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Held on Saturday, September 18, 2021 @ 11 AM IST

TalentSprint Peer Guru
Session - Episode 6

Syed Masood Hussain
Java Developer, Genpact

In this 6th Peer Guru Session by TalentSprint, Syed Hussain, an alumnus of the Certified Full Stack Developer Program who got quadruple offers from leading tech enterprises, shares tips on becoming a gold mine for leading tech companies. Watch! 

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TalentSprint’s Certified Full Stack Developer Program

TalentSprint’s Full Stack Developer Program is an interactive online program with placement support for engineering students and recent graduates who want to kickstart their IT Careers. The program enables students and young graduates to build interactive and responsive web applications using front-end and back-end technologies. Designed and delivered by TalentSprint, an NSE Group Company, this is a 16-week program with a significant focus on Java Stack.

Event Transcript

Peer Guru - Episode 6 with Syed Hussain

Good morning, everyone. Yeah, hi, Massoud.

Hi, sir. Good morning.

Good morning. So welcome everyone. This is the sixth edition of pa guru session by talentsprint. And today we have Massoud with us. But before that, let me just introduce Massoud to you. So my before that, my name is Arby's. I am the career mentoring manager at talentsprint. And what I do is I help students who come to us once they're done with their training to get successful outcomes. So today we have a success story of sired Massoud. So Syed Massoud has been part of our FFT program, and he joined the placement pool in the month of August, if I'm not wrong, yes, yes. Right. And he's got about four offers. Right now. He's got an offer from Genpact. He's got an offer from sighs IT solutions. He's got an offer from Android consulting, he's got an offer from his fast track. So these are the four offers he has got from talentsprint after having his training done under talentsprint, and today, he's going to share his experience, his fight or his struggle into getting into the IT industry. After completing his engineering and history, basically. So let's take let's Massoud speak about it and yeah, motherboard, you

hear that stuff all very good morning to everyone. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself on this platform. Myself Viet Masuda sin, I have completed my graduation in the year 2020 from computer science engineering. After my post graduation, I joined a talent sprinter or the full stack Java developer trainee. My course duration was a four months in that Institute, we have experienced faculty where we can learn hands on experience, apart from this, they are trained as what the industry actually want. So this is the best thing that I found. And later on, I started doing projects with my faculties and they helped me a lot in each and every process apart from these when I have some issues while facing the interviews. So Abuja sir has helped me a lot while doing the how to produce how to give an introduce how to overcome problems, and he helped me a lot while in prep sessions. So then I got selected in Genpact. Moreover, I receive offer letters from three others company at the same time. So after this journey, so I'm just working for Gen pack right now.

So Masood, can you tell me like how the trailing four months was like, what did you learn? Because I know you're from CSC department on the codea. So what

is Yeah, so, first of all, my training was started in the month of January, then the first of all our training placement officer SIRs has Teach me that basic fundamentals of Java or that is Rahul Sir, he is well gain experience in it demand sir. So after after that, I have to dot MySQL, which is very important now it is to store the database. And later on, we have started working on a real time project. So I learned Spring Boot and angular will I can practically implement a project. And even though after completion of this course, we have built one dynamic web based application that ecommerce project. So in my point of view, that is our best thing, where we can learn hands on experience practically, with the help of these faculties. Apart from this, we have so we let our mom who she has gained very much experience in that software domain. Moreover, he or she has gained experience in Infosys also. So he taught me well and how to implement real time projects and how to overcome if we face any struggle between these project. So she helped me a lot to succeeding in this project. So even though I have deployed this project on my GitHub account also. Okay,

so apart from technical Did you undergo like any other three way communication?

ESL? Yes, yes. We have Rachel Thomas, ma'am. She will experience Malmo She taught me very well like how to communicate with others, and how to be confident when we are giving an interview. Moreover, she has also taught me how to present to interview how to present ourselves in a during an interview. Apart from this, she taught me a soft skills also where we can use these skills in our organization as well. So that is the best thing I have learned from that, ma'am.

Okay, then, can you tell me about this? Can you tell us all about the interview process once you completed the the training of four months, like, what companies did you apply for? And how is it and the whole experience?

Right, so first of all, my duration of the Java developer course is about four months when I was completed all this training, then once I enter in the placement pool, the placement officers has helped me a lot of while giving me these opportunities, even though I have given five to six interviews, but I couldn't they will do you introduce myself while during an interview. But later on, I used to take prep sessions of Abuja, Sir, he helped me a lot to facing the interview, what to tell and what not to tell how to introduce ourselves and what the industry want. So I used all that tips and tricks and applied in my experience. So when First of all, I have given the first round of interview in Genpact, then I have cleared that first round, then I have second round that is technical round, he asked me about the practical knowledge, like what is full stack Java, Java developer means we can introduce that the this is a full, dynamic web based application where we have to build the logics and we have to work on frameworks, we just write the logic and front end part and back end part. So we have used for backend spring Botha and for front end, we use Angular. So these are the frameworks currently which are high in demand also. So they thought me well on that frameworks. So I'm currently in my company, I'm working on Spring Boot only. So this, this training helped me a lot in my organization also know I'm easily able to do myself. I can create a simple application, like crud applications.

Okay, wonderful. So how is your experience with jetpack? What is the interview process? Like? What were the questions? Can you tell us anything about?

Yes? So when I was facing a technical round, they asked me simple questions on Java fundamentals. Like, why this job while Java language instead of other we have many languages, why Java is so popular, and why Java is using many organizations. Apart from this, Java is a multi purpose language we can use on many platforms. Moreover, we also build a banking applications or ecommerce application, the best thing in Java is security. So they asked me all about these questions. Then we move on to frameworks. He started answering, he started questioning me on Spring Boot, why we use Spring Boot and what are the other features of Spring Boot. So the best thing about the Spring Boot is we no need to configure a lot. We just need to focus on productivity rather than configuration all the settings and connecting to the database and launching the website on browser local or something. So there is no need of that in Spring Boot features. We have many features in Spring Boot. Moreover, it also has a wide variety of communities where we can found help from others also. So he asked me questioning about Spring Boot. Then we move on to eclipse he started answering questioning me about an eclipse like Oh, why Eclipse and are you familiar with eclipse? How to create a package? That was a simple question, but I am confident that while giving this question he asked me again and again. Is it correct? Is it correct? I was confident that that is what it was correct. So he he has a impress on my answers. So that was an experience of my interview.

Wonderful. Letter IDs. Tyrone, if you have any questions, you can Massoud

a good day.

This is a muscle. Yeah, good morning.

But before I move on, and talk Do and of course, you know, we touch upon those. You know, those amazing memories are of course, the joy that you got out of out of this program, of course getting those four amazing job offers. Okay, let me congratulate you. I guess that's in order, okay? champions like you, okay? You know, the only, you know, go to show that it only goes to show that you know, you have to be you have to be very determined, of course, you have to be very, very conscious in your own decisions. And once you do that, I guess, sky's the limit. And you're like, you know, I probably would put you into that living legend category that you're getting for jobs is, is one hell of an achievement. So, congratulations to thank you. Thank you very well, of course.

Yeah, I also want to add one thing in your answer. So it couldn't be possible without guidance or support. You know, usually Yeah, actually abused, their support has helped me a lot. I have words I couldn't have words to express how he helped me whenever I call he always responds to my call, even though he gives a trick tips and tricks how to do that was amazing journeys.

Wonderful, wonderful. Now, first question, you know, and I'm going to go on a lighter note, I don't want you to discuss about technologies you know, MySQL, etc. Because I'm not a technical guy. Okay? Okay. So we're going to do it on a very lighter note Okay. So now what I want to hear from you okay and this this should come you know from within you have a lot of joy that was when you got the first job offer Okay, what once was the very first time when you got to know that you know, already you know, crack so one of your interviews and one of the companies all set and ready to hire you what was that feeling? I believe that you know, as soon as you get your first it job because I believe a lot of students were part of this of this session today. Okay. They, I believe are also looking forward to the same feeling or the feeling relation, okay. There's a lot of hard work that goes into it of the four years of engineering and of course, it's your time your family's time as well. And during this country's, you know, it is euro is not something which is cheap, okay, engineering as a, as a, you know, as a program of course, as a as a graduation stream, okay. It requires a lot of investment to of course, emotional investment, time, money, everything. So, the question is very simple that what was that first feeling that that came inside? You know, how, how elated you were, you know, once you heard that you got your first job.

The first of all, when I got the offer letter from Genpact, I was thrilled that I'm starting my career in IT industry. First of all, talentsprint has helped me a lot for giving me these opportunities again, and again. So it was just amazing experience. And now I'm feeling proud of myself that I am working for a good MNC as a technical associate position. And I'm looking forward for that position. And my family members are also very much excited about my journey and how I have a tackle all these interviews, even though when I tell to this, my family member, they are very proud of me because I have cracked on four different amenties interview. So it was just amazing interview. But during this tough time, it's it's not easy to get a it job. Um, I am confident that it's not easy to get a good job in it industries. But talentsprint had has made it possible.

Thank you so much. You know, my secret is that, you know, possibly they had an appropriate ICSC and CFPB team, including the castle because heads it are these guys, especially during this session times? Okay, they've done such an incredible job. Okay, just like you there are so many others there were these incredible outcomes, the success stories, okay. So kudos to them as well as you are good as you said it at least what, five, six times by now that you know how the CSV team works, you know, but helpful enough to get these these opportunities. One more question. Quick question. Do you remember the day when you enrolled in this program?

Yes, sir. It's on 20 December, and my training was started on four January.

Okay. So I want you to help others, you know, also understand and learn from it. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yep. So I'm sure you know, you probably would have would have heard about this program from maybe a, you know, friend of yours or maybe Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Right. Yeah. So what was will, you know, you know, for any student, okay, with this program, what are those top three questions that you always will have in your head? As soon as you're not about to take that leap? So you're, you're 90% there, but there is still some, you know, unsure it in your mind right. important questions? What are what was those bouts of you'd like to solve before? Got in this program?

Yes. So the first and foremost thing is after completed my graduation, I am feeling myself I'm jobless, I couldn't find an IT job, my dream will become unsuccessful. Then I am started searching many Institute, but I couldn't find that our better Institute and then I'm taking suggestions from my friends. So one of my friends is from MJ college, he suggested me to go once talentsprint and see that organization culture. And I went on 27 December, I found great introduced to and the placement officers or also very good, and they helped me to guidance all the through process like what this program actually what the industries want. So then I thought it's a great platform where I can express myself. And finally, that talentsprint has given me many opportunities. Apart from this, they also taught me what the actually industry's fault. And moreover, they have taught me hands on experience, not just by theoretical knowledge. So that was my feeling. It's a proud moment for me. talentsprint has helped me a lot in this journey.

Wonderful, Greg, this one quick question. No other question. What's your what's your engineering background? You are an engineer, of course, you have done your engineering from which branch.

I have done my engineering from a computer science background. But I just wanted to add one thing here. If the people are thinking about VR, from Seville and VR from electronic via from mechanical, you couldn't get it job. It's a completely wrong myth. Because one of my colleague in talentsprint, he has cracked the interview that is it a bridge, a bridge analysis, I think bridge analysis. He got an offer from 5.5. Moreover, he's from civil background. That was amazing moment.

Which I do I bridge a

bridge. Yeah, my job is my colleague only wonderful from civil background. But talentsprint had made it possible. It doesn't matter where we are coming from it's matter only about the talent what we have learned what what the industry is bond, what we are going to explore explore ourselves in software, that thing matter most here?

Absolutely, absolutely. So your video actually answered my follow up question, which I was was which I was trying to ask. And I'm sure a video got a product in there that you know, somebody who's not from a CSR or an IT background or an NC background, okay, because you know, these are the three branches, that entities you have some programming or coding experience. But then what we see offline, and in fact, you know, this is something which is very natural, that comes to all the students especially you come from own practice, okay. So for example, mechanical, civil electrical. Okay. So there's this big doubt that they have, you know, once they're trying to choose a program, especially that would help them to get into the IT industry, is that, whether I'll be able to do coding or not? Is that fair? I mean, this is what usually most most of us, you know, if I yeah, I'm from an engineering background, and, you know, I still don't have a job because my branch because of, you know, whatever reason, because of the, you know, the timing was very bad. And I come from, I come from a poor branch, I was not able to find a job. Do you think that? You know, for somebody who comes from CS and IP background, Visa V, somebody who comes from from a core branch, you know, is it? Is it really difficult for them to understand programming, especially once you get into this program? Or is it it's like an equal opportunity for everyone. So if somebody is csrt guy, he's also you know, comfortable enough for of course, somebody coming from a core trust, that person is also very comfortable because there's a proper foundation that we lay. And of course, the bare basics, the ABCs of programming are taught to me, is that fair to say?

Well, in my point of view, I can say that it doesn't matter where we are coming from beach background like she will mechanical as I've mentioned earlier, it doesn't matter at all. When we get and practical experience. It matters a lot in the during the placement. Why? Because when we get an hands on experience, it's very much valuable, because when we join a any placement cell, where we can where we have to write the programs on many platforms such as hacker rank or geeks for geeks. mightiness has helped me a lot by doing this. So and then he taught me how to solve online program. So this type of habit will definitely crack the interviews for all of them. It doesn't matter from vj backgrounds are like if we started working daily single program or single programming. We can find ourselves later days as a better employee. We can see ourselves. So that's the best thing we can write program daily once. So it helps, it helps a lot while doing well cracking the interview also, it doesn't matter. In my point of view, it doesn't matter where we are coming from. I believe that doing hard work is getting. Definitely we will get a job.

Wonderful. Thank you. So there are a few questions that are coming in the chat. And if you will,

yeah. Before that muscle, like you said, hard work and practice. So that I would suggest anybody who is looking for a coding job for a software developer job, that is one of the main reasons you'll be able to crack it off. As long as you're practicing on a constant basis, you definitely will receive success. Before I pick up questions from the chat. I have one question. Now Massoud, that is your training was online or offline,

I believe is online. Yeah, it's online. Online. Yeah.

So how is it different? What do you suggest? Like, what what is your experience about online training? And yeah,

yeah, first of all, it's many, it has many advantages while joining an online course. First of all, we save our time. If we join offline Institute, we have to go there and come and long it waste our time. And then I think that it's online is the best option. So I've trained on online sessions only, even though when I have some doubts or troubleshooting errors, simply I just shared my screen and took help from the faculties. That's an experience for me.

Great. Okay. Let's take some questions from the chat. Most of them are good mornings. So good morning, everyone. Everybody will say good morning. I believe a lot of people are saying voice is breaking, I believe the voice is fine. Muscle one of the question is what was the salary package that you got? So if you can tell us? Yeah.

So my salary package is 4.5. And I received the offer from three other different companies same as well, 3.5, or 3.8? or four. Okay. But my current package is 4.5.

Okay. The question is, which domain Are you currently working with?

Yeah, I'm currently working on a banking project, we have just assigned with the simple crud applications. And we have to do operations and the like transactions, how to add the transaction and how to debit and AUTO CREDIT, and things like that, here on initial stage of creating crud applications.

Okay. I guess you already answered this question, what is the selection process? If you can briefly tell us again, like about Genpact, I guess that the company are working for now. Right? So what is the selection process engine pack?

So in short, I must say that the selection process was the first round is just a technical round where I have taken on hacker rank, where we have to write the MC gavel, we have select options of MC use, then we have to write one basic Java program. And then when I cleared this round, I got a call from my technical round. So challenge mint had arranged my interview of technical round, then I have given that round, they asked me about the Spring Boot and angular basic Java knowledge. And one more thing they asked me about the which, which ID I'm using currently, and what are the benefits something then I cleared that round, then I went to HR and they asked me why this company and and why you have chose this company only rather than other company. Or they asked me about this though I tackle all these questions, then I got selected.

So during this is we had a prep session. planned, right? Yes. Yes. So yes. When the topics related to what we'll discuss in prep sessions.

Yeah. So prep session is conducted via Abuja only. The reason for prep session is when we are facing any issues or we are losing our confidence while giving an interview we could we are not able to express our knowledge to the interviewer. So that is a reason profession has made for we can take the tips from the faculty and they also even tell us what the questions they have asked previously, and what are the experience of previous students? So I thought that this was very helpful for me. So I can tackle all these questions with the help of prep.

Okay, this is a question that is, how many hours of training Did you have per day?

Yeah, per day The training was six hours, you have divided into four modules, like the basic foundation. The other is aptitude and the communication. And other is Java. Okay, it was went on like that. Okay.

Can I sorry? Can I ask a follow up question quickly? So what you just said that, you know, there were six hours of training? And of course, you know, as far as I know, and of course, you know, kind of expertise college student, as you know, as technical knowledge is something we are really good. Okay. But then there is something else we are very proud of, and I'm sure your your product of that equally as well is that apart from technical knowledge that you gain all the technical training that you impart, were you able to get enough training on business advocates, communication, personality development, has been training you on making sure that you know how to face a panel or an interview. Okay, those bare basics that are required, because what I know, is that, you know, a lot of students who move you know, when they send to a campus, you know, driver characters program, you know, the first hurdle itself, which is usually an aptitude and a communication run over there, a lot of students will fail that, you know, they probably will be very good at, you know, coding all the technical skills, but then, you know, clearly their aptitude is not to a level yet listen to the first job itself. So, what is something that, you know, was given equal emphasis along with technical training?

Yes, I believe we have to give equal emphasis for all these modules by because the first step is we have to crack the aptitude section only. If we are good in aptitude, we can easily proceed with other rounds as well.

Absolutely. So, I guess, enjoy the entire program, there was enough emphasis laid on on other things as well apart from technical which is exactly, one Exactly. Because there are a lot of questions, and there are people asking that, you know,

even though communication matters most a lot. Why, because when we are working in a reputed organization, we have to express ourselves in front of the officers, we have to introduce ourselves. So, my experience has taught me a lot, that I am not easily able to communicate with other as well, in my organization.

Okay, I can I can say, I'm just gonna take one of the questions, which I believe is very important, somebody has asked a brace moments and that, can you please talk about your project?

Yes, yes, sir. Please. So

if you can tell us that, what was your project all about? And what did you do exactly whether there are three, four questions that have come about,

so you are talking about my talentsprint project over?

He doesn't talk about both, that'd be great.

Alright, so the first phase of my talentsprint after completion of training, then we have started implementing a basic project that is, our dynamic web based application is nothing but a website, e commerce website, where we have added many items, such as books, coffee mugs, and laptop, so we have logics, in Spring Boot, and we used Angular as a front end part. And then we launched our website, it's working as perfectly when we when when a user comes to our online store, and when they buy something, they can easily add their items to their card. And then if they want to delete the item, we can easily delete that we have a future that in that project, we can also have a search engine optimization, we can optimize our website on Google. Apart from this, we also use some machine learning logic as well. Like when a user is searching on different platforms, like if a person is searching something on Instagram, like laptops or books, then this, this prediction will be come on to the our ecommerce project, live with the help of machine learning recommendation, we use recommendation future in our project. So that was my talentsprint project. And my organization project is banking process. We're able to create a crud applications like have to create the transactions and to delete the transaction and what are the requirements we are getting from the user. We have to write the logic accordingly on that. So currently, I'm on initial stage of that, but I'm easily able to create my crud applications. So this was a best part of our project. Why? Because it matters a lot. crud applications matter a lot in every project. So these are my projects.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So let's let's quickly take a few more questions from the crowd itself.

So there are Question about the duration of the call. So Massoud was part of FFT program, one of our FFT programs. So the duration for FFT program is about four months, 16 weeks to be exact. So that should answer that question. Easier project individual or group

project was a group project, we have assigned for a particular task, then we have to complete the task on time, then we have to submit it on our lecturers like that the process spent

a lot of questions on the fees and the structure and everything payment structure is. So related to this, I will be addressing it in the end of this. We'll have a separate session regarding that. So we'll answer all those questions. Okay. The question I have 60% in my graduation, I have knowledge in my Java language, how to face technical interview, I have actually two three, but if technical interview, I'm not able to crack the interview. Okay, so if you can answer this, like, what was the tips? How did you manage to crack technical interviews?

or What was the question? In short?

How did you manage to crack technical interviews? By having knowledge about Java? I mean, I just go ahead and answer it for Massoud. Okay, with a lot of practice, this is way up here. So if you practice a lot, and if you always are on a run for learning more things, I guess you should be able to crack

these into yours. Moreover, we have mock tests also talentsprint is providing mock mock tests every week. So we can find ourselves where we are lagging, then we can overcome our pretty

good Yeah. Just a couple of questions here. You know, one question I believe bhumika is is roses asking this question where he says which programming do you teach? is this related to fresher fresher can survive? So the question is not very clear, but then I can you know, whatever I can make out of it. It says that and so I will request you to please answer this question. She says which programming do you teach? So I guess is a unified understand the question which program to enter into, can you can you rephrase, bhumika says, which programming do you teach? And is this really true fresher? Can a fresher survive?

Yeah, my programming languages Java. Yeah,

you will? Yeah, sorry. Please continue. Sorry.

When I'm in engineering, I have experience in Java a little bit, but I don't know how to use this language to real world applications. Then later on, I get to after joining later, I get to know that these are the ways we can implement the help of Java language, we can implement our projects as well.

Wonderful. Sorry, sorry, please.

Like just I like just I have theoretical knowledge on Java, like how to write a program or how to handle a little bit of situations, then when I join, then I get to know that these are the multiple ways where we can use this Java language on production level as well. These are the things industries are looking in the candidates.

Okay. I have I have a very interesting question. And, you know, we'll we'll try and give a very interesting twist to it. So Massoud when you are looking for you know for for a program Okay, especially to ensure it stays because you would still looking for your first it job i'm sure before coming to talentsprint or you know, as you were trying to enroll getting into the into the full stack burn program for tenants but I'm sure even looking at other students as well. Right? Yes. And and so what was what was the big you know, senolytic like default that you were that you were trying to you know, you were able to recognize and then you decided that I'm going to join this program.

The first of all, I went to other Institute as well. But there I found there are many candidates are available at their placements and we couldn't able to take help from the trainers as well. So one of my friends has suggested me then I go to the talents painter. Moreover, I found some articles as well of the about talent spender. talent, talent is recognized by many organizations, like amenties, or startup companies. So I made a decision that I made a decision that I have to if I do any course, then then definitely have to join talentsprint only. Why because you'll recognize as well. If we join, we no need to worry about the placement. We just have to focus on the learning Once we finish that our training, then definitely placement shall help me a lot.

Good. Thank you so much for that. Thank you so much. And there's another question that has come from cida. You know, it's a, it's a question that I believe we've already answered. Let's do that. And, you know, this is like a neurotypical person that will end up getting every day more or less on every second call, is that the one who has no idea of programming? Can this program make them learn from the basics itself?

Yes, exactly. It's possible, because then we, and we join a course, then we have trained on many things like how to start a basic language, like how to solve a simple programs and how to like write a logic aware, we have thought as well, it doesn't matter when we are, have a basic or similar knowledge on our software domain, we can easily able to get a major hold on software domain, after taking help from the trainer, it doesn't matter. You just have to focus on learning. That's it.

One question is simple model x means that will there be any mock interviews? And I guess so the so that same question, that final mock test how many marks you get? So I guess probably would have to, you know, make us understand that how many mock interviews we went to went through and how, you know, they help you to, you know, that that that first job is?

First of all, when I'm giving interview before Intel, before joining talentsprint, I've given five interviews, after getting my degree, then I couldn't able to crack the technical round. Why because I don't know what the actually industries is looking for. I just have a theoretical knowledge on Java and it will good on SQL. And I'm able to solve a simple programs, not harder programs, then I have decided it couldn't possible if we have this type of knowledge, then definitely we will have to work on our ourself to get it job. So that I have decided to join Institute and there I learn practical knowledge, what the actual industries need and what they are want, how to solve a bigger problem, problem program. So these are the ways we have I have learned many things.

Okay, there are a couple of questions about how how long did you take to get placed after the training? So when did you finish your training muscle?

I have finished as you have said, I have finished my training on the third August. Then when I enter in my placement pool. I have given many opportunities, but I couldn't able to crack three interviews in Genesis and the really the easiest and the other is virtues are. So then I am struggling, fully expressing myself. Then I have taking help from Abuja, sir. And working away ram lagging and I again started researching on my project. Then I have given interview, then I clear all the front.

Yeah, I guess you got placed in August only right?

Yes. Yeah, yes.

So to answer the question, I've got a couple of questions. The same thing that how long do you take to get placed? Yeah, he finished his course in the first week of August, and by the end of August, he was

going to pick up a couple of questions, whatever Sherman was from Swati and Swati says is balanced in provide placement. But of course, Swati. Yes. You know, I answered this question on your behalf. I'm going to do that study our placements, our industry placements that we provide you, okay? And, you know, Massoud here is, you know, is is a living example of that, because, you know, as soon as he got enrolled in the program, and by the time he completed the program, he was able to crack for interviews, and he was able to take four job offers from of course, leading corporates, and right now,

one more thing I want to add to your answers. When we join talentsprint must be no need to worry about the placement. We just have to focus on the learning. Why? Because talentsprint has made a promise until we get a job. They never leave us. That domestic.

Wonderful. Wonderful. That's great. Thank you so much for writing,

even though in my even though in my in my course. We are 57 members they have they all have cleared their rounds.

Wonderful. Thank you. So I'll take Could you take another question is from Syed. He says that I come from all brands. So I can also be able to do program developers. I believe what he's trying to ask is that whether you'll be able to do coding or not He is probably coming from a Is that true story comes from a core brands and he's still not very sure whether he will be able to do programming learn programming that a great job. Yes, yes, I have to answer to your question is yes, yes. It's a big Yes. In fact, you know, we had a lot of success stories, as you know, Massoud was talking about one of them. There are a lot of success stories you already have, you know, especially for people who come from for branches, again, when I say code, mechanical, Tripoli, and of course civil as well. So you know, it is like a level playing field for everyone. So if you're getting this program, please don't be worried even for even for a minute that you will not be able to do programming will make sure that we teach you the basics, and we'll take it on from there. Okay, so the foundation, the bare basics of programming, the ABCs. In fact, they just know the ABCs, I believe, before the ABCs, the minus 123, as well can be taught to you from there, when you're comfortable from minus one to three and go to the ABCs. And of course, then you will, you know, move to you know, higher levels. So be rest assured anybody, in fact, is just not assigned anybody who's was there in this in this call, and of course, on this on this amazing event. You know, one thing is for sure, okay, in fact, you should take two learnings from here. One is that this program is for every one of you for any engineering branch, okay? And especially for those, okay, who are from four branches, because for them, this is a great start, okay. Where you can actually look at a career at IP, that's one so that's the bare basic, which is already there. Okay. So you don't have to worry about that. Okay. Just, you know, you're sorry, you were saying?

Yeah, I have mentioned earlier, it doesn't matter which team you're from, as I have told you earlier, one of my colleagues he has cracked 5.5 lakh of CTC.

Not only that, if you were if you guys are part of our previous pa guru sessions, we had people from we are candidates who, from mechanical and civil backgrounds have a crack placement with a package of like 8.8 lakhs 9.9 lakhs in mosque, yeah, in mosque. So we have such stories. The last pa guru session, we had a candidate who got an offer from us, he was from mechanical background, and he got a package of 9.9 lakhs. So what if you are ready to do the hard work and if you're ready to practice every day and give you a full 100% there are definitely chances that you will get better opportunities. And irrespective of what background you're from.

Wonderful. I'll just, you know, I'll just take couple of minutes here and try and summarize you know, once again, everything before we move on today, there are a lot of questions that are coming from, you know, from from a lot of angles. Now, if people are asking whether they are from, you know, they're from porn practice, whether they'll be able to do this program or not, there's a big Yes, please come to this program. Okay, this is a program which is tailor made for people who come from for granted. Let me put it that way. So you don't have to worry about learning and, and you know how you will become a great programmer. Okay. So that is that is one body that we are taking away. Okay, we'll take that worry from you. And we'll make sure that, you know, We'll train you in a way that you become a great programmer, you can have a great it career, the only promise that we want from you and this is what Masuda said, I believe four times now that you know, you will have to apply yourself, you will have to make that promise to yourself that I'm going to go ahead and just learn, okay, learning should be that you should have otherwise everything is gonna be taken care of. Sorry.

Yeah, so I wanted to give an answer from chat window. from Bob. He's asking what if you are not selected for the placement? Even we attend multiple interviews? I want to answer this question. When we are entering once in a placement pool, we know we have many opportunities, they have given us many opportunities, like in my time talentsprint has given me in a week, we have four times of opportunities for different companies. So there's the best thing you No need to worry about this until you get placed talentsprint has made a promise to that until we get succeed. They will not leave leave us.

Absolutely. Thank you so much for that. So you have you've already answered the second part of you know, of the information that I was trying to give out. One part of already discussed and the other was being discussed by saying where and you know, you don't have to worry about your placements to you know, once you have decided to get into the program once you have already decided that I'm just gonna go and learn, okay, we'll make sure that I get amazing learning. Okay, tell us what is going to help you in doing that. We will also make sure that you get amazing learning and once that learning process is over, okay, we'll take you through that journey. wherein you know, you will get a great placement you'll get a great it start Okay, that is what everybody is looking at. Okay, if you're looking at a great it job, and you're still looking for the first one, okay, this is the place for you. Okay. Also, I will quickly like to answer one more question here because you know, there are have run up students who've been asking for, you know, they're doing probably a visibly comparison between between the competition and of course, talentsprint wherein they saying that the fee here for the program is too high. When I buy through the chat window, I see a lot of people asking that why the fee is so high? Well, I believe Honestly speaking, you know, the, the overall program that we offer, you know, the four months, it's been a lot program that we offer, you understand the learning process that we go through, you know, as I said, we try and make sure that we cover each and every aspect of full stack development training. And this training will make sure that you become a full stack developer. Okay. And from there on, you know, what's what's, you know, what's the icing on the cake is that you will get to the place from for a, okay? And believe me, once you'll end up getting great outcomes, you know, like Massoud hair, okay, you know, this question that you have right now, is that why you have to pay your 60,000 rupees or 70,000 rupees for this program, believe me this program, okay, is worth a lot more, what you're probably looking at is, you know, it's a small comparison between, say, an XYZ Institute, which, you know, we believe are doing a great job, okay, they have to feel a little less there because of some reason. But here we have, you know, try to match the best of both worlds. Okay, you might feel right on the face a little high. However, if you look at the overall outcomes, okay, and the journey that you go through, Believe you me, you know, the program fee should be a lot more what it is right now. And I'm sure you know, Massoud would would second me on this because it's not easy for any one of us. You know, it's 90%. It says Halford because, you know, he decided to come to the program and of course go through this entire journey and get successful placement outcomes and not one not two, but four. However, nobody said that. What is important here is that, you know, you should not be looking at the fee right now we should be looking at the end result. Okay. And believe you me anything that comes across with a lot of quality, a lot of promise, we are trying to take Lord worries away from you. And we're also making sure to get your first it job with a great package. I guess what you're paying is is is absolutely nothing. Okay, if I had you know, if it wasn't for students, we probably would have been charging. And of course, the fee was a lot more compared to what we are charging right now. So let's go ahead, don't worry about the fee of the program. Okay. And I'm sure you know, Masood, if you can add on to this. Do you really think this is the kind of training? Yes, of course, yes.

I want to add one thing to your answer. The first thing is, in this pandemic time, we couldn't able to find opportunities. Like if we are trying to find ourselves, you couldn't find like, if we find 123, then we will stop ourselves. Like we are thinking that we are not able to getting job. So we can't do that again and again. But when we join it as Institute, we have many opportunities.

Wonderful, thank you so much. And thank you so much. Over to you, I believe we will have the breakout rooms now. And yeah, there are a lot of students who are asking a lot of questions. And you know, for these breakout rooms, we'll have them answering all the questions, all the doubts in the queries that they have. So what do you

guys, most of the questions are being repeated? And I guess we have all almost answered all the questions. If anybody's interested in the course. And to understand the course better, we'll be starting the breakout room, so you can join them. And that will help you understand the course better and the fee structure better everything. One question I think that nobody has, like we have not addressed that is how many of your batch mates have been placed. So I just put about 85% of his batch mates. He said about 57 food environments, but 75% of his batch mates are already placed and mind you. His batch got over in the month of August in the first week of August. So just one month into the placement pool and about 85% people are already placed. So that is a good turnout in this pandemic like what Massoud said, so I guess, Darren, if you're here, you can initiate the breakout rooms so that people can anybody who's interested can join them. And we can take it for

a higher delay as is here. Yeah, I

use high. Yeah, I'll

start a breakout room Sunday night. Thank you so much. Yeah, right. Yeah.

Thank you so much. Massoud, thank you for your time. I know. It is your weekend and it was wonderful having a conversation with you. And I would like to talk to you more. I mean, we are anyways in touch. So yeah. Congratulations again on four offers and I hope you had a great experience here. Thank you so much, guys. I hope we have answered most of your questions and to answer more of your questions are these from my team will be Opening up the breakout room so you can ask your questions related to whatever, please. Thank you. I guess you can take lunch.

Thank you over there. Thank you. Sorry, Aziz. I'll just quickly take another 10 seconds. Okay. And I just want to quickly congratulate Massoud Massoud, you're a rock star. Learning from your journey, you know, what you have achieved the last six, eight months, believe me, all these people had, okay, they actually, you know, probably are looking for the same kind of inspiration. And you're an inspiration to a lot of young people. Okay, thank you. Very this loads and loads of more power to you. Okay. And we just hope and I'm very sure the next the next three, four years. Okay, massage is going to be back in talentsprint. And this time, we'll be on the other side of the table, and we'll be hiring people from

Yes, yes, obviously. But it couldn't be possible without your guidance and support. Yeah, I don't have words to say thanks to you. talentsprint.

Wonderful. Thank you so much, guys. Thank you. So

thank you so much. Lalit. Thank you so much. Massoud. Once again, partly congratulations to you. And thank you so much for giving our time right now. And no problems. A lot of insights to your friend. No, no,

not like that. So you have given me an opportunity to express myself.

Thank you so much. Have a great weekend. So and I can see a lot of people are staying lasting the program details. So we have our team members, Tarun and three journey here. They can help you out with the program details, guys. So before that, I just have a request, I can see a lot of people who already enrolled in the training program. So I request you you can please sign off, right this just to program details so that people can get it right. And so we'll be getting a notification on your screen. Just click on join so that you will be getting into breakout room. Okay, I'll just wait a couple of seconds so that the existing people can sign off actually wish you all the best guys.

I use muscles and I can leave right?

Yes. Be a thank you so much. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you all the best. Thank you. Darren, you can continue in the main meeting room. So China will go to the breakout room

Tarun, can you hear me? Yes, Aziz, I can see that there was only one breakout room which was being created.

Yeah. So you can continue the main meeting room itself or the recount room?

Yes. All right. All right. All right. So hi, everyone, myself, I'm Darren, I'm a program manager over here at talentsprint. So whatever queries you can you have, you can actually post it out on the chart so that I am here to clear all your queries.

So I have a question from Lena sir also, is it only after we complete the training we can attend the drives? Yes. Lina. So once you complete the program, which is for 16 weeks duration, you will be able to attend your placement drives. I hope I have answered your question. Okay. So, yes, what is the sequence of syllabus totally. So basically we have divided the whole program into modules. So if you are looking forward to know about the more syllabus about the program you can actually visit the website and we will be sharing the details over here regarding the program just a moment.

Yes, I have a question from First of all, I would like please chime in before the fee structure society lasagna so basically the fees of the program is 70,000 As of now, but we have scholarships available for selected students which you can avail and we have a flexible EMI option for this program as well where we have provide you easy installment options either through credit card or a loan process and you can pay the EMI in one month easier. My process with zero interest is the next Narendra is asking 2018 basic passed outs are eligible. Yes, Narendra. So basically if you're having a 60% aggregate in all your educational background, you are eligible to join the program and you will be eligible for the presence of the seizure. So basically she is asking, Can I get recording of this class so all the classes are live and interactive LLC and all the classes will get recorded as well. So if at all, if you want to go through the class again after the completion of the class, you can watch it a number of times. Yes, so I have a question from Samira. I'm not interested in the course but I'm just interested in the job so so basically Samira, we are providing the program. And as soon as you complete the program, we will be helping you out with your placement. This is not a job providing consultancy. It's an editing platform, which provides you a program about full stack web development, wherein you can learn all the skills and then you can attend the interview Trumps broken sorry as I've already told that the program cost is around 70,000 rupees as of now and we have scholarships available for the Select selected students which you can have in Lima, yes Lima you require laptop or desktop to take up this program. So, Priyanka, our program basically consists of different modules. So, if you want to know more about the program, I have already shared the details about the program and if you want the basic division of modules, so basically we have foundations in the program. The second part is specialization, where we will be going through advanced Java UI, Spring Boot and third comes as aptitude and fourth is communication. Okay, so bhumika is asking about the selection process. So, basically bhumika you have to submit an application first and once you submit the application, you will be redirected to a selection test. So, once you clear the selection test, you are good to go and read about the program and you can complete your program fee structure and you can complete the paperwork and you can join the program and the next batch is starting from 20th of September that is on Monday. So, sizes are year after program how much person chance so, we basically provide 100% job assurance at the end of the program, but it completely depends on an individual basis. So, how you present yourself matters the most when you go to the interview drives, so package range starting so basically the average package after this program starts from four lakh rupees to six lakh rupees per annum and I'm already sharing the details about the contact details over here you can just contact us if you want to know more information about the program for fall.

Yes. So, lm nanny, it can be taken only online right now the current program is running online itself. So present the scholarship depends upon your background, your educational background, and once we go through all the background about your education, we will be able to offer you the scholarship So basically, we have three different types of scholarships, Nikita, so basically we have earlybird scholarship, we have woman scholarship, and we have get a party scholarship as well. So once you can, if you want to know more about the scholarship, you can reach out to the number that I'm posting over here so that we can discuss with you regarding your admission process. Yes, so based on the selection test, we provide you the scholarship, lemo

Sanya posting a contact number over here if you have more queries about the selection test, you can just reach out to that number and we'll be more than happy to help you out with that. As well Salah presses this program is completely online percent bhumika Yes, this program is on Java itself. So Priyanka, as you want to know more about the program details, I'm sharing the link over here, you can just go through about the whole structure about the program.

So as soon as you take the test limit, the level of results will be announced. The whole program, the language that you will be seeking learning in this program is Java, short Priyanka. And if you have more questions, you can just drop the questions over here so that I'm here to answer them.

Since what is what when did when did you graduates it's a program called within collaboration with TCS. Oh, Melissa, I couldn't understand your question. Can you reframe it again?

I'm Keith, you have to clear the whole fee structure before joining the program itself. This is not a pay after placement module.

Oh governor this program is completely related to Java program. We do not have any software program related to civil backgrounds. But then this program is open to people coming from any engineering background. Yes, sir. We have EMI option available for this program. We got the link that I've shared is with with us regarding the full stack development program. mallikarjuna The test is completely online

parameters as is here. Yes, as I can see a lot of participants are using chart option but however, if they have any doubts regarding the program or anything, just please feel free you can unmute yourself and you can use the mic option and you can ask the questions.

Okay, all right. Let's see if you if anyone has any questions you can ask me what are you? I'm here to answer them. So these scholarships are your Akashic Tell me,

sir. Currently, I'm a student in the talentsprint fsd, sir. Okay. So after completion of the program, how many days when you pay for keeping exams? That cocubes mental December? What exams?


Koshi Hi. Hi, sir. Constantly your question is after finishing my training, programming, how many days I need to write the final assessment. Okay, so you'll have to complete your final assessments within the 15 days, then you'll be nominated to placements.

If we can't get getting the placement, again we have to reattempt

absolutely you can we can prepare well for the test and you can regret it because all these three are industry based exams one is cocubes. Second one is metal. And third one is was sent. All these three are industry based. Okay? And so these are very much important. And however if in case in case if you're not able to cope up then you can not prepare well and you can relate the tests. That's not a problem.

Sure. Thank you. Most of the

eso hargeysa question How long do you provide placement support so hard? We provide you placement support until you get your first it job. So if at all if anybody has any question you can unmute yourself and you can ask me after completing the course as it is directly joined Java interviews are there we go obviously, there will be interviews whenever you go for a job, opportunity, right. So you will have to attend the interviews.

Sir, what if, if a person gets more than three or four are really really able to sit for?

Absolutely that is completely available in your hands to choose. So, Melissa Prasad, you can unmute yourself and you can ask me I'm still not able to understand your question. Guys, you can unmute yourself and you can ask me whatever questions you have Go ahead.

Okay, how to play the or not

you are eligible for MNC companies are nice, we have few companies which even take the students who have less than 60% aggregate. But for that, you should be able to complete our selection test only that we will be able to offer you the program. Yes.

How we can improve a program is

a nice a nice we here we are here to help you out with that the reason that you will be able to join talentsprint is to enhance your coding skills and you will be job ready to get your first it job there are huge opportunities in the market and you will be the first person grabbing them.

And clients are very well. The teaching skills will be obviously excellent, but I can't write programs to my own with some fear in a

sea basically you will clear all that fear and everything will be sorted over here once you join the program and we are here to help you out we will make sure that your job ready you will have all your skills ready with you to showcase to the world so you will not need to worry about those skills at all. Thank you so

definitely definitely I wish you guys any more questions you can just unmute yourself and ask me

well as an appraiser you can unmute yourself and ask me I'm still not able to understand your question hypothetically your voices are not clear your voice is not clear. Yes, no but just in case spiders okay. Okay, after one month after so basically the reason why companies remove as soon as you complete one month is you like skills. And when you go when you look at how am I audible right now if you're lacking in skills if you're not able to provide your skills as per the requirements of the company, any company would renew from the job role right?

See, it's not just about finding a job opportunity or prasada it's about learning skills which help you in surviving in that job role. Anybody can get a job offer but surviving in the job role is very important right the skills that we provide your will be useful for you to survive in any kind of job don't because you're ready to answer you're ready to execute whatever the requirement is from the company

yes sir your question Yes, yes bhumika tell means

studies this course is online or offline.

This is completely online will become

Sarah wichman for

four months program though, the whole program is online. Okay, so thank you yes. Hello, say hi hi heard Tell me sir You saved you will provide placement support for until we get a job yes until you get your first it job.

I mean, even if it takes one month or two months or one year or one, two no

matter what what time you take, we will we are here to radically support you but then the thing that I want to clarify is you won't take more than one month of time in order to get your first it job because the all the skills that you will be learning over here It will be useful useful for you to get your first it job within the first month itself.

And what is the minimum package that you have

to average package ranges between four lakh rupees to six lakh rupees per annum at the end of the program? Thank you. Yes, sure, I

would like to add one thing to your one. So, that's a great question. So, till then I'll be assisted for the placements after the training No. So, as Tyrone said, So, there is no restriction like we will provide you only this month until this year's commitment to all of our trainees is we will show the placement opportunities until you get placed in any company to talentsprint there's a clear commitment that we are giving to each and every of our customer. Right. And we will give you support even while you are attending the interviews also, like you're there in the session. So ability is on our carrier mentor, right you will be having in the placements so when you are attending any interviews in case if you feel like you know I'm lagging somewhere you know, I'm not able to do well. So you can always discuss with it and he'll help you to show the right type of support also, he will show

us your Hydra mesh

player declaring the final assessment that is Metro Gugu

do we offer the placement Well, again write any test or

that place basically the test will depend on company to company right. Depending on the requirement from the company you have to undergo the interview process. Okay, listen, I have one note I have talent spray. He has omprakash tell me how many ones are cleared the current version? You need to tell the lava by them. I'm not able to understand your question. Oh Prakash, can you rephrase it again? Yes, omprakash tell me my wife. It is audible to me right now. Can you please go ahead and ask me the question. Hello. Yes, I'm Prakash I'm able to hear you please.

Just to give you that information, I understand from all the cash like you know, which type of courses that we are offering only in Java or any Python or any any other related courses also there. This is this question if I'm wrong,

okay. So, basically we have the Java program that we provide is based on Java omprakash we do have other programs like data science, Ai, ml, machine learning Salesforce as well. But it depends on what is your education, background

migration, mechanical engineering, basic mechanical, join in desperate Institute and venues.

Okay. So, that's a good thing omprakash as you can as you have already heard from one of our students who have joined the program, a person can can get the most out of the program by learning on the

join there is any more questions that you have, we will be closing this session in a couple of moments. If you have more questions, you can just ask me over here find out ramprasad tell me

students I could not get their jobs in my giant time spent like

no ramprasad we do not have any people who have not got a job opportunity after the end of the program. One thing I would like to clarify your oppressors when you learn all the skills from a place like talentsprint Why do you think you will be entered without a placement opportunity without

selected what is average percentage average

we have more than 98% of people getting job opportunities at the end of the program. Okay.

So, here are most of the people are having troubles during the day during the metal test like that.

See that that test you will be able to clear when you learn all the skills if you are not learning skills, then the this is not something that will be provided to you directly right. You will have to learn all the skills and then you will be able to clear your test. Just like school if you don't learn anything, how can you pass an exam? Simple, right. Yes.

That's a third one was a question of RAM.

So ram process is asking how difficult is it to clear the metal tests.

Okay, so Rampersad just to give you so, after finishing four months of training, we will conduct a metal test metal test of our candidate candidates and As our final assessment, however, from from week one onwards, we will do the mock test for each and every candidate, every candidate need to take the mock tests from week one to week 16. And how we design these mock tests with respect to the metal test a pattern. That means if you could attend 16 weeks of mock tests, metal test papers, the 17 which is paper will be easier for you. Okay, until unless you don't take the mock test you didn't attend the class then would be difficult.

taking tests in those mock tests, you're writing only MC q sub but in the material test and combining with cocubes we will have like coding also.

Absolutely metal test is a metal just we'll be having MC cues, but in the cocubes exam, you'll be having programming also which is a basic level interview, top level and one that is the level intermediate and some Yeah, and the top level

right? Yes, good.

So but in my case, you're only writing MCT sir, but every week every week we draw writing our packaging, writing coating,

mock mock tests every every throughout the program ramprasad which will cover your MC cues as well as putting partisans so you do not need to worry about clearing your metal test if you're having enough skills that you learn from the program.

Absolutely, whatever you know, every day is a three three and a half hour of technical sessions that you are doing is nothing but coding. Yeah

cabina you have a question? For sir, basically the program freezes for lack of sorry, the program is a 70,000 rupees as of now cover now but we do provide scholarships which are which you can avail. So next bhumika is asking sir placements are offline or online. So we Boubacar placements depend rate vary from company to company few companies hold online placement process few companies work offline placement process so it completely depends from company to company. So do you teach aptitude and communication skills? Yes, bhumika. These are part of the curriculum,

Sameera This is not a job providing program submitted directly you have to complete the whole program where you learn all skills and then you will be available to attend the placements. Guys, if you have any more questions, you can just ask me over here. We will be ending the session in next two minutes. Yeah, if you have any more questions, yeah, I have a number I'm dropping down on number. You can reach out to this number for any more queries that you have.

So if you have more questions, you can reach out to this number Shivam the possibilities 100% if you learn all the skills can I know the class diving on daily basis? So basically it's a four hour class every day Monday to Friday in a week. And the schedule depends on week to week.

He has the complete courses online already. Yes ma'am. We have people who are from 2018 background and who have come on to job opportunities and then the program. So saya Sania, you can enroll in this program by paying 5000 rupees and the rest of the amount you can pay it in easy installment process.

So guys, if you have any more questions, you can reach out to the number that I have put it on the chat box. So I guess we are good to go over here. And I hope I have answered all your questions. So guys, just the next batch is starting from 28th of September, that is from Monday. So you can enroll yourself as early as possible because we have very few seats that are left. So if at all. If you want to know more about the program or if you want to know more about the enrollment process, you can reach out to the number that I have posting it over here in the chat box. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries. It was nice talking to you guys. I hope I've answered all the questions. Looking forward to assist you with your education. Have a good day and take care. Others I guess we can end the session

Are you here okay

so guys, if you have any more questions you can reach out to the number that I'm posting it on the chat box. Nice seeing you all. Have a good day and take care

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