Top 5 Reasons why AI is the skill of the future

AI: From a Trend to Everyday Reality
Have you ever seen an inanimate object come to life? Well, AI-powered applications are doing today to everyday machines what magicians do to white eggs. Turn them into flying pigeons! Way past the point of science fiction, Machine Learning is an everyday reality; in chatbots, shopping, phones, cars et al.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation are the new norms for today’s enterprise.
In the wake of the forthcoming industrial revolution, Artificial Intelligence and Automation are the new norms for today’s enterprise. They are ensuring that AI is effectively integrated across all business platforms. Enterprises are realigning their strategies to retain their market position and gain an edge over competitors through deep-tech applications. Sooner they realize its importance, the better the chances of staying ahead of the competition curve.

Organizations are spending their precious resources in implementing AI into their business model with newer applications, virtually in every industry vertical: healthcare, retail, automation and more.

So is AI here to stay? These top 5 reasons will help you decide.

1) Deep Tech applications like AI and Machine learning are being increasingly deployed in industries to reduce human effort
2) AI is growing with consumer data and not just business data. Algorithms are being trained on billions of data points generated at the intersection of consumer and machine interaction.
3) AI will experience exponential growth since the time gap between research and implementation has reduced considerably.
4) AI is shaping the way humans will live and work. People don’t notice easily, but for every search on Google, purchase at Amazon and more, AI-driven applications are at work.
5) There is no replacement for AI. No other technology is powerful enough to offer a more compelling case of transformation. All research and funding now revolve around AI.

AI has nearly invaded every sphere of our lives today. The only thing that will step up the growth of AI/ML is the availability of talent pool and passion for harnessing AI for the future. Too many projects are chasing too few talent. This indicates a rising urgency for individuals to equip themselves with expertise in disruptive technologies as almost every leading organization or fast-growth startup is adopting AI/ML.

The technology is still evolving and very few have mastered it. It is important to learn from the people at the forefront, instead of scraping bits and pieces of information lying around. Experiential learning becomes more important at this stage. It is seen that only 1% of India’s tech professional talent pool has exposure to AI/ML. Whereas going forward, 75% of the IT projects India will be working on, will have some application of AI implemented in it.

Recently, we notice a keen interest among tech professionals to upskill themselves in this area. For example, the AI and Machine Learning course designed exclusively for working professionals by IIIT Hyderabad in association with TalentSprint has seen over 2000 tech professionals with an average experience of 7 years building their AI expertise. To ensure effectiveness and fast-track learning, the program was designed to make it working professional friendly with a unique 5-step learning process of masterclass lectures, hands-on labs, mentorship, industry projects and hackathons, and workshops.

There are also many other platforms like edX and Coursera where AI enthusiasts are sharpening their knowledge. The pace at which professionals are adopting this emerging technology is rapid. And though India is behind the US and China, with continued focus, we will be able to find a strong foothold for ourselves in this disruptive area going forward.