Cyber Security Program: Top 3 reasons for the success of the 1st Cohort

There is a lot of latent demand in the market but there are two other factors catalyzing the success of such programs.

The COVID-19 outbreak has not only caused massive global disruption, but it has also altered the entire global workforce and the cyber security landscape. The world now has moved to Cloud and remote models unprecedentedly since the onslaught of COVID19.

The way people work has changed. Data and processes are no longer confined to any visible perimeter. The direction ahead also hints at the continued penetration of remote-work and telework in many industries. But the shift to cloud and other platforms comes with its own set of security challenges. Hackers don’t discriminate between a large and small business. No one is immune to a cyber attack. Today’s glut of digital data means advanced cyber security measures are more crucial than ever.

Cyber Security: the most in-demand skill, post COVID-19

Industry reports are pointing out that cyber security roles would be the first to be hired post-lockdown as soon as enterprises resume work at full pace. The third annual survey of 750 cybersecurity and IT professionals worldwide (KPMG-Oracle’s Cloud Threat, 2020) reveals that right now there is a crisis of confidence due to a patchwork approach to data security, mis-configured services and confusion around new cloud security models. IT professionals are three times more concerned about the security of company financials and IP than their home security. As many as 80% observed that recent data breaches suffered by other businesses have nudged everyone towards better protection of data.

That explains the phenomenal success of the Program in Cyber Security and Cyber Defense. Delivered in partnership with one of the country’s premium institutes – IIT Kanpur. The Program’s first cohort of 40 professionals commenced in November 2019. The curriculum is designed to enable professionals to build solutions to the challenges the IT security industry is confronting.

The 1st Cohort saw professionals from many blue-chip companies from sectors like Technology, Consulting, Finance, and Insurance  enrolling for the Program. Names like KPMG, Honeywell, Cisco, Cognizant, Ola etc. were part of this new format. Highest enrolment included professionals with 10+ years of experience.

What propelled these cohort classes to elevated levels of success?

  1. This is not any run-of-the-mill  program but is created with meticulous attention to the actual challenges and trends that cyber security professionals have to be ready for. To add to that, the cohort sessions accelerate the candidates on the career path with latest skills and gap-fillers that a busy, on-the-job life may not always make it easy for them to catch up on.
  2. The format is executive-friendly, hands-on and rich with opportunities for interaction and collaboration.

The expertise in cyber security cannot be honed the old way. Instead, such capabilities would have to be built up with a new-age Program and with deeper exposure to real-world issues.

Going forward, these professionals will be the new front-line leaders after lockdowns ease. More than ever, this is the right time for professionals to exploit the new demand that is only going to gather more force as organizations move into the ‘new world’. And that’s where they would need the right professionals and expertise by their side.