How IIM Calcutta | TalentSprint’s FinTech Programme helped Amit land his dream job at MasterCard.

The FinTech industry presents numerous opportunities and huge growth potential. With digital disruption revolutionizing the finance and banking industry, many professionals consider it wise to switch to FinTech to future proof their career and take control of their professional path.

IIM Calcutta’s FinTech Programme is making great strides in the country, helping professionals seamlessly change their careers from traditional banking and finance to FinTech. Since it’s inception, over 300 participants working with 170+ top companies like NABARD, PwC India, Goldman Sachs, National Insurance, Societe Generale, Standard Chartered, SBI, and many more have attended this programme and transformed their career.

Today, some are leading FinTech projects in their company, some embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, while some others accelerated their career with new roles in organizations with their FinTech capabilities.

Of them, we bring to you the experience of Amit Tyagi, Business Development (South Asia), MasterCard. A former Standard Chartered Bank professional, Amit found his calling in the “Payments” sector after attending the FinTech Programme.

An ardent retail banker, Amit was skeptical if traditional banking background can maximize his success in the FinTech industry. But after setting himself up for this intensive learning journey, he landed his aspirational FinTech job with MasterCard.  He recalls how his greatest learning came from Peer interaction, Group assignments, and Capstone projects.

Meet Amit Tyagi and discover how he landed his dream role in FinTech with IIM Calcutta’s FinTech Programme.

TalentSprint and IIM Calcutta’s Advanced Programme in FinTech and Financial Blockchain helps professionals build relevant expertise that can lead a traditional BFSI organization into the new era of FinTech. The Programme is best suited for professionals in Banking, Consulting, Financial Services, Insurance, Management, and Technology, who want to be at the forefront of the FinTech Revolution and wish to lead FinTech initiatives in their organization or want to start their own.

If you are keen on deep-diving into FinTech and highly motivated to ride this FinTech wave, this programme is the one you should be looking for, to tap that opportunity.


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