay, delicious. Johnny has something to share.


to read the small checks of

thanks for your compliments Dinesh.

Yet all facet and Remington typewriter to long as possible. We have electronic typewriter and now laptop and mobile. Yeah, that's what it is. That's That's how things are. I think world is moving at a far, far faster pace. And we as professionals need to get into that level. Nichelle, you are there in the call, I hope. Do you have a survey to be done? We can launch the survey. While we are continuing to take a few more questions. I'm sorry, I think I would have left a lot of chat questions, but any of the important chat questions left, please show your hands and we can discuss on the call piece.

And and Nicole, can you just toss the campaign?

Yeah, I just launched the poll.

What happened? You're looking like a ghost on screen.

Switch off your video there is something wrong with the video. Yeah, yeah.

Oh no, you're good.

No, you're good. So can you just launch the video poll or do you want me to launch it? I launched it already.

Okay, good. We got an answering the

okay. I think Ashley Batra wants to speak. Let me allow him to speak. Please go ahead.

I trust i'm pronouncing your name right.

Hi. Hi, Sheila. Yes, yes, it's absolutely right. Okay, so my question is, rather than I have no prior experience, no first hand experience with the digital marketing.

And, but right now I am dealing with a lot of data. And

so I will just work and I have no control over the budget and all. So in future. I have plenty of experience.

I have seven years seven years of work experience.

And last year I failed I did my masters in brand management and then I, before that I've never worked in Excel also. So, Excel has really helped me to work on data and all those things, but I am to know that Excel is very tedious, you know, you cannot really work on data with Excel right now. Currently I have the volume of data is enhanced.

Yes, yes.

I do with excel in my life.

Absolutely right. No, I have no control over the budget. But I have obviously I intend to open my own consultancy. Our our but I also wanted to understand how if I do this course, since I have no prior experience with digital marketing or AI, so where is this course? useful for me if I you know, pretend to grow my skills and future in the corporate world only? Absolutely. See, I think let's look at it from two parts, or two views right. The one view is

Learning digital marketing is not rocket science. Right? Okay. Okay, it is, like anything else you go parameterised parameterize various things like, for example, you're running a campaign, if you just start doing it within a few days, you will get to know. Right, right. Right, those certification courses are available everywhere and available in in gross. Okay. That's not a challenge. The whole objective of this program is not to make you a good digital marketer. The objective of this program is to ensure that the data that digital marketing throws at you.

Yes, oh, can you use it to get great insights and make your campaigns more efficient, make your customer acquisition easier, and your cost of acquisition lawyer?

Right. So that's what we are really looking at in this course.

So from that background, you will find this useful tool. If you want to be in consulting, I think this is going to be extremely critical. If you want to be in industry, the future is going to be on people who can make database decisions. Right? I've met a lot the right tools to analyze the data. Right? Right. At my career, the first week of my career when I was in Citibank, I use Lotus 123. Right. I don't know if any of you have heard of it, Lotus least each of the worksheets that we are using today, right? Those days to today, things have changed. Right? rightly, you said Excel is not enough. When Excel came, it was 100 x more powerful at that time than 123.

Right. And today when this thing comes, yeah, a power

and analytics comes I'm sure that's going to be that much more powerful and we can have thousand x million

more data. Right? Right, right. So that's that's why I would say, okay, so there are great I think, yes varnishes asking a question. Yes, degree is a

prerequisite. This is only for people with a degree and with the basic experience and not for freshers, that's how the program is structured because it's coming from the executive education of I am Calcutta.

Ah, Dinesh is asking a quick question on cloud cloud. See, it is like this matter the matter it is hosted in the cloud, whether it is in your computer, your server or in the cloud. So Cloud, so infra provider for various things, and and cloud is necessary.

So we're gonna look at nine shape, please go ahead. I don't see you showing your hand. I don't. Once again, let me check where you are.

You can unmute yourself and ask your question. Okay, now I have seen please unmute yourself

and ask your question please.

You're unmuted Please go ahead.


So can I please go ahead.

He can't hear you.

Okay, no problem. You can type your questions.

I will try and take it

Okay, I think

I shall Nisha Sarkar, please go ahead.

So, actually, I couldn't change the name actually. So, my name is Kaushik actually got disconnected from my


actually, actually, I'm a from sales background. So I'm in fmcg industry. So actually I was pretty excited with this AI technologies and all that. So they everywhere every magazines every everywhere else, and my organization is also calling that. So being in salesperson, so actually I just wanted as as as this is the future. So I wanted to

share my career path to AI for future goal setting marketing Sherpa. Sure. So, so what is the way forward because since in sales, and so the execution part we are more into execution part. So can I right now. So can I use this technology after learning this also

in from in sales and throat that I can move back my career to my CIO? So I probably give a very parallel example on what happened with one of my colleagues. Okay, and probably that will be helpful for you, right?

Our CTOs name is GT, right? Chief Technology Officer IIT Kanpur graduates civil engineer by graduation and he is the chief technology officer.


He said the first Can you all hear me Sorry, I just lost some connection.

Nicola, am I audible audible straighter, Okay, good, some power went off, screens went off. So when when he really looked at it, he said Gita when when he joined talentsprint he said he wanted to wanted to be a faculty came into the classroom. He took classes for three months, and then said this is too difficult. I can't do anything with this and know what he did. He came out and then said, I will be the chief technology officer for this company. And I will ensure that the teachers life has become easier.

Right and went into using technology to make it happen. The platform that you see and you will be part of this program is the world

That he and his team has done. And it's considered great because I am Calcutta for the PGP and MBA program are using this plan. One of the IITs is going to use this platform, right? Well we have generated for our use for our programs. Similarly, when you move your career and you have a clear view, saying that, okay, I am going off from sales, to making sales more effective using digital technologies, or disruptive technology. It can be a great position or strength for you. Of course, it depends on your background, your experience and your intent in the program. But I think that's a great opportunity that's available. See, I think one problem that has still not been solved is the feet on street sales team effectiveness. Right fmcg industry to some extent, specifically, medical professionals were medical representative in it.

parts have solved it. But it has three unsolved problems.

And we need people to solve that problem.

I don't know if it directly answers you, but that's an example I can give you. Yeah. Thanks a lot, sir. Thanks a lot. Good. I think we are already 15 minutes beyond scheduled to kill anything else that we need. Can we start? Oh, nothing sorry that I think Sandeep and sircar have some question he tried.

Yeah, okay.

He's a mute yourself and ask you a question.

Hey, thanks, Nicole. Thanks for the Good afternoon, everyone. Actually, I just wanted to check, you know, when we're talking about this particular course, so with this particular course,

covers some kind of an overview and implementation of some of the marketing solutions. So like Salesforce, Adobe analytics, or some of the analytic tools like a SAS or a hive, because when you talk about taking data driven decisions, right from a huge chunk of data, especially if you're deferring to

To see sales from a bfsi perspective, a lot of work goes into you know, understanding the marketing solutions and analytics tools which can help you taking data driven divisions decision. So, I just wanted to check this post hover over your implementation of this. So, the covers are as a tool that will be used for analytics, am I right nickel? Yeah, our will be the focus tool that will be used for analytics. See, this is not a tools program, please understand the tool is to show how the outcome of the

algorithms are right different people can use different tools somebody may use coding in Python and NumPy and others somebody may use r somebody may use something else, right. The focus here is to understand the concepts, the algorithms and

the ability to take decisions on what has to be used where.

Right The tools is enough.

Until you need to have a tool to show case and see how it works. And that tool that's going to be used as art.

Okay, so the tools like currency I'm sure if your company is running SAP or some companies running lead square or companies running some other tools, those tools can of course be used. But for the purpose of this program sandipan we will be using

So Mr. burnish is asking about the work experience requirement. Mr. daanish, you need to have known two years of work experience and 50% in your graduation then only you're eligible to apply for this program that is a basic prerequisite to apply for this program.

Right. I think there's been a very interesting interaction. Thanks. Thanks. I think I have got more questions than what I was prepared for. And I'm sure many of you have asked outstanding questions to keep me thinking happy

Be part of the session. Have a great day ahead. Have a nice weekend and whatever is left of it, and I really look forward to seeing you in the first day of the cohort when we launch it, and

all the very best for your career ahead. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Thank you, everyone.

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