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Learn to code like a pro through intense short-term programs. Best suited for graduates and young professionals seeking to launch their career in a hyper-competitive industry.

AI and Data

AI and Data Science are the reigning technologies, bringing unparalleled power to business and economy. Build hands-on expertise in these cutting-edge technologies from top academic research institutions and global corporations.

and Blockchain

Join the future of financial and business innovation with expertise in FinTech, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technologies. Learn from top management and technical institutions in India.

Cyber Security
and Cyber Defense

Learn from leaders in Cyber Security and Cyber Defence and develop hands-on expertise from India’s top-ranked institution. Best suited for professionals passionate about exploring disruptions in the cyber world.


Pioneer the technology-led healthcare revolution with cutting-edge capabilities in AI for Digital Health and Imaging. Best suited for professionals creating technology solutions in eHealth, Telemedicine, Well-being, BioTech, Wearables and more.


AI enables marketers to automate and optimize their marketing efforts that makes personalised marketing-at-scale, a present day reality. Get ready to leverage the power of AI and make smarter and data-driven marketing decisions.

Process Automation

DPA is the evolution of the ways businesses operate. By automating business processes, organizations can accelerate digital transformation from end to end. Build intelligent automation solutions for your organization that will improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency.

Process Automation

RPA is the fastest-growing powerful business process automation software. It enables you with tools to create your own software robots to automate any business process. Join the league of next-gen professionals by building capabilities in robotic process automation.

Chip Design

Semiconductor chips are the engine and lifeblood of the future world of technology. Providing faster and more powerful chips is the key to emerging technologies fulfilling their potential. Build VLSI chip designing capabilities to power new-age technologies like AI, IoT, VR, Mobility, Cloud, and Analytics.

Internet of
Things (IoT)

There will be hardly anything left untouched by IoT’s influence, from smart homes, smart cars, smart healthcare to smart cities. But the industry needs professionals with expertise in the technologies and processes around IoT to fulfill its ambitions of interconnectivity. Build relevant capabilities and ride the next big technology wave.

Digital Manufacturing and
Smart Factories

Manufacturers are integrating technologies like IoT, Cloud Computing and Analytics, and AI/ML into their production facilities and throughout their operations. This helps them with real-time decision-making, enhanced productivity, flexibility, and agility. Gain in-depth knowledge of such technologies to lead the digital transformation in the sector.

Management Development

Build management capabilities to help your organization, irrespective of the sector you belong to, and thrive in digital reality. Explore our programs structured to help professionals deepen their understanding of organizational management, gain strategic and leadership insights with accelerated career growth.

Leadership Transformation

Great leaders are a key force in creating a culture of performance an organization needs to achieve the desired RoI. While the digital age is truly upon us, organizations need leaders who can lead and empower their teams to navigate the digital shift. Discover our leadership programs tailored to help professionals climb the corporate ladder.


Top-Tier Program Partners

Trusted Partner of Top Academic Institutions and Bluechip Global Corporations

    #1 University and
    Research Institute

    #3 B-School
    in Asia

    #1 NIRF Ranked Institution
    in India (Overall)

    #5 NIRF Ranked Institution
    in India (Overall)

    Ranked #8 in Engineering
    Institutions by NIRF 2023

  • IIM Lucknow
    Ranked #6 in Management
    Institutions by NIRF 2023

    The youngest AACSB-accredited
    B-school in India

    #1 Private University in India - Education World India Higher Education Rankings for 2022 - 23

    World Leader in
    AI & Computer Science Research Education

  • College of Engineering, Nexus
    University of Michigan

    #7 Best Online Graduate Engineering Program, USA

  • NIBM
    Apex Institution in Banking
    Estd. by RBI & Banks.

  • IIIT Bangalore
    India's #1 Best
    Technical Universities (private) by India Today

  • IIFT
    Leader in International Business Management and Strategy Research and Education

    World’s #1
    Search Engine

    Leader in Digital
    Process Automation

    World’s #1

  • More..

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