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Deep Learning

  • Speaker
    Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh
    Dean - Academics, TalentSprint

About the Webinar

Examples of machine learning and deep learning are everywhere.

Like, it is used in different areas such as image, speech and audio recognition, visual art processing, natural language processing (NLP), medicine development, bioinformatics, money laundering detection, providing a unique customer experience and so on.

To delve and discover more about the exciting world of Deep Learning and opportunities one can explore in this space, you must watch this masterclass on, “Deep Dive into Deep Learning.”

The session is centred around the trends and demand for Deep Learning, how tech professionals must and can exploit this opportunity to explore a career in this evolving and in-demand domain and more. It also puts a spotlight on IISc’s Deep Learning Programme delivered in association with TalentSprint for professionals willing to build relevant expertise in this space.

About the Speaker

Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh

Dean – Academics, TalentSprint

Siddhartha has had a stellar career as an academician teaching, leading R&D teams, and working as a Placement Head in leading engineering institutions across India. He has been conferred with prestigious awards like the IBM USA ‘Best Innovative Faculty Award’ (2010). This global award was in recognition of his presentation of ideas on how a city can be converted to a “Smart City” with the advent of AI. He also won the title of ‘LUMINARY of QLIK’ for the year 2018. Qlik is a leading global Data Analytics Platform. As an academician, Siddhartha’s teaching and research interests include Computer Science, AI, ML, and Deep Learning. He has authored over 60 research papers published in national and international journals. In addition, he is also a co-author of 2 books under US publication. Siddhartha holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Osmania University.

About PG Level Advanced Certification
Programme in Deep Learning

The PG Level Advanced Certification Programme in Deep Learning (Foundations and Applications) by IISc and TalentSprint enables professionals to build expertise in Deep Learning, starting from essential theoretical foundations to learning how to apply them in the real world effectively. It is delivered in a unique 5-step learning process of LIVE online interactive sessions by IISc and TalentSprint faculty, capstone projects which start in the middle of the programme and continue till the end, mentorship, case studies, and campus visits to ensure fast-track learning.