CDS Event February 16 2022

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Held on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 | 7:00 PM IST

Neural Networks
The Workhorse of
Data Science

Prof. Deepak Subramani

Today neural networks support diverse tasks, including speech recognition, machine translation, computer vision, social network filtering, medical diagnosis and playing board and video games. Get a glimpse of what artificial neural networks are all about and their role in data science and also an insight into IISc’s Computational Data Science Programme with Prof. Deepak Subramani from IISc. Watch!

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Advanced Programme in Computational Data Science

IISc and TalenSprint’s Advanced Programme in Computational Data Science helps working professionals gain practical hands-on Computational Data Science experience in solving real-life challenges. It offers a unique 5-step learning process of LIVE online faculty-led interactive sessions, capstone projects, mentorship, case studies and data stories to ensure fast-track learning. It is delivered by seven engineering and management sciences faculty from the prestigious IISc.