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Digital Health market to reach
nearly $660 Billion by 2025.
Are you geared up?


  • Prof. Ambedkar
  • Prof. Jayaprakash

About the Webinar

In this webinar, IISc Faculty Prof. Ambedkar and Prof. Jayaprakash highlight how the Digital Health field is creating new opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs working at the forefront of healthcare and technology. The session also gives a detailed view of how IISc and TalentSprint’s Digital Health and Imaging Programme is helping participants tap these opportunities.

About the Advanced Certification Programme in
Digital Health and Imaging

Advanced Certification Programme in Digital Health and Imaging by IISc is an executive-friendly in-depth, and comprehensive programme best suited for professionals creating cutting-edge technology solutions in eHealth, Personalized Healthcare, BioTech, Medical Devices, Wearables, Digital Therapeutics and more. This unique programme helps them gain in-depth understanding and build relevant capabilities.