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Held on Saturday, October 9, 2021 @ 11 AM IST

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TalentSprint September


  • Abhudaya Shetty
    Corporate Alliances and Career
    Development, TalentSprint
  • Sai Keerthi
    Corporate Alliances and Career
    Development, TalentSprint

In this recorded webinar, find out how TalentSprint’s industry-leading placement support helps students and graduates enhance their placement readiness efforts. Also, get insight from TalentSprint’s Corporate Alliances and Career Development team on monthly placement opportunities introduced to participants at TalentSprint. Watch!

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Industry Trends and TalentSprint September 2021 Placements

Hi guys Good morning everyone. So today you're here to learn about LIC know about industry trends in talentsprint September placements by k corporate alliances and career development which is called ci CD team and talentsprint like here we do have my colleagues argue they and couser to help you out and various doubts or if you want any information, okay. So, today the session is regarding what exactly like what exactly industry is looking out in a freshers and what the opposite is given for our pressures. So, at least you people can come to know like what exactly the industry wants and what the industry and what is the successful stories which have been we are doing in talentsprint since the six months everything every information if you want to know about talentsprint you can just ask us in the question and answer page last, next. Yeah, so that I didn't know of this session as introduction on talentsprint like we are going to explain about like what talents when ties into and industry trends September 21 2021. opportunities and offers at talentsprint in the month of September placement snapshot from April to September super successful outcomes in September again and rolls in demand like what exactly the roles in demand are there in, in in the industry and support to achieve successful outcomes like how talentsprint has supported to achieve successful outcomes and snapshot our offer hiring partners like who are our hiring partners and how how we have helped our hiring partners to get the successful outcome and also the mentoring and interview prep sessions which we are going to do for every interview before interview process for 90% of the success. Yeah, so exactly like what talentsprint is into. It is an educational it's an epic arm of National Stock Exchange where without focusing on delivering quality deep tech education with this totally preferred by partnering for top institutions like IITs Iam, like basically we are partnered with the top institutions for basic technologies and witches which are like IITs, IBM's, ai IAC, Google pega systems TCS kobolds, we are tied up with them and we are doing different programs and we are helping them extremely to give them the train flashes and not only we are into pleasures, we are also helping experienced professionals to get their career more better, like almost 200 and 1000 plus young in place experienced professionals impacted since 2009. Two till date and also be talentsprint is being tested by 350 plus corporations for supporting them with their hiring is the 350 plus corporations whenever they do have any hiring pressures hiring and that in that company like they just come to talentsprint and we support them extremely for their hiring needs and through CCD corporate aliens career development team, we enable and support participants achieve successful outcomes like we we mentor them in their career and they show the path like have you need to attend the interview process like what are you lacking in everything? Yeah,

so industry trends, what are industry trends in September month, like Tech Mahindra is about to hire 1000 plus full stack developers or Java technologists in financial year 2021. Tech Mahindra is exclusively about 200,000 plus birds tackling especially Java technology in this year, and at&t looks out for a minimum of 50 full stack developers for next three months here itself you can come to know like what is the you know role of full stack in the current trend in the industry. Developers See that's not the easy one. We have almost if you can see Tech Mahindra 1000 plus ad nt 50 versus 75. All around we have one lakh 37,870 open jobs. In the current industry yeah so why does have plans to hire 75 plus Python developers and 60 plus Java developers every month for next one year and you can we can stretch on the sentence again, they are looking for the 75 plus and 50 plus developers in different technology every month for next one year. And if you can see on the right side, the companies and their job openings, we have huge openings in the industry and now is our chance like how we are going to utilize that and how talentsprint helps you to bring that carrier in you and what is the support you required you have to know yourself and you have to you know, you you have to just know about the industry that's how you can plan yourself plan the carrier and how some if any support required, we are always here to support you. Opportunity details in September 2021 job opportunities This is exclusively from talentsprint which we have done in the month of September man job opportunities announced announced means like we have initiated the processes the requirements, which we have given announced the opportunities which are 30 job opportunities where we announced and we are done with the we are completed 30 interview processes but exclusively for OpenStack and eight eight lakhs is the highest to CDC. Eight lakhs is the highest CTC average CTC is five lakhs and lowest CTC is 3.5 lakhs. This is only for the month of September. So total interview process scheduled in the month of September is 30 and verges on an average one interview process per day and total offers received out of 30 processes is 45. And we have placed almost 80% of our database what we have from the current pool. Now you can see the placement snapshot from April to September. Like last six months you can see if you can see the opposite is announced in April month we have announced almost 14 nine opportunities opposite is like see even for the precious you're going to get some nails from now pre monster everything like there you have to apply for the positions. So that that is the meaning here like that is the if you can infer better understanding that is the meaning of the opposite is announced in 18 months we have announced What if nine may 31 June 49 July 50 August 14 September 13. Of course if you can apply in any job site or job portals I hope you will not be receiving these many opportunities and interview processes in April month s 25 may 20 June 30 July 43 August 30 September 30 and offers you can see extreme drastic change in the office. But it's very important for us in April month that was 10 may month 35 June 35 July 50 offers August 15 and September we have placed almost 45 and the average CDC if you can see the from last six months it's an average CDC is five lights four lights 4.34 5.8 and it has always more than four lights. The lowest is also always more than 2.5. It has

we haven't said like we will not show any opposite is like below 3.5 until and unless if we have any like Taiwan companies like that, but every time we we will have the set criteria like we will have the lowest CTC would be 2.5 the highest CTC would is 23 lakhs but we have placed almost three students in July month 6.5 was in April 6.5 again in May 5.5 in June 23 likes in July 13 and August in September eight lakhs and again if you can see highest the CPC or the last six months average of highest the CTC is 14 lakhs and average it is is 5.3 and lower six 3.5 so what successful outcomes of September month which we are very happy to tell you like explain this slide because it's it's really super successful outcomes which we have done in September month 45 selections in a month with minimum compensation of 2.5 and maximum compensation of eight lakhs. The minimum salary what we have offered an event for the students was 3.5 and the maximum was eight lakhs eight participants offered by cigniti Technologies limited without compensation of six lakhs plus benefits six lakhs plus benefits or goes up to 6.5 to seven including all the benefits. almost eight participants were offered by cigniti and one participant offered by red bus I think everyone know about red bus. It's a very premium company and we were very happy to help red bus we are since two months and almost we have got two offers from last month and one offer from this month and Tech Mahindra has partnered with us to hire 1000 plus fsd technologists in financial year of 20 bucks Tech Mahindra and we have partnered exclusively with Tech Mahindra to give them in support in freshers hiring for almost 1000 plus chain freshers and the first and the first and most preference is given to talentsprint trainees whenever Tech Mahindra is hiring, and we are doing an hire to deploy a model like where students will be getting conditional offer in their first month of training itself. And once they are done with the training, they'll have an exam, if they get out of that exam they directly going to offer. So like that we do not have any. Like we have almost 1000 plus openings every year in tech, Mahindra RBD. Go ahead.

Hello, everyone. Good morning. I hope you're having a great day. And I have my my colleague Katie gave you a picture of what the industry trends are, and how talentsprint has been doing in this past six months, what kind of offers we have been offering our candidates or our trainees. Similarly, what kind of demand is there in the industry. As you can see on the screen, these are some of the roles and demands that we get month on month. And we try to comply with it to the various hiring partners that we have. These are the various positions that we get for so if you see in the technology role, we get positions like it Program Analyst or software engineer, a software developer, a front end developer, integration engineer and our code that is full stack developers. So there's various roles that we offer and that are in demand. Similarly in the data science role, or the analyst role. We have data analytics tools, or data scientists, or data and Python developers front end developers, again, your so these are the various roles that are in demand in the field of data science analysis. So couple of our hiring partners that we have. This is just one page. These are the recent hiring partners that we've had in the past few months, and the list goes on it we have about 303 50 plus hiring partners throughout talentsprint. So these are the hiring partners some familiar names the finance works, what's up said the highest package 23 lakh per annum. It was offered by fi networks to three or four candidates in a red bus, some total comments in length card, which is the name this goes on. I mean you you might exist. If you're you are in the industry. And if you're looking out for job, you might at least know like five or six of these companies or you might know all the companies that is a different story but only five or six company you will definitely know me like Deloitte Allstate, basically, these are companies that you know, and these are our hiring partners, they come to us month on month, then they hire from us. So we are proud to say that the we have such amazing hiring partners that come to us whenever they have their requirements.


talking about myself, my name is abuser. And I'm the career mentoring manager here at CCD in attachment. So my role or my job is basically to help students to get successful outcomes. So what I basically do is, whenever there's any requirement by a company, I analyze that requirement and help our candidates who have applied in tracking that particular job opportunity. So in order to achieve that I do couple of sessions like resume building session. In order to have a good profile on LinkedIn, we do something called as effective LinkedIn profile training sessions. Combination strict training this something what I said like whenever we have a requirement from a company, based on the requirement, we do training, we do prep sessions so that our candidates can get successful outcomes. I also conduct a lot of mock ups to our candidate so that they are ready whenever they are ready to face additional interviews. Similarly, we I do something called as bi monthly practice coding tests so that we are always a step ahead when it comes to coding tests, we do something called as peer group session. So this is something where the take one of our candidates who was who had a great successful career opportunity in the previous month, have a session with him or her in the upcoming month. And all our trainees and other students can ask them question and clear their doubts, because we are always believed 122 and I said they have a better connect, and they'll be able to understand things better what the requirement of the job market is. Similarly, hackathon tallies are conducted every quarter. And we also have something called an industry demand where we call industry experts at charge recruiters who tell our candidates our range, what is going on in the industry, because it is very much needed. And why is very much important for you to know what is expected of you. So these are some of the sessions from the CSV team that we conduct. We are some activity that we do from the CSAT in order to achieve success. So that's basically what I do here at talentsprint. And with that, we just close off and open for questions. So if you have any questions you can ask us. If I see the chat, there is one question by cycle it says Sir, I'm a civil engineering students, but I want to pursue masters in CS, which course Should I opt for?

First of all, talentsprint we do not provide any masters. Like we don't, don't provide any PG courses. These are basically certifications that we provide. So if you're interested in certifications, say as you're a civil engineering student, I would suggest to try to get into the FR FST program. And I guess probably retrica can help us better here anything

like this, ask this message in the chat or you can even give me the permission. What is it that you are looking to do because you're a civil engineer, but you're saying you want to pursue Master's in CS by CS, computer science, I understand right? You domain and get into research or do you want to look for a job, you want to do it in India outside, get into a job then don't actually have to do a Master's. Our full stack developer program is definitely a program that has several engineers, one of them as you might read a interview with our chief technology officer who happens to be a civil engineer, but now he's reading the entire Technology Division talentsprint. On how his journey from a civil engineer to Chief Technology Officer talentsprint has been about and he has also given many advices that how civil engineers can get into I think if your goal is to get a job in it, then you don't have to actually do a Master's or that you can join the four month course of talentsprint and within four months you can get into a master's degree. No sorry. Boys.

So about the placements for the experienced people for AML especially. And one more course I see like cybersecurity and entrepreneurship Right. I mean, can you elaborate like how it will be advantageous for entrepreneurship

by experience, or can you say what is the level of experience talking about is it one year two years?

No, it's more than 10 years.

You have a separate vertical that says it's called experienced professionals like we have about 20 programs set and then these are all programs which are offered in partnership with all the top institutions in the country whether it is iisc Bangalore, it As each of these courses are very, very specialized in all these areas, ml cybersecurity blockchain, you name it, they're all listed. programs, every program has a different eligibility criteria. Also, some are meant for zero to three years experience number three to five somewhere above 10. So it's sort of an executive program, okay, instead of full time program, it is an executive format. So people who are working, can continue to do these jobs without leaving their job and pursue. And typically, we know when you complete a program with the sight of those type of institutions, then you don't really need different placement support, how it works for college students. There is a social network. And there is, of course, that I mean, it's a different way to get to the next level. But I do want to add something to this

knowledge, which is a lot of questions on what is the course fee and how to enroll? I guess we can drop our contact numbers so that people who are interested can join.

Yeah, I think some of those questions we can take some of them now. Yeah. So I think most of the questions are about the full standover. program. Yes. Because their goal is to get into might immediately out of them are asking what is the best course so that they can be placed? Don't do you want to talk to people about this? What is the next cohort open? When?

Yes, exactly. So basically, if somebody is looking out for a full stack development program, so the next cohort is starting on Monday, that is 11th of October. So I've put my number on the chat box. So if at all, if somebody wants to reach out to me, they can reach out to me and save number, ROM or so there's a selection process that we have for the program. So if you can just apply on our website, you'll be able to reach out to us and we will explain you the further process.

Yeah, thanks. So yeah, so I mean, the question is like, what is the course that is good to take up for somebody looking to get into a job, right full stack developer program, why we are recommending is because you have seen throughout the presentation, how many job openings are there in this for this sort of skill set, right? It's like an evergreen technology. And every month, we are seeing a phenomenal number kind of placements coming up for these students. And we're very high salary packages, people are always in demand. And I mean, it's a great career to pursue. And also, you need to understand that it's a four month course. Okay, it is not just covering the technical aspects, it will also come we'll cover the aptitude and communication aspect of it. And you've also seen how the placement support team here as giving you all that additional benefit in terms of the personal interview, preparation, all those things as well. So all these things put together, we and we have designed this program, it is four months, which can get you a job. In fact, in the last few months, we have seen that around 30% average one out of every every third person is getting a job before completing the course it's within two months of joining the program. Right so if you're looking to get into an IT career, if you're used to whether you have coding knowledge coding skill set or not, you can pursue this course all starts from very foundational level and give you the right kind of skill sets which are required to get into any job. Then these are all big companies very, very good starting for your career is not just getting any job it is getting a right the right job for you, which will give you a good career. year on year, you can grow from one position to another position. And that's the kind of job you should look for not just fitting into any job, right? That's the reason why we struggle upon there's a very good course we can take it up later on set the next cohort is joining starting soon, you can just call him up and discuss further, you can apply online and on the basis of that we will check your eligibility and then we will communicate our selection design. So every cohort will have limited in depth. That's how it works because we need to ensure that every student is fully ready will not take everybody only those who are eligible as per the cohort size we will be taking. So all you have to do is quickly apply and connect with the team and see if you can join the next cohort. Is it possible to join your program as I'm working in civil engineering? Yes. Like you He said a lot of civil engineers have already joined our program have got great jobs, you can do it. But he said, I want to get a job in USA and settle there. So if you tell this course will help to get the job done a lot for it. Second, the skill sets that are that you will develop through this program that will get you a job in many, many countries, not just USA, okay. But if you want talentsprint, to provide your job, please. First of all, you need to check the visa regulations, all those things, how it works, right, it doesn't come like that. So if you want to build our skill sets, which can get you a job anywhere in the world, then you're free to join. But getting into USA is a different ballgame altogether a

lot of questions on what posts to choose and where to like which one to pick whether to take fsd, or whether to take sales for data science. So here's what Firstly, it's totally upon your interest, what area of the technology you want to get into into, we offer various training programs, depending on those areas. So totally up to you. If you're just looking for a job like as refixer. If it is looking for a job in the IT industry, the best solution would be the efficiency program, because you just saw the successful outcomes, what fsd candidates in talentsprint are getting. So yeah, that would be this addition,

is the full stack program always has its own preference in the market. Even though if you get any use technologies. Also full stack would be the first one. But pressures to start their carrier. Exactly. So let's marks an intermediate 52% canagan placement, yes, you will have the placement opportunities but you need to see as you have less percentage in your academics, at least you need to come up with a very good skills, technical wise and calm, calm skills as well. If you do have that both, then we are here to support you and help you with the opportunities.

Thank you Dr. Nicoletti, I think thank you for expressing your interest in joining talentsprint as a for teaching data science and other emerging technologies. I will definitely share your contact with our HR and we will let you know if there's any opportunity right now. P Sharif is asking why should we choose your institute only what is specialist in new? Okay. So he said if I think trying to give you my collection, I can talk to Dr. Mita. I will share the details separately after this meeting. So you can write to them. Okay, I think sorry, if I'm not sure if you're able to unmute yourselves. Let me answer that question again. So you asked, why should you join? Or why should you or anybody join talentsprint and not any other company and what is so special about us? Right? So let me put it this way. We are the Atacama National Stock Exchange group, I am not going to compare ourselves with any other Institute. Okay. So now we have a very simple goal. The people who are joining talentsprint Are they happy or not? Are they getting what they're expecting or not? This is what we work for. And this is what we have been ensuring for the last 10 or 11 years and you can see the results for yourself this entire presentation was about what happened in the last month alone. Right? So the last 11 years we've been just doing this work on making sure that people are people who are joining are getting the right job opportunities. If it requires us to do 100 more things than what we commit we are doing it okay we do not leave any student unless they get their first job offer. Okay, so it is it if it means that we need to give a complete holistic preparation, not just technical preparation, we are doing that. If it requires that we should give you access to about 4000 videos, different topics where you can learn we are doing that personalized mentorship, like what we have I mentioned that a lot of effort. Many, many people are involved in making sure that we're getting the right opportunities and you're getting ready to get into the job. It is not easy, and it's a difficult thing and we are doing everything possible to make sure that You are very happy by joining. So, I will definitely not comment on any other organization request you to yourself if you think that is a better organization you can let us know in what way they are better so that we would also like to improve on that if you can unmute yourself feel free to do that and then let us know if you are having such kind of thoughts.

It is a question by Akshay out of how many students attending the program on talentsprint are getting placed. So I remember Katie already answered this question during her presentation that we have almost placed 80% of our placement will and our aim is always 100% but right now we are we are somewhere around 80% so that that's the data we can give you

think Sorry for interrupting you can just mention the number like how many were there and how many got pleased

yeah 50 if you have the data you can

Yeah, so we we had 52 current people like they have completed the course and ready for the placements and out of 52 we have pleased 45 so that was a number that is a number for the month of September September out of total fsd pool what we had

and it's not like the remaining people will not get placed they are still eligible for placement and they will be getting a lot of opportunities in this month and

then also we have shown almost 20 to 30 opportunities still late we'll be when we'll be making them placed in next month at least

I'm sorry I have a small doubt sir Where is your issue targeted?

are in citizen gachibowli I think one of us have typed in the address also in fact our office is open today you are free you can just drop down anytime what six

really provide only software training Sir

Yes, at this point we are focused on the IT industry at least for college students were focused on the IT industry only. Okay. So we have some programs which are in the electronics as well but that is for working professionals.


What is your specialty newer Institute's? I have responded to that I want you to tell me if you have seen some if what is if you have seen some other Institute because you asked right like why should we join only talentsprint Yes, definitely.

I would just like to pitch in couple of one one point ritwik I don't know if it's our speciality but ours is an instructor led training program so rather than just watching videos we provide a one instructor led program so anytime you have any queries or doubts our instructors our trainers are always there to help you and even after that we have a lot of other options where you can clear your doubts or if you need any other assistance our trainers or our team is always ready to help you also I guess that's one speciality that

actually one should and one mentor right sorry not one shouldn't get one mentor itself right

he's a person saying well every student get a mentor


Yeah, well I mean that's personalized mentorship is there right as in Abuja is the person who was a career mentor here

Give me visit once your institute sir at the Jubilee

yes I'm saying it again that's eboli CSR Frank covers our offices open today also be free to walk in Okay. What is special about our institute Okay, let me put it this way for you. Okay we represent the industry our leadership is from the he has years of experience in leading large IT organizations

that we got a lot of numbers so which number we how to contact 9057 double two we get a lot of numbers. I'm not sure what number we got three numbers up to now So shall we contact only one number right?


Yeah, Tyrone one the name and Sneha is also there.

Please Call them

focus or find Jeremy how to pay one on one time, sir, regarding including placement also and RLC, how to pay another fee for placement. Also,

there is no separate fee for placement. The program comes to placement, okay, if you are not buying placement separately.

So what are class timings? And

maybe you can answer that in there. We're also looking at, yes.

So the classes for five days a week, Monday to Friday, four hours a day.

So total is it conducted online or either in offline also.

So as of now we have both offline and online availability. So offline, we have a hybrid model where it is inclusive of online and offline classes. And we have a separate batch, which is completely online. So it is up to your choice to take it.

Okay, fine printer, whatever strength in the classroom.

So the maximum strength in a class is 55. Zero, okay. Yes. Okay, sir.

But it took again, a lot of questions on Is there any free course I guess we should answer that.

I'm saying we do time to time some free courses at this point of time. I don't think we have everything open. Whenever there is a free course open, you will get to know you will be notified on Merryman. I think you have something

Oh, nothing much. As of now I have put my number over here in the chat box. So if at all, if somebody has any more questions regarding the program or regard regarding how they can start it career, they can reach out to me on the number that I'm putting on the chat box over here. I think it

has asked a question on Is there any?

Yes? I haven't replied to him.

outside? Yeah, I think I'd like to answer this question slightly more detail. And

as often as offline is effective, right? I'm sure offline, all of you have experienced used to it. That's the reason you're by default, I think it's effective. Right? So I would like to just clarify that when we say online, it is not going to be like a difficult zoom session that we're having right now. Right? We have our own platform, a learning management system platform called eyeball. eyeball means interactive platform for experiential and remote learning. Okay. So, this is a platform which is used by IIT Jammu time we take MTech PhD program, IIT Kanpur is running a master's program on this. This is nothing that we can do in a in an offline class, whether it is group activities is one on one mentoring, you know, conversations outside the classroom, breakout rooms, all these things are platform. They're in a single portal. And in addition to this, you will have your assignments, project work grade books, even even access to all our recordings, your sessions, all of them in single portal, you finish the class live, and then you can also watch the recording. So it's a in fact online right now is as effective if not very convenient compared to offline also. So, I would like you to experience it yourself and then think whether offline still remains more effective or not.

is a question by neelesh Bhagat sir Java study in our class, the ledger can elaborate what the exact question is.

Having said if you have some other questions you can ask them Yes sir.

For coming to syllabus, I want to take footstep Dallas. So at about courser almost syllabus you covered in that for whatever the front end and the back end technologies like that, can you just tell me

has the room has posted the website also. Okay. So when you say this course is designed, completely holistic as in covers aptitude communication also placement question also, within technical there is a foundations and advanced module, right up front and back in all the detailed topics everything is mentioned. I want to visit my website so please, please I think maybe Can you stop sharing?

Yes, yes. Yeah, meanwhile, somebody asked like what are the topics covered. So, I'll just give you a brief picture eligibility for sharing the entire course in backend in the full stack development program we do provide training on Java along with that, we also provide training on SQL, SQL database and then we also have in the front end we have HTML, CSS and angular as framework we have Spring Boot with Angular. So, that's the basic idea if you have understand what full stack is Apart from that, you can see the screen now all the things all the areas that we cover during our training program is in front of you

Okay, so, let me put it this way see, these are the skill concepts and that are required to get into any it profession and within this concept, what is the skill level of skill that is required is what is also so this program and we say these are the concepts that is its own month course then it is it's not just covering these topics for the sake of covering like how it typically happens in an academic environment, it is also ensuring that you are building these skills Okay, these are syllabus concepts and all these are very academic words you need to start thinking skills and you need to start thinking hands on experience right unlike a college classroom where you are just learning writing notes 80% is theory 20% is practical here it is reversed 80% you have to do a lot of practice

how to complete within four months or a total syllabus.

It is a very well structured program which is meant to be covered in four months, if you are following it as per the plan you will be able to and if you don't know he's pressure mpj who is the chief learning officer at talentsprint and also the program team okay. So he is considered as a programming guru in the entire country. And senior level people at different institutions reach out to him for guidance. So we are talking about a program designed by him and of course his team. And these are the things behind the scenes what you also may want to know so my suggestion is you visit this web page web page forward slash c fsd. CFS D certified full stack developer okay. But I've also mentioned complete information about the program a lot of participant feedback you can see kind of companies the kind of placement outcomes that have been there in the last few months right reason drives people who got placed from the last month all these things I mentioned Yep. More questions. Let me know which is the right time to join a programming for one question or for to action. So simple logic, the earlier you start, it is always better. Okay. All learn when it especially when it comes to learning. You should have started like can always think of it like this spiritual thinking is just the right time to start learning or six months later. The answer is you should have started learning six months back. Okay, so the next best time is right now. Please.

We have to discuss a fee structure with the current sir. Yeah, please. Because there are certain eligibility criteria were on top of the feeder adoption scholarships. So you may want to know that about that as well. So Tom will be able to guide you through that.

Yeah, so I was saying, maybe there is no perfect time. None other than now. There's no you can't put a future date to it. You have to start immediately. So whether you are in 4142 if you're in three, two, don't wait. Get Started. Learning earlier to start always it is better.

Which is best amount refers to your sales force. Okay, good question. Once again, this depends on you more than outside scenario, right? These are two different categories. full stack developer, like I said is is like an evergreen skill set requirement, right, you're doing many things, front end back end, sometimes different programming languages. And it's a, it's been there for a very long time, many organizations have built their requirements on these skill sets. So it will continue to stay like that. And you as an individual, you will always be in, in demand, okay. And with full stack development, you can learn anything else also more easily compared to the other way around. Okay. So if you are a full stack developer, it is easier for you to learn a new technology than the other way around. So in that way, a full stack developer is one way to look at it as a better option, Salesforce is, is a fast growing platform, which is used across the world, many, many people are going to be required for that in the future as well. Currently, it is not taught in colleges, and it is a low core technology. If you are somebody who doesn't try like writing too many lines of code, then you can find that as an alternative. But that said, You are kind of restricted to that platform, right. So switching from Salesforce to full cycle upper is more, you need to put in a lot more effort than the other way around. If you are a college fresher, both are equally good. If you are, if you have more time to choose, if you spend good time on becoming a full stack developer, then switching to Salesforce is much easier for you.

cybersecurity, cybersecurity, yes, everything is going online now, right for the last few last decade, at least these things are this trend has been there and it's in the last one year you can see almost every company is forced to go online. And in this scenario, definitely the threat is coming in the cyberspace itself. Right. Cyber Security is a very, very important pillar. Like any other pillar, which is like AI ml is the future full circle upper is evergreen, there are nice technologies like Salesforce or pega or anything like others kind of platforms. But cybersecurity is a is another pillar because which is holding all these things together without security, none of this will function. So it is definitely very emerging technology area. But you need to be really, really good at it, you have to go to the depth of it. So if you are picking up that as a career, then please make sure that you are putting in a lot of efforts, you have to be looked at like an expert we have on program which is offered in partnership with it Kambou you can visit our webpage and explore it. I think in this meeting, I will not be able to take you through that. So we don't have that much time left for us.

2021 pass out student can I join? Yes, definitely joined right now. Okay, if you have not done it already, please join me right now. 2021 This is your college, you would have already graduated out of college. Right? And it's already been two, three months since college is over. So if you're looking for a job, don't think one more second. Just immediately join the program, start learning get ready to get into a job. I think our interest is near dlF cyber city naturally. That's correct. The building next to dlF cyber city PSR prime tower. There you go. You can just come by think we've answered most of the questions. Is there anything we missed out? Oh,

this question has been repetitive. I don't know if he can answer this. That is he saying that is taken up the cyber security program at talentsprint. He wants to know more what is once you have taken up the course and during the course introduction you will be given a brief about what I was a security courses all about and what are the prospects of it and what are the opportunities you will be having. So I guess that will be the right platform for you to understand this issue. Let's say you want to pitch in on things.

Yeah, I mean already enrolled then as per the program design itself, you will have an interaction and will be constantly provided with all the inputs. We're already at the top of the hour. So I believe you already know to a certain extent what program you enrolled and what are the prospects to know more, I think that is the right channel.

Okay, so we have answered almost all the questions with the case. Tyrone has also shared his number. So guys, if you have any queries, you can get in touch with them. Guys, if you share your numbers will not be able to.

Yeah, I think one interesting question is some On what basis will student get compensation?

Okay, so see, there are two things that happen. So companies are hiring partners come to us, they have a pre set compensation for us. For the candidate. For example, let's say some company x comes to us and provides a package of I like five LP if I like five LP. So that is decided by the company. And then there are companies who come with a range for example, they come with like five to seven lakh LPA. So, that is totally based on how we are interview performances. So based on your interview performs for performance, they provide the package so they it might be the minimum what they said file, lt or a clip can be the maximum or anywhere between it. So there are two things that can happen. One is a couple of hiring partners come with a fixed compensation. Couple of companies come with a range. So based on your performance, if they've come with a range, you get that compensation or if they are fixed, come with a fixed compensation. If you clear their criteria, if you clear their interviews, and if they like your profile, you will get that compensation. So there are two things that happen. I hope I've answered you.

Yep, I think that's all we've covered all the questions. Yeah. So the office address is mentioned in the chat, the contact numbers are mentioned in the chat. So if anybody is around, please feel free to drop into our office, we can have a more detailed conversation. You have the contact numbers, if you're not near our office, you can make a phone call and reach out, no problem. You're always there to others. And once again, for those who are thinking what is the right time to start learning and getting into a job? He does right now. So don't wait further. Just act immediately. That's always good for you. I think we can close the session.

Yeah, thanks. Thanks. Okay. There's a question I guess. 10 already answered. Yeah. 11th. October. Thanks. Yeah, thank you, guys.

Thanks, a lot. We had a great time interacting with all of you. So those of you who are still thinking just get into a call and finish all your discussions. I know we can't have complete discussion in this call. So we are always available on call, you can reach out to us. Okay, great. So on that note, I'll hand it over to psychiatry, you can close the session.

Yeah. Thanks a lot, guys. Thanks for giving us time to explain about talentsprint and what are the industry trends and what exactly industry is looking out now with the our Dr. Opportunity like what exactly you want to do in your career or you want to know who we are here as a talentsprint to help me out in all the ways you required. Thank you so much. Thanks, Team talentsprint. Thank you guys.

Nice weekend, guys. Bye.

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