AI for India and Beyond: Insights from Dr. Manish Gupta

In TalentSprint’s DeepTalk series titled “AI for India and Beyond”, Dr. Manish Gupta, a Google AI veteran throws light on how and why some basic frontiers in India can be augmented with technology. 

The conversation between Dr. Manish Gupta, Director at Google Research India, and Dr. Santanu Paul MD and CEO at TalentSprint, covered some exciting aspects about leveraging AI’s power in real-life applications.

Here are some excerpts.

Leveraging AI at Google Research India

At Google Research India, it is about doing intensive foundational research and applying it to solve meaningful problems in various fields like agriculture, healthcare, etc. Working on local challenges and solutions provides a vast opportunity. It focuses on three dimensions of impact: the impact on the scientific community, common people, and the world. Then it boils down to measuring the impact – reaching and touching the lives of billions of people worldwide. The AI for Social Good program focuses on leveraging Google’s AI expertise in solving humanitarian and environmental challenges. 

AI in healthcare 

When it comes to healthcare, AI is helping people to be proactive by focussing more on being healthy rather than sick care. It can help to reduce the tremendous burden on the formal healthcare system. Further, it impacts several aspects of healthcare, including early detection, more accurate diagnosis, advanced treatment, health monitoring, research, and much more.

AI in EdTech

AI in EdTech is an exciting space as it can expand learner engagement by providing personalized courses for every individual. AI can help to understand a learner’s unique expectations and aspirations and complement a learner’s path. It can make recommendations along the way and even motivate a learner when she/he feels like quitting. It can challenge the learner with more challenging tasks when things get boring. So AI can redefine this space.

AI for India and Beyond – A DeepTalk with Dr. Manish Gupta, Director at Google Research India
In TalentSprint’s DeepTalk, an interactive series on DeepTech that galvanizes ideas and advice from leaders, experts, and trendsetters in emerging technologies, Dr. Gupta unraveled many layers of AI from an Indian context.

AI in Agriculture

Enabling crop insurance is one example. There are many more – like pest protection. Google has funded projects to develop some of these detection-oriented algorithms. They can advise farmers about pest prediction, protection from outbreaks, and save a lot of crops. Similarly, banks can give better credit to farmers at reasonable rates. The list is endless. There are a lot of ways in which technology can transform agriculture. 

What else can AI do?

Dr. Gupta and Dr. Paul also covered other apt issues like digital payments, personalized healthcare, representation of women in the tech industry, especially senior leadership roles, instant COVID-19 tests, and new tech-enabled ways to manage wellness and fraud detection.  

Dr. Gupta also advised about the level of risk that professionals should take. He said, “I think that T-shaped individuals would be interested in the future. Have at least one area where you have enough depth to be among the top-most people in that domain. Become true experts globally in one area. Then work on having some breadth too.”

Building expertise in AI – Making it easier and effective

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