Importance of Emerging Technologies for Financial Services by Prof. B. V. Phani and by Arks Srinivas October 18th 2023

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Held on Wednesday, October 18 | 6 PM IST

Importance of Emerging Technologies for

Financial Services

  • Prof. B. V. Phani
    Head, Department of
    Management Sciences(DoMS), IIT Kanpur

  • Arks Srinivas
    CEO, Foundation for Advanced Continuing
    Education and Training (IFACET), IIT Kanpur

Webinar Highlights:

  • Role of emerging technologies for financial services
  • How do they enhance customer experiences and satisfaction?
  • The need for early adoption to get a competitive edge
  • Insights into the job market and opportunities in this field
  • Why choose eMasters in Financial Technology and Management to leverage these opportunities?
  • Pursue a eMasters degree WITHOUT a GATE score while you continue working
  • Preparation strategy for establishing a career in Financial Technology and Management

Our interactive live discussion discusses how the transformative impact of emerging technologies in the financial services sector is ushering a new era of innovation and efficiency. Discover the vast potential of the eMasters degree program in Financial Technologies and Management, positioning yourself at the forefront of this revolution. During this interactive session, we will delve into crucial topics, the pivotal role of emerging technologies, enhanced customer experiences, the need for early adoption, job market insights, and why the eMasters program is your gateway to success. Gain the flexibility to pursue this degree without a GATE score while continuing your career and learn effective preparation strategies for a prosperous journey in Financial Technology and Management. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape your future in this thriving field! #FinTechInnovation #IITKanpur #eMasters

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