How Blockchain-enabled ‘AsliMedicine’ became the perfect solution to eliminate fake medicine?

Blockchain became the talk of the town with the rise of cryptocurrency. Since then, this transformative technology has come a long way, citing its potential applications in fintech, logistics, healthcare, education, and even in legal tech.

With Blockchain at the forefront, one can foresee innumerable possibilities. All it needs is capabilities to deploy disruptive Blockchain. IIIT Hyderabad and TalentSprint’s Blockchain Program provides a platform for professionals to boldly explore Blockchain ideas and translate them into reality with the help of experts.

Its unique curriculum paves the way for participants to pick up a challenge in any sector and solve it using Blockchain technology. You not only gain expertise and certification from India’s leading Blockchain Center of Excellence at IIIT Hyderabad but also get mentorship from the academic and the entrepreneur community to give your ideas the boost it requires. So far, the program has laid a firm foundation for nearly 405 successful startups.

Of them, the first one to hit the public eye was Asli Medicine. A ground-breaking idea by alumni of the Blockchain Program. In a nutshell, Blockchain-enabled AsliMedicine solves drug traceability concerns in Pharma supply chain management to address the problem of counterfeit medicine. The startup aims to protect the brand identity of pharma manufacturing companies and curb the burgeoning issue of fake medicines in the market.

Meet the team behind AsliMedicine and learn how the program paved the way for the genesis of this unique game-changing idea.

About the program: IIIT Hyderabad | TalentSprint’s Advanced Certificate Program in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies brings you a hands-on learning experience through Faculty-led Interactive LIVE Sessions, Hackathons, Capstone Projects, Master Mentors, and an exceptional peer group. 

The program further comes with the added support of the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) at IIIT Hyderabad. CIE focuses on deep-tech startups, seeding startups directly out of research, and actively connecting research with startups.

When the organizations around the world are looking forward to basking in the glory of this cutting-edge technology, this is your opportunity to begin a new inning of your career powered by Blockchain. 


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