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Held on March 8, 2021 @ 5:30 PM

What #WomenCanDo to Launch a
World-class Tech Career

Chief Product Officer

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, TalentSprint WE organized an invigorating live session hosted by Program Dean Asokan Pichai. He was joined by talented WE Alumni who gave an insight into their learning journey at WE and how this experience helped them start their professional journey. If you are an aspiring women engineer and looking for the right platform to hone your technical capabilities, this video is a must-watch.

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About WE Program

Women pioneered the early days of computing in the 1800s. Despite these high early accomplishments, women lost ground in the technology sector and represent a mere 26% of the global tech workforce.

WE, offered by TalentSprint and supported by Google, seeks to balance this gender disparity. This 2 year experiential interactive online program selects, trains, and nurtures capable first year women engineering students to reach their true potential as world-class software engineers.

Since its inception, WE has received an overwhelming response from female engineering students across India. Over 54,600+ applications were received, of which 450+ participants were invited to join the program. The program alumni are working with top tier tech companies. 

Event Transcript

What #WomenCanDo to Launch a World-class Tech Career

Just a few more minutes and we will get this started ashokan has joined Welcome ashokan and RV scholars have also joined for all those guys, so who don't know shokan ashokan He is the program Dean's from talentsprint for Women Engineers program and he is the students favorite. So that is reason why we wanted to do this, you know live today with the shokin along with Avi scholars are rock stars, such as the cha Monica and yashi. over to your shotgun

Hello, everybody. Good evening on let this year on more great year for all of us. On the women in particular.

It never ceases to amaze me that after so many years of our existence, we still have to really discuss how and why women need to be given this or that or enable to do something or other. But yeah, that's the way the society has been structured so far and at this time, we all do a little bit to change it and the program is one such attempt to change it. Yes, some people are saying you will suddenly younger have to change that image actually that image is from an old photograph of mine which has given us a sample for an ml project for again, one of my talented women students who built a small system to identify the age from the photographs. So I need to figure out how to change that somewhere there. Once again, wishing you all a very happy Wednesday. We of course today the main focus is on the fourth grade students are no longer students before great women engineers who have achieved they are at the center stage today I am merely the salary SAY THE MODERATOR who is going to be chatting with them a little and asking them some questions and listening along with you are their answers. Alright, so that's how we want to run this. Please keep the questions coming. For the I am on a mobile so I can't I may miss some of the questions people type in the chat.

So I'm very ashokan I'm here to take care

just take care of that and read out the questions to me. We will take them as we go along. Okay. Oh, can I first have me chew on a few people introduce yourself? Oh, we have deja Oh yashi Sejal on Monica right? That's right. Okay. I can't even say we will go in alphabetical order, because I don't know actually which name comes first anyway, I will exercise my former teachers prerogative and decide on a random order myself. I will start with the surgeon because he was always the first to ask a question in my classes. So I will start with about introducing yourself. What I want to hear from you is the type of place you came from the type of big town small town medium sized town rural place. What is your background on what type of college you studied? And in your first and second years? What was your career goal aspiration, and how that I want you to lay down so that we can discuss later how that changed and how you reach where you get to. So they really enjoy yourself all of you, I want you to focus on your demographic background, which type of town you are from what type of college you studied in. And when you are in your first two years, three years of college, what was your carrier aspiration carrier goal? carrier dreams are? What are they? What were your expectations? Alright? Let's say your Lord

is Shogun. Thank you. And Hi everyone. This is Sergeant and I belong to Mathura. Now, if it comes to what type of demographics I belong to, so it's a, it's a, I say, it's a middle level town in Uttar Pradesh. And I graduated in 2020, from God University with a Bachelor of Technology in computer science engineering. So what my first and second year were like, I was introduced to programming in after my high school. So I was really into programming. And I loved it at very first sight. And I was I was keen to learn more about it. So I just enrolled into a relative program, which is very obvious at that time, it is a btech in computer science. And then in my first is like India, I honestly I hadn't had any aspirations as an as a corporate world, or I haven't become an engineer, and I would I would work in some high end product company, I was like, Yes, I have to do coding. And that's what I did. I remember, in my jelly is a private college. And I was, I will say one of the only girls who used to code in first year, there was a group of boys who used to do programming. And I was the only girl who was there. And we used to pitch an idea as we I was trying to get, let's let's do this program like that. And we will use to code chef, and hackerearth and hacker rank all these programming platforms are first year. So it was it was a very, I'll say it was very average college life. Because the place we were not at any particular student would be we were not keen about placements. We were just, we were just enjoying our college life. And I was like, let's do some coding also alongside that. And then so yes, I was there into then getting into computer programming there were then we went by our seniors, you were introduced to these online contests like we have on kosher for ATM, icbt, Google kickstart is there. And many other coding contests. I started participating to them. But I never, I never thought of like gaining something. I've never thought of actually getting some revenue out of it. Like, yes, let's let's, I never thought that I'll be I'll be working in this and that company. So I never, I never had a vision at that time in my first and second year. So this is how I started I should say.

Yeah, there's also how typical was that of say, your class? I mean, all the women or did were there people who clearly had a career goal or dream company, or many people were like that, like you said, Yeah, you have to do some coding, and we'll get some job. How many people were like that? Ah,

I never I never talked too much of the girls in my college. I was referring to myself. And more. Oh, yes. But most of the girls are like, yes, we will be they just ended up taking engineering because yeah, either they wanted to that that was at that time we are there. As you said it was everywhere. Everyone that's already. Okay.

Okay, back to you. Thanks a lot. Yeah. The Chuck, can I ask you to go next.

So thanks a shotgun. So Hello, everybody. And I'm the cha. I'm based out of Delhi. So in my first year, so my first year second year college life was as agile described, so college, college started, let's do something along with academies going on. So I was. I was introduced to competitive programming in my first year, second semester, some of the seniors used to take classes for us. That is when I started doing it. And after like, after the second, second year, third semester, I did it and after that I enrolled in the program. So I wasn't very ambitious. When I was before the program started. I mean, it was more likely, I am here. So in the end of the day, I'll get a job, maybe a decent one. But that said, I didn't have any high dreams or such. Yeah. So I think that's pretty much about my background in this regarding my college life after that, so I think

we totally go there. What about your rest of your cohort? What about rest of your classmates? They also were there or did they have clear goals?

So there were all sorts of people so you How you can find people who are like very ambitious, who were ambitious right from the start that I have to go there. And this is where I'd been Oh, there were people who were like, okay, at the end of the day you have qualified j, you will get at least a teacher job. So you can go teaching. That is one of the

other end. Okay. Yeah,

I mean, it was a, it was a mixture of all the class but yeah, like, talking about it as a women. So yeah, it feels a bit alone, because I was the only girl who used to do cognitive coding in my classroom back then. So it alone because boys used to, like they have this circle sort of thing. And, yeah, have the circle finger alone, like, who do you reach out to among the girls around? You can't do that in Houston level. So that was one thing about it.

Okay, good. Monica.

Thank you ashokan.


my story is a bit different, because I'm from a woman's college. So let me start by my plus one and plus two. So my 11th and 12th. I'm from a cbse background. So we have a C and c++ and data structures. DBMS start right from there. So my initial goal was not at all computer science, engineering, I always wanted to you know, I found space science. Interesting. So I thought maybe astrophysics is the way to go. Yeah. So later on when my teacher and back in school, she she was a wonderful computer science teacher. I just fell in love, you know, and astrophysics just went right over to the side.

disappear into outer space.

Yeah, that's one way to put it out. Yeah. So um, right from 11th grade, I decided that I'm going to take up computer science. And yeah, I'm going to code a lot. So it was you know, computer science made me feel like a magician's like, just like magic, you know, you just tell a machine and nonliving things, something to do, and it actually does that you can control. So it was it was really cool.

And then,

for my bitec, I am from, I am from Kaiser with Aberystwyth College of Engineering for a woman. So I'm based, which aka Putnam under Pradesh, and got my colleagues also there. And so up until my 12th grade I was from I studied in our co education environment and a sudden shift to a woman's college, I thought it would be a big thing, but it wasn't. So I mean, I'm surrounded, I was surrounded by a lot of girls. And most of them I must say, obviously, in the first year, I didn't expect every one of them to join computer science engineering with their own billing, or I don't even think many of us even have an idea of what stream to take in computer science is it's the thing that's going on, so let's just take it or something of that sort. But, so first year, we had c c++. And so I was pretty good at it because I had prior experience and I was kind of feeling proud while I am doing it in my class. So that first year was completely a good experience. And then second year, we had python programming, and it completely changed everything. I fell in love with Python, I don't want to you know, limit myself to a particular language, but I must say it is something that really increased my love for programming. It's just so much that you can learn

let's get started on Python. Okay, good. Thanks. Yeah. So okay,

I wanted to mention that along this four years I fall I'm proud that there are many girls who found a dream so it's not that if you join in your first year and you don't have a dream or something there's always a chance that we cannot find a train

Yeah, I was more trying to go there only this that many people don't have it in the first go. Yeah, and that is okay. Yeah. Anyway, I wanted you for thanks for making the point. Yes, yeah, she

Hello, everyone. So I'm here Srivastava. Talking about where I belong to I belong to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, like my schooling and my college life have all been through this the only like I studied in Amity University Lucknow campus. Talking about how I started my first four years first few years like first two years of basic life. I went in to be like I was an equal of in mechanics in computer science. I went with computer science because everyone around me explained to me A job in computer science is easier than putting in mechanics. This was an MRI. And the plan I had in mind was like backup plan. If I get no job, I am good at maths, I'm good at aptitude. I will go and crack a banjo. This was my initial plan. I was very

clear, gel

lick. I was like, if nothing happens, I have a backup option.

I cannot lose a backup. Yeah, by the way. So actually today, just before this, I come from the nearest small towns bank, I had to go for personal reason. The bank manager and the lady who was who she called in to help out my case, both talked about what they do. And then I said all this, they said, Well, we both did. We'd like we both did.

Yeah, that's a common trend late to everyone around me. He was also like fame. I have people in my

group. So that was my like, a last resort. And like, talking about a dream. A dream was never a hype, and hyping and job. It was only getting a job like that.

Is the limit of the dream. Yes. Wonderful. was the limit. Yep. I'm going to ask. I think you can all of you can answer in any order you want. I want to ask though, watch might be a little difficult question. Did you write it je if so, how did you feel at the end of the preparation plus the final result? Yeah, go ahead.

With the factories my favorites series, because it describes the struggle of executing it. Um, it classes like a To be honest, I injured only once a day that was it preparation. And subject I messed up most in the exam was the same. And I hated chemistry and I excelled at chemistry. So exceptions around mean, I decided it's not for me, like people around me were really focused, that you score great interest, you should take a drop and prepare for it, you will be able to crack and I'm like, No, I have dealt with this exception once and I'm not going to do that again. It like I was not concerned about advance. But for me, I was very confident that I will get a good college very calmly, very sweetly. When that didn't happen. I realized that. Let's go.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah, maybe we'll go in the reverse order. Monica. Yeah.

Yeah, sure. So, an interpretation of people generally, everyone aims for an IIT or an nit

in India,


really aim for. If a If an Indian buys through a blackboard travels to the other end of the galaxy. And you wake him up the last thought is the game the Indian is a plus two student he or she will say getting into J. Indian has a child he will say my say to get inside, there is nothing called being under. Anyway. Go ahead.

Yeah. So after my 10th, you know, all of my friends join junior colleges where, you know, they train them for these tests for a whole day, 12 hours a day or something like that. But I trusted myself and I took I made the decision that I've continued with the cbse school and where I didn't have explicit training for the tech for these entrance test. So I was confident that I'd make it on my own because I love learning new things. And it's just studying So what could not good.

Our digital dumb Yeah, yeah.

I mean, I aced my 10th What else could have gone wrong? I felt like, I felt like I could do anything. I could learn anything. So but they are not everything goes how we think it should. So I I could I made bad. The exam went bad. But you know, that was a moment where I had to contemplate whether I made a right decision or not, because that was something at that point of time in my life. That was a life changing decision. Whether I mean, I didn't get into a good college. So is my life really ruined? Or can I just make anything out of

Danny? So Lou? Yeah. To be dismissed, to be dismissed from life. Yeah. And distract

me, you know, out of the crowd.

Yeah. Yeah. To be normal. Yeah. Yes.

So my j story is basically a drop yesterday in 11th. And I was very confident that I would like wait You start 11th, you're very confident, I'll do this, I'll go to it, I'll, I'll rock my exam. And also, I didn't take a coaching. And I tried to do it on my own, but I couldn't qualify it the first time. I mean, I made it to the cutoff, but that's not enough. You don't get a college with that. And then I took a drop here. And again, I did not get into nit. So CS in nit is was out of reach, because that is I did not have good enough marks to get that to, like only the Northeast, and it is we're available, but I did not want to go to like very remote areas. So choosing information technology was a sweet spot. I think in ISD that was like a story.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yes, yes.

So my ID story is very different. I didn't write it at all I'd write any mission

Oh, you're like me,

because from the very start of my life, I was very self study person, I did 10th and 12th completely on self study basis. So, I was like, whichever college I go, if I self study there are ample of resources is not it has not to be an it if I want to excel. So I chose to be a study within my town. So that is how I took

on okay. Now that we have seen, so, who do I will just summarize to you for what you represent a typical average non it non premier student who can be found in almost any college. You have some idea what type of carrier you want. You had had your tried a mystery? Have you tried in your own different ways each one of you to get into the holy grail of it Gee, didn't crack it. Now, you had some doubts about your continuation in any college, but you decided to go on? Okay, I will do well and I will get some job. That's where you are correct. That's that description. summarize it, correct? Yeah. Okay. Now, now, I want each one of you, but just in one sentence, describe where you are today. Vietnam in the beginning, again, the other order we'll go back and forth every time. Yes, you can start to

I'm working as a software engineer in our cism private limited company or of the product based company stopped rotate companies in the world.

Okay. And what do you what did you do just before that? internships, other things?

Yes, I before that, I had a year long internship and just pay. I was also a research fellow in IIT Delhi, under Professor Lutetia state. And then I was I worked as a full time engineer at just pay for joining our system. And specifically, I was, I am and I was a beat that.

Yeah, we were the

we felt I was a part of talents. Phenomenal.

Yeah. But I know. You're being chosen for that. But yeah. You. How did you get into just? I mean, it's not very, it's not very easy, right?

Yes. So just bear with the very first product, first company, first placement company, which visited our content. And so it was the the actual, the rounds were really difficult. There were a couple of rounds in the course itself. And then there was a hackathon in Bangalore. We had to design something within two days. And then we had final interviews. So the overall process was not that easy as it is. And the tax cycle just pays really different. And it works on functional programming based extract, which is not so common and easy.

On the hospital, Haskell, Haskell, yes, Haskell, and we'll talk about Haskell later some other some other time. Yeah. So, okay, so we contrast cannot be more than this. What you thought you will do? Just normal something to this. Okay. Yeah.

Where are you? So as I said, like, I wasn't too ambitious in the beginning. But then things change very fast, actually. And I did an internship where a lot of ideas too. So I turned at Google, and I'm not yet working, but I'll join them back this year.

As soon as the dining time your exam results are announced by the university, I suppose. You landed an internship in Google and you're landed a job with Google. It's only the joint there that is going to be decided by the university exam.

Correct? Yeah. So it's like, looking back. I did not think like that hindered me in any way. I mean, I'm joining where a lot of people from it used to be so that's an achievement. Good.

Yes. Wonderful, correct? Yes, Monica.

I'm working as a software developer in biometrics. I had to fly to Hyderabad under Professor number three. And I love my job. There's just so much to learn. I actually interned under Professor nuke number three. In my fourth year, I worked as an research intern where I had to work with Python and ml and biometrics. So it was really interesting.

Okay, for those who may not know prasarana composer is PhD guy, he is one of the original patent holders for original idea of what biometrics is all about. So, AAA hydrobath has a very huge tradition of long standing research in biometrics. And he is actually working for a startup which is incubated inside. percolate. Wonderful. Okay. Then.

Yoshi? Yeah, um, most of our engineer at gojek. Tech, for starters, go jek is like an online Uber of all the Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. Yeah,

I thought oh, it was Ola. Uber and Katie.

Yeah, Paytm also go pay

Yonsei they have combined everything.

from food to cabs, you can get anything on it groceries even like, it's just okay. So

it is. It is big basket. Yeah. Okay. And your your started working there?

Yeah, I've started working since July 2020.

Okay, so looking back, you people had your tryst, or the idg didn't really go in our in your in one year didn't even bother about doing this. And you had very modest expectations, I get something somewhere. And you all have been able to achieve this. Now. Of course, the V program is part of the reason. But I do not want this to be about the V program, I want to hear from you. Because it's your team. There are a lot of problems. But of course, the V programs design is to help people like you to get into the level of achievements. We are so proudly happy to acknowledge you having reached but I would like to hear from each one of you. What did you do and what changes happened or you made happen inside you that allowed you to reach this heights? We actually, again, you go like this? Yeah.

So the changes which happened in me if I compare my first year with final year is that from coding once or twice in a couple of months to loving the coding and doing coding daily. The second thing encoding which specifically happened to me like from not being able to read my code to being distributing my code in my peers, just to just to make them understand the algorithms. Or one of the things which I think helped me a lot was explaining and peer group, which I created being in the VA boot camp we had all in the college, like self learning individually is kind of tough for me. So I always had a dad group of three or four folks that pushed me I had, like, I remember a time where I got a job, like, it was a really good company and I was in a satisfactory position. But my friends and peers in college were like you are, you can do good than this and you are born to do something greater. So they push as hard harder. So like having great views and folks around you helps a lot. That is the one change I created, like from making friends just for fun to making friends to move ahead with is the change I call it for. Not very well.

Okay. Yep.

So I think having Yes, a peer group is a really important thing because you're learning by ourselves. Yeah, we can learn by ourselves, but it's not always advisable. You know, you cannot there won't be any overall growth. So I had a team back in college we we used to share ideas. Critic, critic, other idea, others ideas and even in the VA program. I found girls who are inspired and they were inspiring others, they were inspiring me and everyone was working towards the same dream and there's just so much support that you have the earning it I got the confidence that I can learn anything in a single way. And I can go ahead with it. Yeah.

Thanks. That's a nice. Yeah. Got the confidence you can hold that thought we'll revisit that particular one. Yes, sir. Who's next fall?

So plus one two what Monica said. So, peer group actually helps a lot. So I wasn't very aware that things things just happened naturally. So in in my psyche, first year, second semester, seniors introduced us to competitive programming. So back then it was like, just for fun. There are contests happening. Okay, let's take part let's just do questions which are like not happening, or maybe just look at the editorials and all. So it over there, it happened naturally. And like I wasn't, so like the data structure skills grew by competing with each other. But the other thing that really helped me was basically the confidence boost. So I mean, when you start when you suddenly gain confidence in yourself, when you start believing in yourself, it's more like, you use you aim bigger, you try to achieve more. So you think that, hey, this is possible, let's just give it a shot. So I think that was one video that the important thing for me too, it just changed me. Yep.

Yeah. agreeing to all what Olga said, I would say that I was confidence within me because I was there. I was very, very, yeah, I was.

I can't imagine schedule you not being controlled everything, even something you're not seeing till the millisecond before.

Yes, yes. So I was I was, I was never hesitant in my life ever. But what changed in me after my third year was that my vision widened or not, so. So something is there, which is not even in your bucket list. So you cannot even think you don't know what are you missing on. But after the after my third year, I attended internship 500 D program. So my vision widened that, okay, if even if you fail, you just have to give a try. You just have to try it so that you know what it can come try this off. So that's what changed for me a lot in my first year, I didn't know that there are scholarships out there. There there is I didn't know that Google had this step intern program where you can intern right after your second year, but I and I never explored those opportunities because I will never knew them. After my third year, I knew that there is a lot of things which are going in the world, you just have to give a try and you have to explore a lot on your own. So I would say that is in one line, my vision widened a lot of my career. Hmm.

That's a very good point. Now, let's talk about what you mentioned things which you did, which you held you did mention the reprogramming policy and one of the two things I took a one is a peer group it provided the other was the fact that I think more than one person mentioned you felt you could learn anything correct? And how much did the reprogram contribute to this and how did it contribute to this in each of your goals? Yes, I

do. So, I would say that we program is is not like a very common bootcamp which is there are many boot camps right now, which tells you about coding which tells you about data structures, but I would say me program is a complete package which is which gives you everything or an overall experience it is for example, I would I would pick up some instances from there on the very first day The classes are very early, the classes are very long, then everyone would agree that yes, not initially not initially. Yeah, but then later we realized that yes, this is how we are going to be in a future so we have to adopt it as soon as we can. Then the very first day we were given I don't remember the number but we are given so much assignments and the deadline was so deadline was the next very day. So that was that made us realize that okay, this this is also there's a word which exists that you have to do tasks on the very day itself. You learn UX implement, and you just execute you commit those things. And next day you're going to sit on two different things. So we program eyes I'll say that for girls very poor living a normal life you'll see like this very harsh, it is very difficult. But that's what the actual word is if you want to excel in your life you have to be very very spontaneous in your in your everything. So I think we programmed give us those opportunities which we never thought were lying in front of us we just have to grab them and as Monica said that it made us realize that we can learn anything in one day a Shogun made us then a software a new different languages in just one day one our classes. So yeah, that's what we changed us about changed about that. And me personally. Okay.


that's one two, which says that the deadline thing that was changing thing for me too. So, as I said, ashokan used to give us works to the things which are totally new to you tools, which are totally new to you haven't even heard of it, but you have to do it. And we did that, like somehow some collaboration, some link sharing and all, but we did end up learning it. So that was one very big confidence booster. Because when you see from yourself that you are here, you are able to do this that actually boosts your confidence. The other thing that was that really helped me was the IR session. So I mentioned that every time. I mean, whenever when I attended that session, it was it was, it was certain, it was a certain boost of confidence. I mean, you see people around you sharing their stories so confidently, you learn from them, and you feel that urge within yourself to that it is possible, and you're just doubting yourself. So that was one very big confidence booster for me. Apart from

the deadline. Yeah. Deadlines Have a lovely way of teaching you the depths, which you have never explored in yourself. Yeah. Okay. Yes, it's Monica.

So I can confidently say that we program as really given me an experience from the transition from student to professional, we were given 10 minutes to form groups randomly, every time a different group and solve a problem together. So I mean, I never talked to the person right next to me and, and the instructors ashokan made us in a team up with them and solve a problem together. And it was just so wonderful that everyone was thinking in a similar way. I mean, everyone was logically and strategically planning the whole algorithm. So that was really good. And I must say that we program after the program, I realized that there's never a better time to make mistakes. Now. It's better to make mistakes now, rather than you know, making them in the wrong time. So yes, Never Never be afraid of taking risks. And yeah, it's it's just so wonderful that you can you can do anything.

Yes, that's important enough that I'm going to slightly bent my own goal of not being at the center and say, yes, that's something which I want all of you ladies to internalize. The best thing you can do in these formative years is make mistakes make as many of them as fail fast fail. Early on recover. Okay. Yes, yeah, she,

for me, the the program was like, Oh, my god, there's so many things to do. There's so many like minded people around me. They're such a, like, great learning atmosphere. The second thing, which the Chancellor commented about the assignments, assignments, so person like me, two things, assignments and punctuality for person like me, who was never on time in her own college life and school life. Who never did any homeworks or assignment given. Yeah, I never did like, oh, what was the maximum consequences, a few less of internal marks, and I was happy with it that I'd not be not to do 20 odd pages of handwriting practice. And I was happy that I need not to do assignments. I imagine. So the four, the four person like me doing assignments, and being on time was a really challenging tasks. But yeah, I was able to do it easily. The reason being the assignment given to me were not something of wastage of pending or FSA sheets, it was something that we learn and apply. Like, it was something I enjoyed doing. Like I was, I remember the first day I was a video calling with my family back in home and doing assignments on the laptop, and I was enjoying it. I have a group of friends in my college, which I'd like us to call daily and say that I do this in this and I am like, highly, would say I'm Hi. I'm glad that this week, we're not only impacted me but a group of friends which I personally know who were not directly the part of the program. But to me, they became an indirect part of that.

I'm very happy to hear that. Okay. Before we go around for the next there are a couple of questions which I would like you people to answer. I don't want to answer how the first question is how we programming give you a training because you people also have college. How do you then What this is from? Sorry, my phone. The letters are a little small. So if I misread your name, please.

Yeah, this question is

from Sammy. She's, she's curious to know how do you know the program, the B program gives you girls training? Because there's college and then there's this programs? How do you guys manage both?

I would like to answer that. But the, what's the aim of your college life, it's not just completing the tasks and getting a degree, it's securing a job. And we program helps you in that, like we program doesn't, is not something highly unrelated to college, it's a training that you will get, which will help you to excel even in the college programming. And in every job or the every dream you aspire to like being whether it's analysts, whether it's a programming, whatever you do, we program will help you form your mind, according to it. And secondly, balance.


we program taught me to be happy outside my comfort zone. And trust me, the life outside the comfort zone is really worth to live which we miss out on the protects of being stressed, there is nothing like being stressed learn to enjoy things like in the age of 18 to 22. If not, if you will not learn today, when you will learn like my answer. It's the best digital learning.

I know give a specific example of outside your comfort zone. He was one,

your punctuality was one doing assignments was also tend to six lik classes. And like in college, also, we have nine to five classes. But I was like, one option doesn't matter. But I can room for one hour. I need to relax myself. So I outside the comfort zone like learning new things in a day, which the chances are that agile pointed out, like I'm the kind of person who reads the topic and the first day reads the introduction at the next and go through the things really slow. learning things in one day or an hour, like Pelican, we learned it and then in an hour. So that whole thing were outside my comfort zone. And I'm happy I did that because I came to know that I can do that lick. told me my what my potential is.

Yeah, someone else was adding when I interrupted. Yeah.

That was great. Yeah, she I think there's just one thing, it's all these boundaries. And the limits are some things these obstacles, they seem to dictate your life, don't let them dictate you. These girls sitting in front of you are live example that they have done it. So if somebody else has done it, you girls also can do it perhaps better. Right? I'm sure all of you agree with that. Moving on to next question is from Romania. Romania is curious to know and she says she has zero coding knowledge. Am I eligible to this vi program? Can Can she do it? What is your suggestion to Romania?

I'd like to answer that. Hi, Rania. So the main reason that the program is now for the first year students is that they want we want the first year students to start their fundamentals in a right way. The problem we have is that we are a different set of fundamentals. And then we work that part was set, right. So it was kind of like a double work for us. So right now you have a wonderful opportunity to start out, right? So give it a try. It's your first year, you got to learn so much. All the best.

Thank you, Monica. And also I think will reiterate this point again, girls, we're gonna be very specifically telling and we have told this in our install live last Saturday. Also, we will not be judging you or gorging you on your coding or programming skills during your selection, but only on your learning skills, the willingness to learn the willingness to give everything your best. That's what matters. That's what is the factor the indicator for this program for you to get selected. I have one more question before we move forward. Yeah, I think again, one second.

If you venture into data science

Yeah. When I feel Yeah, someone is curious to know that

she Yes, yeah.

Hi Khushi. So I did, I did experiment a lot with machine learning, when I started out with Python programming with machine learning was the keyword that is going on around and they in everything that we could think of. So I did I did experimented but as a specialization. No, I didn't. I wanted to experiment it. So I mean, I love exploring I love as I said, learning whatever you want is the best thing that you can do to improve your skills and to improve your adaptability. So if you are interested in anything or something you're curious about something, I think it's a way to go.

Okay. Just how many of the projects you did? Were from the machine learning territory? About eight to nine, right?


so I did I started out, not you. I

mean, I'm the group about the area a man machine. Right? Yeah. So to answer it in a slightly different way, there is out of about 100 students, there were about 25 students who chose Machine Learning Center projects. And if I interpret the question differently, no, there was no one who was doing a B tag team machine learning Yay, our ML they are all trained computer science it and other fields, there is no one in that background. Okay, any other question of sporty? Can you flip through the questions and see anything else we need to answer? And people it is question time? How much more time do we have for the other? Half an hour? 15 minutes?

15 minutes at the Max?

Okay, fine. So please ask questions. Anything you want to ask? I would, unless it required my specific. I would. Yeah, I would let the wonderful team of four answer those questions. I mean,

Alec is asking how can I be a part of this program? I really want to be part of this program. The answer is very simple collect. Two applications are open it they will be open till 21st of March, a set of few 1000s of people have already applied and few hundreds have already given their first exam. So all you have to do is go on to our website we.talentsprint.com. Click on Apply. And there's two steps application form that you have to fill out and nothing else. Once you fill the application form completely. Our selection committee will review and will inform you on the further steps. So applied.

And I just wanted to add one thing that I know being being in first here, everyone be curious at how will you manage and one of the persons who asked the question, I would say kudos to the VI program designers team because they they really designed the program in such a way that you will be

Yeah. What designers? Okay. Sorry. I couldn't resist it. Go ahead. Go ahead. Yes, yes,

whoever said the program whatsoever, I'd say program coordinators, I can say that kudos to the program coordinators, and that the program is coordinated and planned in such a way that you won't feel like that you don't have enough time for a college. But you'll feel an urge to manage time well so that you can give more time to everything you have in your life. Yeah. So that so it's a new way around programs, you will not be disconnected at any moment in your life. That's the best part I've ever done. This is not like that. Okay, there's a program for one month, then it's over. And then there's no more. No, we're coming back. We we graduated last year and we are still connected to the program. So that's what's special about this program is Yeah,

thanks. For those nice.

Big one more question we have is from Amelia on calcula. She's asking I know only C language Am I eligible for this program?

language is just a tool. You can like many languages all you need is logic and we program is there for you to so that you can build solid foundations.

Okay, how many languages Did you write code in in the program?

I did write in to you.

I mean, generally, how many program What language did he write in the program? Anybody for

Java, c++, Python Haskell,

this color Hello, yeah.

To mention it was mandated to write your assignments in more than one programming language. Yes,


Ah, do you now no complicated programming? Would you like to answer that? Yeah. So

you don't need to have competitive programming experience to give tests for the VB program. So the basically the test is after two weeks of learning, so you are given time to ramp up on a language and know the questions are not like some areas given and Vasa take some numbers or something like that. No, it's not like that. So you definitely don't need you just need to learn it learn some language on your own during the duration during the two weeks duration, and that should be sufficient, as far as I think.

So I don't know which language I should learn for coding in the program, we give a choice typically, c, c++, Java, Python, anyone? Once again, when you complete this program, you will realize two things. One, you can learn a language in a couple of hours to do 80% of what you can do in Erlang in a language which you have been programming for one year. Would that be a correct statement? People?

Absolutely, absolutely.

That's one thing you will learn. The second thing is, the more languages you learn, the easier it becomes to learn an additional language. Okay, that's one

nice thing, sir. But I only know C language,

you only know which makes you a very, very small percentage of the population. Okay, let me put it this way. You probably have written an exam in C language. Okay. People don't laugh, you know, this is my standard statement. Yeah. You don't need to have we will like soup scorpy said we will give you a two three week window in which we will try to see how much you have learnt in those two three weeks any language of your choice, and then you are able to write basic code you should be able to get

Yes, you need to learn coding basics. Voice should he says she has stage here? How can I work on somebody next show

you I think I will take this because this is something I've faced too. So I can assure you when you are in the program, your stage here will be over because you're supposed to give presentations every week. And that to like on a technical topics. So you first have to research and you have to speak on that too. That is one thing. The other thing which will like Help, help you overcome is basically there are a couple of sessions during the program to like the IR session I mentioned that also helps you build confidence in yourself. So yeah, definitely, you can overcome it during the program. The presentations itself will be enough, I guess.

Yeah. Ah, what else

is asking? Angelina? Oh, someone is asking do we have interview this year? There is no interviews this year as a part of selection process and journey. So we all we have is a three stage selection process fairly simple. First is your aptitude test. Second is your English communication. And third is your technical as I showed him said you will have the flexibility to choose the language program that you want to learn. And it's only learning not programming or coding.

Now what do you mean by that is, we don't expect you to know the language before you enter the program. So during the program, we will see how you learn and the way you will like we keep repeating how you learn. I hope you all have noticed we I have never made the statement we will teach you the X. Let me ask a question to the four ladies. What exactly did I teach people?


would say that one of the core concepts she was already told us that you have to learn how to do so yeah, that's what I learned that how to learn things on my own. Yeah,

yes. The others.

You're basically given you're basically told what to learn. And then you figure out how to learn and how do you go about it? That's particular.

And now You make it sound? Something very soft. Why is this so difficult? Or why does this sound so unusual?

So usually, I think in colleges and all what you're typically done is you're spoon fed but I think learning to learn is actually a very good thing because When you're working in the real world, nobody is going to spoon feed you stuff you are supposed to learn on your own. So the earlier you start learning this, the earlier you get this habit, it's, it's better.

Or I can also give a very good example. So in our corporate life, we are given tasks which have to finish an essay a given time. So your, your manager or your lead will not ask you that, you know, this technology, they will simply assign you a task and you're supposed to submit your code by the end of the week. So there is when you you read, you realize that how important was it that I actually learned? How did I know, because now if you know the act, but your task is an Angular, React novice won't tell you that you have to anyway, learn react, that is what this program instills in you, the ability to learn yourself.

I think, you know, this program also teaches I went society. So it gives you an experience that you will know how to learn. So there's always these that, you know, they're always courses online, you can just dive headfirst. But that's not always the case that don't help you. You You have to experiment or you know, get get your hands dirty, and then done. So it's not just blind studying or learning from textbooks, you have to experience it.

Got to see Yes, yeah, that acknowledging that decision, many people are talking about eligibility. So sporty, we'll do. It looks like people would rather hear from us on the eligibility, then go to the website, maybe we can take a minute to cover that,

or shorten this, again, the eligibility of this program. This program is only for women engineering students who are currently in their first year, meaning after the exams this summer, they're going to enter into their second year. That's the eligibility in terms of, you know, the engineering bit of it. And the other eligibility criteria is that you will have to have 70% or more in both your 10th and 12th. Grade. These three, again, repeating 70% or more in your 10th in your 12th. And you must be currently in your first year engineering. A woman student going to enter second year post your exams this summer.

This thought curry has said msec a student if you're in your first year, please send a mail to us. We will see whether we can I we don't know we haven't seen such a program. If you're in your first year. We can see whether we want to we can accommodate just send the applicant send a separate mail, Mr. To water address up

to me@talentsprint.com. That's the

type that also Yeah, yes, Mr. Just send a mail, we will revert to you on that specifically. So if you are not in the first year, and if you are not alone, you won't get selected. Please don't laugh when I say if you're not a one because we have around 10% men applying for this program. Don't ask me why.

We haven't this year as well. I should have been by the way. Yeah. And I think we also have one of these questions. I think two people ask the same question and Jenny and samiksha they're asking if we get selected will we have a chance to visit Google Hyderabad?

Possibly last the last two batches did we see but that is always subject to a lot last matches this year. There was no physical class in Hyderabad. So subject to the great God COVID permitting, that will happen.

I would answer it in a rather different I mean different way I think shakin why he Why just get oh no aim for a chance to visit Google hydrabad Why not? You know, you get a chance to just intern with them stay there. Why not get a full time chance full time employee agriculture is already there. So don't aim for just a chance to visit Google Hyderabad, there are many more chances you can learn with them.

I am an employee. That is a very, very, very funny joke in my part of the world. It doesn't translate well. I think I've quoted this even in my classes, I will still say, you know when the river is running in full flood, the dog will still liquid. It won't drink our Gulf the water. So we have the world of opportunity before us. So what could be said this wonderful thing point. Yay. Why Google Hyderabadi for Google Mountain View. Why Google? Anything? Aim for the rain for NASA. Does not just Google or this. Please remember there are people who are going for their PhD for out after this program also to people so yep.

Alright, I think I can show is asking the only other questions. I will. I think I'll take this question many of them asking about confirmation or getting notified about the selection process. Don't worry. Once you successfully submit your application, you will receive an email stating that your application is successfully received. And it is for review with the selection committee. So once the selection committee reviews, your application, you will be notified over email regarding further steps. So your aptitude test basis the chart or the basis the slot you have chosen, and all other selection process, you will be notified over email, you will also have a remainder email, and an SMS also will be sent multimedia is a friend, let's make the best use of it.

Okay, I think we have just about or short our time. Yeah, I would like to finish my portion by wishing all of you all the very best. I make one statement, I made the statement. I think in the previous program, I will make the same statement to all of you. The V program is an invitation for all of you, to determine your destiny, to take charge of your destiny. Everything else is a means towards that end. My ideal outcome for anyone who goes through the VI program is you know what, I have total control over my rest of my life. I know what type of companies I can get into, I know what type of jobs I will get into, I know what level I will go to. And I know how to grow there. That is the goal of the program. And that is what we want to offer you the opportunity to be in control of your destiny. That's the biggest thing. And before I close, I would invite my friends to share their comment, opinion, advice, what have you to the audience.

To everyone who is hesitating for the next steps or are in a dilemma, just want to say that the secret to getting ahead is getting started. So give it a try. If what what else? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? You can just it's just experience you can experience anything?

Yeah, what can go wrong, you will get selected and you will not actually learn? Exactly.

Yeah, I would say to everyone who's listening and who will be listening post the recording that this word is full of opportunities, just Dream High. So that even if you fall you fall up a wall. So yeah, just there's a lot of opportunities out there. Just go and explore yourself. That's the sporting, you should have that the thirst to explore everything. Yeah, thank you

adding my two cents do not doubt yourself, you're actually capable of much more than your thing. So just believe in yourself and things naturally fall into place.

I want to add on the same point like go with the flow, things will get better and best when they are designed to be just don't be afraid of don't make all your calculation that if this then this


goes wrong often times go unplanned go with the flow, you will come and die, you will see the best in you. Like I never like till my second year, I never imagined that I will be in this place.

Yeah, I he actually is very, very odd. So I also want to add her college she got only a regular ordinary job she didn't. She just said I got this and waiting for better thing she was supremely confident. Until she aced that project program. She just didn't bother about whatever else was happening. And that, to me is the radical example a woman who's in control of her destiny. She was very certain where she is going to end up with and that was one of the many hundreds of proud moments as a teacher of this program I had. Similarly then Monica decided to take an interesting job in AAA t which is part research parts of the engineering that again made my day and then schedule they landed a job in a language called Haskell, which he hadn't heard of, and I'm sure all her classmates are not all her classmates or what have you on today. Lisa was the first in our gang to get into Google, each one of them showed what is possible when people believe in themselves and act to doing something you are. On that note, all the very first may you all be in charge of your destiny and take control of your own success. All the very best.

Thank you ashokan Thank you girls. It was really inspiring and wonderful. And sure, there's a lot more and and these guys are as Shannon was saying, a very modest and very nerd humility bit of factor has come in, and they only shared only a little bit of the story. So on our website, you can actually you know, go see, check out their alumni diaries, where we have stories of these girls and the grit and determination and the hard work they have put in. So who is this Women Engineers program for? It is not just for the dreamers, but for the dreamers who have the willingness to have the courage to put in their grit and determination and to make their dreams a reality. It's a world of unlimited possibilities waiting out there. Do not restrict yourself. Do this, do it today. Do it. Now. On that note, thank you very much, your viewers for joining the session. Thank you our Rockstar service callers. And again, once again, wishing you all a very, very happy Women's Day. That's all I'm looking forward to receiving your applications and who knows some of you could be with us for the next school board.

Thank you

all the very best. Thank you.

Bye, everybody. Bye everybody. Atom with you all later.

Sure. Sure, definitely. Bye. Bye.

Thank you all for giving us this opportunity.

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