Lead the Future with Digital Innovation Prof. Anirvan Pant and Prof. Abhipsa Pal may 29th 2024

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Held on Wednesday, May 29, 2024 @ 7:30 PM IST

Lead the Future with
Digital Innovation


  • Prof. Anirvan Pant
    Associate Professor, Strategic Management,
    IIM Calcutta
  • Prof. Abhipsa Pal
    Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems,
    IIM Calcutta

Webinar Highlights

  • Why and how are leaders adapting to the digital transformation?
  • Why is it imperative to cultivate digital leaders in all areas of business
  • Case studies of digital technologies impacting various business functions and leaders’ response to them
  • Is digital Leadership an inherent quality or learned ability?
  • Challenges and Solutions when adapting to digital transformation

About the Webinar

Reshape your leadership strategies for the digital era. Join Prof. Anirvan Pant, Associate Professor, Strategic Management, and Prof. Abhipsa Pal, Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems from IIM Calcutta, for an immersive LIVE Interaction. We’ll delve into the essentials of leading with digital innovation, exploring why and how leaders are adapting to the digital transformation. Discover the imperative of cultivating digital leaders across all business domains and delve into captivating case studies showcasing the impact of digital technologies on various business functions. Uncover whether digital leadership is an inherent quality or a learned ability, and explore the challenges and opportunities encountered when adapting to digital transformation. Don’t miss out on this LIVE webinar to redefine leadership in the digital age. #DigitalLeadership #LeadershipInnovation #IIMCalcutta

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