Data Science Course

to Harness the Power of Data for Real-World Decision Making

PG Level Advanced Certification Programme in
Computational Data Science

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  • India’s #1 University (2015-23) & Research Institute (2021-23)*
  • 12 Months
    Executive Friendly
  • 2 Campus visits of
    2 days each
  • 100%LIVE Interactive Classes
  • *As per NIRF Ranking

3 Reasons Why This Data Science Course
is Unique

1 Learn from the Leading Faculty at IISc, India’s #1 University and Research Institute*

  • Designed by Faculty Members of IISc’s Department of Computational and Data Sciences
  • Taught by 5 Engineering and Management Sciences Faculty from IISc
  • Curated Industry Capstones, and option to Bring Your Own Project
  • 360° Learning on TalentSprint’s best-in-class Pracademic Platform
  • 12 Month Online Live Interactive Sessions
  • 1:1 Mentoring by Industry and Academia Experts

2 Demonstrate your expertise to get an edge in your career

  • Build compelling Data Stories to chronicle your learning journey
  • Strengthen your resume by showcasing your expertise through Data Stories

3 Reboot your career for hyper-digital economy

  • Get ready for a new world where Data Science is transforming business and society at an unprecedented pace
  • Design, build and deploy solutions to take data-driven real-world decisions
  • Derive lifelong benefits from TalentSprint’s growing network of Data Scientists

*As per NIRF Ranking 2023


Data science is the future

  • About 95,000 vacancies for Data Scientists exist in India today
  • Data science needs will create roughly 11.5 million job openings by 2026
  • "Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine"
  • Chief Data Officers can increase consistent production of business value by a factor of 2.6X

Top Data Science Career Opportunities

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineers
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architect
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • And more

Gain the IISc Bangalore Advantage

IISc (Indian Institute of Science) tops among the oldest and the finest higher education institutes of India. It pursues excellence in research and education in several fields of Science and Engineering and is one of the first three publicly funded institutes to be awarded the Institute of Eminence status. The alumni of IISc hold significant academic and industry positions around the globe. For more information visit

The PG Level Advanced Certification in Computational Data Science will be delivered by IISc’s Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) in collaboration with TalentSprint. CCE delivers courses suitably designed to meet the requirements of various target groups, eg: research & development (R&D) laboratories and industries, research scientists and engineers, to enable them to grow into competent managers of technology-intensive and data-driven organizations. For more information visit

  • India’s #1 University (2015-23) & Research Institute (2021-23)
  • India's #1 University (2024)
  • 2 Bharat Ratna Awardees

IISc Data Science Course Overview

Are you a working professional looking to build expertise in Data Science? Look no further than the PG Level Advanced Certification course in Data Science offered by Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in association with TalentSprint. This highly sought-after programme offers a unique 5-step learning process, including LIVE online faculty-led interactive sessions, capstone projects, mentorship, case studies, and data stories.

Taught by world-class faculty from a global institution and supplemented with industry learnings, this 12-month programme is best suited for professionals who want to gain practical hands-on experience in solving real-life challenges. The programme teaches participants how to build powerful models to generate actionable insights, necessary for making data-driven decisions.

With an overwhelming response, this programme has enabled 750+ professionals to build Data Science expertise. Don't miss the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of working with data and identifying insights. Enroll now and take your career to the next level with the PG Level Advanced Certification course in Computational Data Science.

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Data Science Course Curriculum

Cutting-edge curriculum that reflects the latest and proven industry practices

  • Google Colab
  • Python
    1. Matplotlib
    2. Numpy
    3. Pandas
  • Basic mathematics: Matrix, Calculus, Probability
  • Basic data visualization
  • Data Cleaning/Munging

Foundational Modules - 6 weeks

  • Importance of Calculus and Linear Algebra in Data Science
  • Basics of Univariate and Multivariate Calculus Vector Operations and Norms

  • Derivatives and Partial Derivatives
  • Composite Functions and the Chain Rule
  • Introduction to Automatic Differentiation

  • Gradient Descent Fundamentals
  • The Mechanics of Backpropagation

  • Vector Spaces, Bases, and Dimensions
  • Linear Transformations and Matrices Matrix Operations in Data Science

  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA): Theory and Application
  • Overview of Matrix Factorization Techniques (e.g., SVD, QR decomposition)

Core Modules - 28 weeks

  • Problem-solving strategy with data science tools, ML, and DL.
  • Model selection, feature importance

  • Least Squares; Regularization - Elastic Net, Ridge, Lasso; Bias-Variance tradeoff
  • Development-testing paradigm

  • Classification algorithms
  • Evaluation Metrics: MSE, Accuracy, Precision, Recall, F1 Score

  • Decision Tree Algorithms
  • Voting Classifiers, Bagging Ensemble models
  • Random Forests

  • XGBoost
  • Light GBM

  • Clustering (k-means, dbscan), Agglomerative clustering
  • Anomaly Detection

  • Overview of scalable computing in AI/ML
  • Understanding parallel architectures
  • Importance of scalability in data science

  • Types of parallelism: Data parallelism vs. Task parallelism
  • Introduction to Shared Memory (OpenMP) and Distributed Memory (MPI)

  • Deep dive into OpenMP and MPI
  • Introduction to GPUs and Nvidia accelerators
  • Overview of CUDA programming

  • JIT Compiler, Numba, and Dask
  • Introduction to TensorFlow distributed computing

  • Introduction to Dask, MLLib, cuDF, cuML, cuPY
  • Focused exploration of Horovod, Ray, and Rapids

  • Multi-Layer Perceptrons (MLP), backprop, Regression/Classification with MLP, gradient issues, and activation functions batch normalization, overfitting, drop out, optimizers and learning rate

  • Filtering, Convolution, pooling, Various architectures: U-net, Resnet, etc., classification, localization, segmentation (Computer Vision Applications)

  • Sequence modeling, memory cell, GRU, LSTM, gradient issues (NLP Applications)

  • PCA, Matrix Completion, LDA, CCA Manifold Learning, t-SNE, LLE
  • Advanced Auto-encoder type architectures

  • Understanding Generative AI - Introduction to models like GPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, Sora (and others) including their capabilities and limitations.
  • Exploring the Potential of Generative AI using APIs of large models (e.g., OpenAI).

  • Advanced Interaction with Generative Models - Prompt Engineering Techniques and Fine-Tuning
  • Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

  • Identifying business problems and architecting solutions incorporating generative models.
  • Integrating Generative AI into Applications though API integration
  • Navigating Ethical Implications - Privacy, bias, and copyright issues.

  • Relational Databases
  • NoSQL Databases: HBase, Graph DB
  • Distributed File Systems/HDFS
  • Cloud storage

  • Data Volume: Hadoop, Spark
  • Data Velocity: Storm, Complex Event Processing
  • Cloud platforms

  • Resilient Distributed Dataset
  • Transformations, Actions
  • Designing computational and analytics applications using Spark
  • Hands-on with PySpark programming

  • Fundamentals, Stationarity, Measures of Dependence
  • ARMA modeling

  • Market Basket Analysis (Association Rule Mining)
  • Optimal Financial Portfolio Allocation
  • Customer Churn Analysis

Capstone Projects - 12 weeks

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Capstone Projects

  • Real-time system
    for Tweet Analytics
  • ChatGPT based
  • Food Image
  • Talent Retention and
    Attrition Prediction
  • Identification of Quora question
    pairs with the same intent
  • Stock Market predictions
    based on Time Series
  • Prediction of Client Subscription
    to a Bank term Deposit
  • Direct Retail Marketing efforts based on Customer Segmentation using ML based Clustering techniques
  • Movie Recommendation
  • Predict the future daily-demand
    for a large Logistics Company
  • Achieving image super-resolution using a Generative Adversarial Network
  • Determine key factors driving literacy rate in the Indian demography using Predictive Data Analytics
  • Urban Crime Data Analytics
    for safety improvement
  • Breast Cancer classification from digitized FNA image feature measurements
  • Exploratory and Predictive Data Analytics using Indian Premier League (IPL) dataset
  • Anomaly detection in Bearing
    Vibration Measurements

Tools covered

What should you expect from this Programme?

  • LearnLearn from Leading IISc Faculty
  • MasterMaster by applying concepts through Hands-on projects
  • NetworkNetwork with Current and Future Data Science Practitioners
  • Prestigious CertificatePG Level Certification by Center for Continuing Education


IISc faculty members are an impressive group bearing academic accreditation from premier institutions around the world

Prof. Sashikumaar Ganesan

Ph.D., Computational Mathematics, OvGU Germany
Programme Co-Coordinator

Sashikumaar Ganesan is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Computational and Data Sciences (CDS), IISc

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Prof. Deepak Subramani

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA B.Tech and M.Tech, IIT Madras
Programme Co-Coordinator

Prof. Deepak, an assistant professor in the Dept of Computational and Data Sciences, IISc

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Prof. Yogesh Simmhan

Ph.D. Computer Science, Indiana University, USA

Data and Computing Systems, Big Data, Internet of Things

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Prof. Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri

Ph.D. TU Delft, Netherlands

Computational Signal Processing, GNN, ML, Statistical Inference

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Prof. Shashi Jain

PhD Applied Mathematics, TU Delft, Netherlands BTech and MTech IIT Madras

Quantitative Finance, Derivative Pricing, Real Option Analysis

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  • 12 Months Executive friendly programme
  • IISc faculty members-led Live interactive classes, capstone projects,
    industry sessions and campus visits to IISc
  • 335 hours of immersive learning (245 hours of classes, practicals, case studies, mini-projects, tests, campus visits and 90 hours of tutorials)
  • Participants will have two campus visits of 2 days each
  • Classes will be held every weekend for 2-3 hours


  • Education: Bachelors (four years or equivalent) or Masters in Science /
    Engineering / Management
  • Work Experience: Minimum 1 Year
  • Coding Experience: Programming Knowledge Required

Note: Graduates in other stream with relevant coding experience can apply

Admission Process

    Apply for the Programme

    Submit Details

    Selection by IISc Committee

    Join the Programme

    The selection for the programme will be done by IISc and is strictly based on the education, work experience, and motivation of the participants.

Class Start - September 2024

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Data Science Course Fees

Application Fee

Program Fee ₹4,00,000 Program Fee with Scholarship ₹3,00,000 Check my eligibility for the scholarship
(18% GST extra as applicable)

Special Pricing for Corporates

Campus visit fee will be based on actuals and to be borne by the participants

Fee paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Modes of payment available

  • Internet Banking
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • UPI Payments

Easy Financing Options

12 Month 0% Interest Scheme / Interest-Based Schemes

Financing as low as ₹10,030/Month

EMI Options

Loan Partners

Programme Fee for International Participants $5,000
With Scholarship $3,750

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Helps unlock the power of data to solve complex real-world challenges and make data driven decisions.
  • Designed by IISc, a premier institution for world-class education in science, engineering, and design.
  • Delivered by faculty at the forefront of research and and industry practitioners in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Learn on TalentSprint’s interactive AI-powered digital delivery platform and get access to industry experts.
  • Executive-friendly format: attend weekend classes at the comfort of your home while continuing your job.
  • Unique 5-step learning process of LIVE online faculty-led interactive sessions, capstone projects, mentorship, case studies and data stories.

Computational Data Science helps you analyse data effectively and enable data-driven decisions. It harnesses your mathematical, analytical and technical skills to interpret and understand big complex data sets and their relevance to real-life decisions. Armed with this knowledge you become an expert at communicating data insights to key stakeholders within and outside your organization. The learnings help you deliver practical and actionable insights for leveraging customer behaviour, business intelligence, operations and much more.

IISc is India’s premier institution for advanced scientific and technological research and education. It is one of the first three publicly funded institutes to be awarded the Institute of Eminence status.

The institution’s reputation and pre-eminence consistently feature it in global university rankings. The institution has been home to distinguished alumni who have had noteworthy academic and industry positions around the globe.

IISc has been consistently recognised as India’s #1 University and #1 Research Institute by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2023 Ranking. For More information, visit:

TalentSprint, an National Stock Exchange (NSE) Group Company, brings high-end and deep-tech education to aspiring and experienced professionals in partnership with top academic institutions and global corporations. Its patent-pending, AI-powered, digital learning platform enables a perfect blend of high-end academics and industry-leading practitioner experience. Given its in-depth understanding of the deep technologies, access to industry experts, and a state of art technology platform, IISc has chosen TalentSprint as its partner for executive education programmes in disruptive and emerging technologies. For more information, visit

  • Tech professionals keen to build world class capabilities in data science.
  • Data scientists, data architects looking for career enhancements and transformations.
  • Programmers aspiring to take up roles of data scientists, data architects.
  • Leaders seeking to build data driven organizations.

The 12-month programme will be taught by world class faculty from a global institution and supplemented with industry learnings.

Meet the faculty here.

Yes, this is a hands-on programme. The sessions are accompanied by practical industry-oriented exercises to help assimilate theory into practice. Online lab assignments will help you master the concepts with the help of mentors. Physical labs sessions will be opened once it is safe for participants and faculty.

  • LIVE interactive online classes by top professors help in getting clarity on the subject matter.
  • Weekly assignments and mini-projects evaluated by mentors help you get deeper insights into the concepts.
  • LIVE classes enable high-quality peer-learning, mentored group labs, and hackathons, all on the digital platform.

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