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Held on October 17, 2020 @ 5:30 PM

Ask me Anything: Digital Health and Imaging by IISc and TalentSprint

Aritro Bhattacharyya
Sr. Director

Healthcare is moving towards digitisation for providing better wellbeing to patients. This creates demand for professionals with capabilities at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Watch this webinar to understand how IISc and TalentSprint’s Digital Health and Imaging Programme is helping professionals prepare for the sector’s digital future.

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About Advanced Certification Programme in Digital Health and Imaging

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), with its expertise in multi-disciplinary science offers Advanced Certification Programme in Digital Health and Imaging. Delivered in association with TalentSprint, this executive friendly in-depth and comprehensive programme is best suited for professionals creating cutting edge technology solutions in eHealth, Personalized Healthcare, BioTech, Medical Devices, Wearables, Digital Therapeutics and more.

Event Transcript

Healthcare’s Digital Future A Goldmine of Opportunities

which starts off with digital health an introduction to digital health, we talk about, you know, various aspects of digital health, you know, medical data records, other stuff. And then we move to wearable devices and physiological signal processing. So that's the second aspect, these are the two modules. Now, anybody can do this provided, you know, you have some healthcare background to primarily This is targeted for healthcare professionals. And, and to give you some understanding of, you know, how the healthcare sector works. So, mostly we have seen doctors, people with a pharma background, etc, doing these two, because this kind of does not involve very deep understanding of technology. And then we kind of move into using of machine learning, you know, deep learning in digital health, deep learning in imaging envision parts of it, which are a little more technology focused. But here again, the understanding is that you don't have to be for technology professionals, you know, if you if you know, you know, if you are aware of Python, etc, and you have some basic experience of Python, you will be able to get through all of this. So what is the program we'll cover are these aspects of the program. Now, anybody with any, you know, basic digital skills should be able to do it, because here again, you don't need to old hardcore coding is not required, you will be working on a lot of frameworks that are there, you'll be kind of modifying those frameworks, and understanding how you can replicate these frameworks in real life situations. So across the program, it's not that you need to have hardcore coding experience you need to be I mean, there are people who come in with, you know, extensive coding experience, background, etc, they do have, you know, they do have an understanding, and they, they will find it easier to relate to certain aspects of the program, but people with elementary understanding of technical concepts will be able to pick up as a part of the program, we also help we run a midpoint in the program, where, you know, before the third module begins, which primarily goes into the technology side of things into deep learning, and all of that, we are giving people refreshers on, you know, Python and some of the other aspects of the program that they will need. So, that's there. And then the fun and the most interesting part about the entire as in this program has been that we've had doctors who I personally would not think that they would know coding and they will be interested, we've actually had more than five or six doctors who learned coding who picked up coding in order to do a large the entire program. So that was a big surprise for me, but you know, pleasant surprise. So where we are, you know, trying to wait, we have, you know, even doctors picking up technology, because it will kind of impact if you are able to pick these things up. And in any case, we also have, you know, many senior professionals, doctors who go on, start their own practices, we've we've had, you know, such cases also, I mean, there are people that are like that in the first cohort, you know, who have graduated from, you know, working for somebody else to lock having a chain of hospitals, that are work that that they have, that they own, and they kind of want to, you know, implement technology to provide better health care outcomes for their patients. So, you've had in those are, I mean, there have been, you know, various people have done or have taken this program, taken up this program for various reasons. So, that's, that's a bit about the program. And you know, a little bit about what I wanted to talk about when it comes to opportunities that are there for healthcare professionals. What I'm going to do is, you know, okay, so you can send in your questions, if, if you want to, if you, you know, if you raise your hands, if people are raising their hands, I'll try and get some of their question. So, you know, gaydar has raised his hand, but he's asked his question, so you know, I'm gonna take his question up, you can send your question on the chat windows, as well. And I'm happy to answer that I'm getting you know, a lot of questions coming in. So how to improve health care of the patient using technology? Well, I've gather I think I've that's the only thing that has been talking about, you know, for this entire presentation. So it's whatever is happening it's it's all in the space of you know, improving patient outcomes, you know, beat creating smart devices be creating implants, Martin plants, beat precision medicine. So that's how

Our team i think that's that's one. Let me just see if I have somebody from my team.


So I have barely hear from my team as well as Ramesh from my team. So, Ramesh Wali, why don't you share your contact details on the chat for everybody, you know, you can get on a call with either of them, they are the one who lead the program. You know, they they manage the entire program so they will be able to come back to you with the exact nature of what you're going to be able to do.

Okay. Okay, I'm

just trying to be Just give me a second. I'm just trying to meet the questions. Okay, Shilpa Nuno Shilpa is a veterinarian? One thing that I'll tell you shall buy? Yes, I do understand that, you know, majority of what we have been talking about are are for human beings. That's where it starts with. But if you look at it, the technology underlying technology that is there can be applied to our animal friends as well. So, you may very well find and I know of a couple of startups that are working in this space outside of India, where you are doing consultations outside you know, the the space in terms of the the healthcare space when it comes to our, our domestic, you know, our bbbbb veterinary practice is huge outside of India, and it's catching up in India as well. So you do have options, yes, but the majority of you know what it and this program is kind of currently focused on humans and then you know, maybe in four or five years time you will be able to there will be parallels which will be drawn even, you know, from you know, non humans participation certificate Dr. Avinash up, if you want to look at what certificate you're going to get. It's there on the talentsprint. website. It's also available on the ISC website, I request you to go to the Center for continuing education, the CC section on the ISC website or on talentsprint.com, you will be able to see the certification that you get Yes, it's the certificates that you get. It's not a degree or a diploma obviously, because it's it's less than nine months. Okay. Nilu is from non engineering background. Again, if you non engineering background, no coding, you're perhaps not going to be the program for you. Because you do need a technology non engineering background. But you know, if you're from a BSc background, etc, MSC, B farm, m farm and all of that M farmer, you can still do it, we've had cases where people do so not enough information. net, young navy blue, and I hope I got the name right. opportunities. Okay, trying to pivot my career Swapna again, doctors diverting your career don't have too much information about you would request you to talk to either Lakshmi or Ramesh from my team Valley or XP. I mean, while you're away from my team, you know, we will be happy to talk to you one on one on this. arena Avinash, is this course targeted on ml or analytics and big data as well? Well, it's it's all it's it's it's a combination of that right the IML kind of leads to better outcomes, it leads it can it allows you to understand data as Ben. So it so basically, this program, this is in answer to the question that Avinash has put in saying that, you know, is this course targeted towards only IML or towards analytics and big data? Again, see, these are, these are terms that are there, it's, it's at the end of the day, there's a lot of data that's there, you will make sense out of that data. So that's what the program will kind of help you on. A pass I which company sponsors for this program of pizza hut and there are people who have been sponsored by their companies, if you get a sponsorship, nothing like it, but a majority of the people who are in the current program they have sponsored with themselves. And reason is that see majority

of The basics of that is going to be covered. So how do you how do we see tele surgery? Again, tele surgery question by Jason rose, again upcoming, I gave some examples of that with 5g coming in, that's going to be another area where, you know, you will need professionals and you will need expertise and technology professionals to work and provide solutions. So yeah, totally, you know, health and dental surgery is is going to be booming. Students are students eligible for the program, I believe we need one year of work experience minimum to do it, but I think there is one student who is doing this program, special case very bright students wanted to apply for the program gave a very good reasoning as to why she wants to do this program. And I see accepted. So see iisc is an institution of excellence if you really have a very strong reason why you want to do a program, they will not stop you. So even though the the the the basic education requirements are that you need to be you know, BSc on all of that, I think she just completed a BSc she didn't have work experience. She completed engineering and we did not have BSc. And but she came in I don't think we have any students per se in the program. But you know, if you are somebody who has just completed the graduation and still kind of looking at coming in, and you have a very good case or a very, you know, strong desire to be in the program, you should get in touch with Valley and and vanish and you know, and they I'm sure they will be able to help you. So, yeah, while the information, you know, they're still in the webinars, so they're not able to answer the call at the moment, my request to you would be to give them time to finish the webinar, and then they will be happy to answer your calls. So when is the next shortlisting? This is the question from urgent? Well, it's going on it's going on as we speak, we have opened up applications, we've received a whole set of applications and I believe already the first list is going out the second both couple of lists have gone out to ISC for selection, people have enrolled for the program as well. We, I think we've had, we've already received more than 60 odd applications for 50 odd seats. And this is just in the last three days. We just opened applications three, four days back. So and we have an early bird fee for the first 30 seats or Mission Valley, we'll be happy to answer that. So if you want you know, you should make your application quickly. It's a very simple application, you can go to the talentsprint website and make your application Okay, is dental image processing in healthcare have any scope of course it does and all in all of these all limits, you know, all kinds of imaging has scope in healthcare, dental health is is not you know, is is also there. Okay, what is what is okay, let me see. The angel image Hornish Do we have any industry experts as instructors? Okay, if you really look at it, Hornish

iisc works with most of these companies in terms of consulting and research for them. The program was actually inaugurated by the, the CEO of health cubed, who gave the inauguration speech, inaugural talk for the program when it started on 23rd of August this month, all the faculty who are there they come from, you know, they come with a research background with and they are the ones who are actually training in companies that I mentioned, huge amount of all the top companies, these are the faculty you can go to the icy website, you know, funny Inza, yellower t. j. Prakash Ambedkar, Professor, Venkat, Babu, Yogi, all of these they come from, you know, top universities in the world. You know, somebody has done his PhD from john hopkins university in signal processing, PhD in computer sciences from Indiana University worked in top companies, Indian Institute of Science, so, you have all of them, you have as and when required, you have industry experts coming in and the fun The best part is that you have people you have very senior level people joining in the program itself. So you not only are looking at industry, you have your own peer group, which is going to comprise of, you know, CEOs cxos of these healthcare or you know, startup companies or hospitals coming in, you have a lot of industry expertise in your own peer group itself. And then yes, I see does that we also facilitate that in terms of as and when it's required, you may have people coming in and, you know, helping out with knowledge that is there. So that's something that is there.

Industry experts, any incubators support? Raj is question. Yes, I, officially there is IAC will not give you incubator support. But the fact of the matter is, you still

have access to the talentsprint network, which is a very large network of professionals, whereby we've already had, you know, of across programs, if I were to look at it, we've had more than 10 or 12 startups coming in, we are in the process of making this process much more stronger. So yeah, there'll be good news coming in the front of incubation side of things so very soon, but it's, it's there. And you also get to you know, he is his own incubators, self is nominated people for this program. So if you and you will have access to all the faculty who will be teaching you our IC faculty. So you can even you have their phone number, you have all of their details, you know, nothing stops you from reaching out to them, even after you have done it. And people have done this as a part of the program to kind of get, you know, support over there. Okay, let me see. Doctor, medical professionals can join medical professionals, the entire process is the same, you have to make an application, it's cetera, an application fee or there's an application fee of 1000 rupees plus GST, pharmacists, pharmaceuticals, yes, you there are people who are there. Again, it depends on the kind of opportunities that you are seeking, when will the course be starting the program is going to be starting at the end of December 2020. And with regular classes, starting, we'll probably start some preparatory modules by the end of December. And we will have regular classes starting sometime in the month of January 2021. But, again, this program has a lot of demand, we did not anticipate the kind of demand we've we have a few more seats than we than than what we had the last time. But we've received a lot of applications, I would request all of you in case you are interested. And there is no program of this kind in India at the moment. And that's something that you know, is one thing that you should know, a program of this kind doesn't exist in India. So you will be in a set of very initial set of people if you kind of do this program. Factors being considered when deciding Okay, there's a question from Sadoon, what is the fee of the program and how to be deciding that the fee is too high for students are saddled this program is not meant for students firstly. Secondly, the other thing is for working professionals, but you have some freshers who are coming in, we do have scholarships that are available. If you really look at it, a program of this kind is not available in the country. So it's so I don't know what how you can say that it's too high. It's it's a program that's already been received very well in the market. And if you look at it, you are getting a certificate and you're getting taught by the number one university in India, you will get certified by that. That itself is something that is you know, that people are paying a premium for so I'm not saying that the program, you know, affordability is something that is is there for every it's an individual choice, but we've not had too many cases of people saying that you know that they find this program is prohibitively price. We've already had a you know, entire set of cohort which is already there in class. So, that that would be my answers. biochemistry practical experience, okay Avinash Kumar, I think. Okay. apasa habe. I am talking about iisc Bangalore. This is not a fake University. I would request you to go to the Ministry of HR T's website and refer to the NRF ranking Which is given by the Government of India is ranked number one in India about IITs. So, not some fake University. And and so, so please I would request people to to not jump to conclusions and do a little bit of research before you know, you pose those questions, I'm happy to clarify it. But that's this is not some fake University etc, etc.

Practical exposure, Avinash has a question practical exposure, well, you will be doing capstone projects, you can bring your own project kind of as a part of the program, there will be some nine ot simulations, case studies that you will be simulations that you are going to be doing as a part of the program. Some of that data is so confidential because it's real life research that iisc is doing. And so if campus visits happen, people will get access to that data. So it's all very practical and you only have you know, practical stuff, which is covered, it is not a program which will talk about theory with no aspects of practical practicality in it. are so poor, you have to applied results go every week, usually, it takes around five to seven to eight working days, from the time people apply day to day check these profiles once a week, and they come back and you're actually you know, the the faculty, the lead faculty actually looks at every profile before they are, you know, before they are given an offer to join. So be patient, you will be getting your results very soon. Okay, so I think I am good over here. I am I think I've answered most of the questions. If we've not been able to answer questions. I know I've overshot the time but, you know, people have been asking questions, and I'm sorry, I didn't, you know, I couldn't allow people to unmute themselves. today. There are too many questions that are there. Thank you so much for joining us today. It's it's been lovely talking to you. I hope that, you know, I've been able to give you some insights about how the sector is performing. And yeah, and I hope to see some if not most of your applications, and welcome you to this very exciting and groundbreaking program that we have launched with the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. Thank you again. I wish you guys a safe time. Stay safe. Have a very good evening. Thank you so much.

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