Early Careers across Technology and Analytics

In the latest edition of #WhatIndustryWants series titled “Early Careers across Technology and Analytics”, Ashish Sam, Sr. Partner, People & Operations, TheMathCompany, shared his thoughts on the fast-growing career opportunities in the technology and analytics space and how to gear up to tap into such opportunities.

In this modern, data-driven world we live in today, massive amounts of data are constantly being generated and used to gain meaningful insights. So naturally, this space is growing swiftly. According to Statista, the global big data and business analytics (BDA) market was valued at 168.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and is forecast to grow to a staggering 215.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.

To build a product, process the data, and render crucial insights, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning (ML) modules saves a lot of time and costs. With high-value problem-solving techniques, Data Science firms have sped up digital transformation. By employing such technologies, they power solutions and create new possibilities each day. From data-powered solutions to new experiences and products, these companies make measurable and meaningful impacts for various businesses. 

Data Science and AI are a fast-growing industry and are creating promising career opportunities for data-passionate professionals. However, the hiring aspects in Data Science firms are stringent. Hence, it’s essential to understand the early career opportunities for technology and analytics and the hiring aspects of this industry. 

In the latest edition of the #WhatIndustryWants series titled “Early Careers across Technology and Analytics”, Ashish Sam, Sr. Partner, People & Operations, TheMathCompany, shared his thoughts on the fast-growing career opportunities in the technology and analytics space and how to gear up to tap into such opportunities. In addition, he answered some interesting questions. 

  • Is TheMathCompany a product or technology or analytics company? What does technology mean at TheMathCompany?
  • What skill sets TheMathCompany looks for in a candidate? What is the hiring process at TheMathCompany?
  • What’s now and next in analytics, automation and emerging technologies? What are the skills that would be in great demand in the near future? 
  • How important is it for freshers or students to concentrate on projects while learning? 
  • Career opportunities in technology and analytics. What capabilities companies look for in a young graduate? 
  • How to get trained and build such new capabilities?… and more

The session was moderated by Vikas Bhansali, Head- Corporate Alliances & Career Development at TalentSprint.

Here are the excerpts from the webinar.

Skill sets companies look for while hiring a candidate

While hiring a great data scientist, companies search for those candidates who can formulate the problem statement. Knowing to program, having experience and skill sets is always basic. But the critical aspect of hiring in technology and analytics is the never-give-up attitude of the individual. In the fast-paced world, lifelong learning has become the norm. Having a hunger to learn and do more is a must for a Data Scientist. 

An interactive session on early careers across technology and analytics with Ashish Sam, Sr. Partner, People & Operations, TheMathCompany

Willingness to learn new things or skills is one of the crucial qualities that companies look for when hiring new candidates. The passion for learning something gives the motivation to find unique solutions to problems. In addition, the thirst for knowledge helps to develop as an individual. It is easy to learn skills, but the candidate needs a great attitude to gain knowledge. Likewise, strong communication and structured thinking are essential.  

Hiring diverse talent is crucial for a data-driven company. Hence, nowadays, companies look for candidates with math, stats, economics, and operational research background apart from engineers. When organizations like TalentSprint train candidates, it creates a pool of readily trained, skilled individuals, and hiring candidates becomes an effortless task.

Attitude – a key area to focus

Programming is a great way to communicate with tools and machines. Hence, these skills are mandatory, and one needs to get comfortable with them. Today, there are a plethora of easy programming languages to choose from. Python, R, and SQL are currently hot skills in the market. However, in the coming months, the demand for these skills can change, and it should not come as a surprise. In the future of the ever-evolving world of data, technology, and analytics, cloud architecture infrastructure big data will be in a boom. Having a good attitude to learn new things is the critical skill set for success. As the line between data scientists and data engineers is getting thin, a candidate should aspire to become a full stat data scientist.

Investment in people development

Every organization in this industry has to invest in people’s growth and learning. Therefore, upskilling knowledge is crucial for every employee and organization. TheMathCompany has a program called ‘Co.ach’. In this program, a 12 membered team is focused on upskilling all the individuals across analytics disciplines. The training modules and programs are rigorous and carefully curated. The customized programs offer capstone projects, webinars, learning modules, and much more. 

For the employees, this company offers a learn from home (LFH) training program. This elective training is for motivating employees to upskill themselves in modern tools and technology. The self-study or group studies sessions encourage the completion of certification courses to build innovative analytics solutions. With the in-house Competency Index, employee growth is measured quarterly, and efforts are made towards people’s development. 

Entering Data Science and analytics space

Data Science and analytics are hot words and in great demand. Storytelling and the ability to solve problems are critical. Adaptability to do various things and having an open mind is always helpful in the data science and analytics profession. 

With the digital transformation, TheMathCompany is focused on solving real-world problems and challenges irrespective of domain or technology with complex data sets and advanced analytics tools.