• Asokan Pichai
    Program Director

    Asokan is an Industry Instructor, Instructional Designer, and Programming Guru, with a solid software development experience of over 35 years. He has been awarded as the top 50 Programming Gurus in India. He is an early adopter of open-source software. He has acted as a consultant in the FOSSEE project at IIT Bombay. He also launched India’s first successful and profitable city portal.

Participants Speak

Amazing course delivery and fantastic sessions by Asokan sir. The program is better than any other course offered in the market. I must say I have attended CS50 of Harvard but Asokan sir’s delivery is awesome. I am from an IIT and it is sometimes better than those CS101 and CS201 offered at IITs.TalentSprint must put it up as a MOOC.
- Hemant

Thank you TalentSprint for this 8-day Python Learning Program. A very well-structured curriculum with adequate time allocation across topics. Kudos to Asokan & Dr. Habeeb for patiently addressing all queries which makes the learning easy. The mini hackathon towards the end was so very useful - giving us a flavour of what to expect in real life scenarios. I would rate this one among the top courses offered.
- Seetharaman

Program Details

Expertise in Python is essential for advancing your career in the AI-first world. This program provides the right foundation in Python, its libraries and other relevant tools. The curriculum, format and schedule are given below.


  • tick-icon-list Introduction to Python Language
  • tick-icon-list Scalar Data Types
  • tick-icon-list Loops, Conditions, and Functions
  • tick-icon-list Strings and Lists
  • tick-icon-list Dictionaries and Sets
  • tick-icon-list Iterators
  • tick-icon-list Jupyter, Colab
  • tick-icon-list Higher-order functions
  • tick-icon-list Collections.Counter
  • tick-icon-list Numpy
  • tick-icon-list OOP in Python
  • tick-icon-list Data Munging and Visualization
  • tick-icon-list Pandas
  • tick-icon-list Matplotlib
  • tick-icon-list SciPy
  • tick-icon-list Matrices
  • tick-icon-list Regression
  • tick-icon-list Simulation
  • tick-icon-list Mini-project

Interactive Online Classes

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Duration: 14 days

  • tick-icon-list Preparatory Work: Preview videos + Pre-reading (60 minutes)
  • tick-icon-listInteractive Online Lecture: 6:30 - 8:00 pm (90 minutes)
  • tick-icon-listCoding Practice: 120 minutes
  • tick-icon-listCode Discussions: Next Day, 6:30 - 8:00 PM (90 minutes)
  • tick-icon-listMini Projects of 14+ hours

Who should join?

This program is best suited for aspirants who are keen to be ready for the AI-first world. Both working professionals and college students are eligible for this program.

Selection Process

  • Apply for the Program

    By sharing your education and professional details

  • Wait for Selection

    By program selection committee

  • Start Learning Python


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