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“Indian FinTech sector is set to generate $190B annual revenues by 2030”

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1 Top Ranked Management Institute

  • Triple Accreditation First B-School in India to get accreditation by EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB
  • Member of CEMS Only Indian B-School to be part of this global alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies and NGOs
  • Ranked #1 BT-MDRA Best B-School 2023, Fortune India Best B-School Survey 2023, Open Magazine's Best B-School Survey 2024
  • Ranked #4 India Ranking by NIRF 2023

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  • Programme Alumni of
    980+ FinTech Leaders
  • Executive Education Alumni Status of IIM Calcutta

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  • 150 Hours of Live Sessions from IIM Calcutta Faculty
  • 6 Days Campus Immersions at IIM Calcutta

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Creating FinTech Thought Leaders

  • "The programme content and teaching methodology helped in improving my critical thinking abilities and analysing skills. As an angel investor, I work closely with many FinTech startups. The learnings are helping me understand and guide them better."
    Sweta RauAngel Investor
  • "A 20 year FinTech professional, I joined the course to continue to stay relevant for next 10 years and it lived up to my expectations. IIM Calcutta certification has got tremendous endorsement value—so many people in my professional network appreciated it! The programme has transformed the way I think about my career."
    Harish Karunakaran Director, GFS - Fiserv

Emerging domains professionals can explore with FinTech expertise

  • Digital Lending
  • Digital Payments
  • Neo Banking
  • Digital Currency
  • Insure Tech
  • Wealth Tech
  • Digital Financial Products
  • Open Banking/API Banking Head
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Blockchain
  • Reg Tech
  • Computer Security
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Encryption
  • Indian fintech market is expected to reach $200 Bn in revenue by 2030.1
  • Book-Now-Pay-Later financing to accumulate $680 Bn in transactions in 2025.2
  • The Indian fintech market is expected to reach $1.5 trillion USD by 2025.3
  • Indian Neo-banking space witnessed a 5x uptick in funding is expected to hit $215 Bn by 2030.4

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Fintech and Financial Blockchain Course Overview

The FinTech industry in India is growing at a break-neck speed and technology innovation is powering this growth. The industry now needs highly skilled professionals who can manage and navigate the FinTech business world which is filled with phenomenal opportunities.

IIM Calcutta, in association with TalentSprint, offers a 9-Month Advanced Management Course in FinTech and Financial Blockchain (AMPFFB). The course is for senior working professionals in Banking, Consulting, Financial Services, Insurance, Management, and Technology, who want to be at the forefront of the FinTech Revolution and wish to lead FinTech initiatives in their organization or want to start their own. The programme is currently running its 9th Cohort with 980+ participants and 275+ companies across all cohorts. IIM Calcutta, with its expertise in quantitative courses, analytics programmes, and financial markets is well placed to equip professionals with both the academic framework and the practical skill sets to help set a firm footing in this brave new financial world order.

The course is delivered through interactive live online sessions, ensuring flexibility for working professionals while maintaining the rigour of an IIM Calcutta certification providing a unique opportunity for professionals to enhance their expertise and stay ahead in the ever-evolving FinTech industry.

Programme Directors

Sudarshan Kumar Assistant Professor, IIM Calcutta

Professor Sudarshan is a specialist in fixed income, macro-finance, financial networks, and quantitative finance. Kumar earned his B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur and his Ph.D from IIM Ahmedabad.

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Vimal Kumar M Assistant Professor, IIM Calcutta

Prof. Vimal Kumar M holds a PhD in Information Systems and Analytics and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering.

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Fintech and Financial Blockchain
Course Curriculum

Provide foundation of finance covering financial statement analysis, valuation and financing. PE/VC perspective on investing in the early age startups.

  • Valuation and Fundraising of FinTech firms
  • Virtual Asset Accounting
  • Entrepreneurial Finance

Understand the origin and history of FinTech and the building blocks. Important verticals of Fintech space. Financial issues in LendingTech, WealthTech, InsurTech and Challenger Banks.

  • Overview of FinTech Ecosystem
  • Fintech Payment Ecosystem
  • LendingTech: Opportunities & Challenges
  • Digital Disruption in Insurance Sector: InsurTech
  • Fintech & Society
  • Technology as Enabler of Regulation: RegTech
  • Cyber Risk in Data Centric Financial System

Approach business problems analytically. Think systematically about whether and how data can improve business performance to make better-informed decisions.

  • Examining Relationships among Variables
  • Understanding Characteristics of Statistical Data used in Finance.
  • Data Modeling using Statistical Distributions for FinTech applications.
  • Deterministic versus Probabilistic Decision Making
  • Forecasting using Regression Techniques and Time Series Modeling in Fintech
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Understand the evolution of digital payment and learn emerging paradigms of B2C, C2C, and B2B payment systems and their advantages. Learn about digital wallets, UPI, digital currency, NFC/QR code-based payment, etc.

  • Evolution from credit card to CBDC
  • B2B, B2C, C2C payment mechanisms
  • EMV, NFC, Tokenization
  • Mobile wallet, UPI, QR code
  • Cross border digital payments
  • Payment platforms & ecosystem
  • Open/Neo banking, AA
  • National & international case studies

Understand blockchain/DLT concepts and know about designs of dApps, smart contracts. Learn about various blockchain implementations, business use cases, bitcoin, altcoin, stablecoin, CBDC.

  • Blockchain, hashing and mining, mining reward, gas fee
  • Decentralized apps (dApps), smart contract, DAO
  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT) & decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Cryptography, public/private key, digital signature, PKI
  • Public/private blockchain, permissioned/permissionless ledger
  • Use cases of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Ripple
  • Application of blockchain and smart contract in trade finance, Security management, SCM
  • BTC, altcoin, stablecoin, CBDC

Provide latest insights on best practices in digital transformation in financial technology (fintech) and adopt related strategies for financial services.

  • Disruptive financial technologies
  • Fintech revolution with specific case studies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Crypto Assets and Cryptocurrencies
  • Fundamental Analysis and Trading Strategies for Crypto Markets

Understand various aspects of FinTech product development and management, business plan and entrepreneurial finance. Learn about innovation and creative disruptions in the FinTech space.

  • Foster an entrepreneurial mindset, emphasizing adaptability, resilience, and a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Develop a concrete fintech startup plan, complete with product development strategies, funding approaches, and scaling considerations, setting the stage for future success in entrepreneurship.
  • Be proficient in creating and refining a comprehensive business model as a strategic blueprint for their fintech startup.

Understand how quantitative and qualitative information can be used to make credit and trading decisions. Learn how financial analytics will help regulators and analysts. Readability and sentiment analysis in decision making.

  • Readability and Sentiment Analysis of Textual Content related to FinTech.
  • Portfolio Management
  • Using Sentiment Score in Decision Making
  • Credit Risk Modelling and Alternate Approaches

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  • 9-Month
    Executive Programme
  • Faculty from
    IIM Calcutta
  • Certificate by
    IIM Calcutta
  • Online Sessions
    Sundays 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Capstone
  • 2 campus visits of 3 days
    at IIM Calcutta

Capstone Projects

  • Transfers and
  • eWallet
  • Alternate Capital
    for SME
  • Risk
  • Digital
  • Trading and
  • Digital
  • More

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Unmatched Alumni Network

Illustrious alumni network of 980+ FinTech Leaders | Executive Education Alumni of IIM Calcutta

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What should you expect from this Programme?

Accelerate your professional growth

  • Initiate integrating modern technologies to modernize your offerings
  • Champion transformation within your function in your enterprise
  • Strategise to transform the finance function value chain at work

Enable your organisation to comprehend the nuanced world of Fintech

  • Contribute to direct your company's efforts to "go digital"
  • Guide your team to build a finance transformation blueprint
  • Collaborate with teams to derive value from transformation efforts


  • Live Interactive Sessions by IIM Calcutta Faculty once a week
  • Classes to be conducted on Sundays 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Executive Friendly Format
  • Direct to Device
  • 2 IIM Calcutta Campus Visits of 3 days each

Who should join

  • The program is designed for those engaged at middle and senior management levels in organizations and who are interested in creating a blueprint of a FinTech strategy for their company. The course will cover managerial as well as technical content assuming that participants will play the role of leaders driving FinTech projects in their firms.


  • Professionals should have scored at least 50% marks in Graduation or Post Graduation.
  • Professionals with relevant background and 5+ years of experience.

Admission Process

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    Submit Documents*

    Await Selection**

    Join Programme

    *Scanned copies to be submitted within 7 days
    i) Education Certificate
    ii) Experience Letter/Latest Pay Slip

    **Selection for the Programme will be done by IIM Calcutta and is strictly based on education, work experience and motivation of the participants.

Class Start - 28th July, 2024

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Fintech and Financial Blockchain Course Fee

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Application Fee

Installments Amount* Dates
Registration fee ₹20000 Within 24 Hours of receiving the selection email
1st Installment ₹140,000 Within 15 days from the date of registration
2nd Installment ₹150,000 6th September 2024
3rd Installment ₹150,000 6th December 2024
Total Programme Fee ₹4,60,000
*18% GST extra as applicable

Special Pricing for Corporates

*2 campus visits of 3 days at IIM Calcutta.

Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Modes of payment available

  • Internet Banking
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • UPI Payments

Easy Financing Options

12 Month 0% Interest Scheme / Interest-Based Schemes

EMI as low as ₹19,375/Month

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About TalentSprint

Frequently Asked Questions

The Programme equips professionals with both the academic and research insights coupled with practical knowledge and enables them for the brave new financial world order. Participants will get in-depth exposure to core FinTech domains.

Participants will learn from the leading Faculty of IIM Calcutta and work on interesting Capstone Case Studies. As a participant, you will also be able to network and associate with current and future FinTech leaders.

On the successful completion of this programme, participants will receive

  • Executive Programme Certificate by IIM Calcutta
  • Be part of the Alumni Network of IIM Calcutta Executive Education

The Advanced Management Programme in FinTech and Financial Blockchain is a first of its kind by an IIM. With FinTech evolving as the new E-commerce and the industry’s exploding demand for expertise, this programme has been launched by IIM Calcutta in association with TalentSprint.

IIM Calcutta is ranked #3 in Asia by FT. With IIM Calcutta’s expertise in Finance, Business, Technology, Markets and Analytics, it is well placed to launch this programme for middle and senior management professionals.

TalentSprint with its deep understanding of the FinTech industry, access to industry experts, and a state of art technology platform has been chosen by IIM Calcutta as the right partner for this programme.

This programme is best suited for management professionals at mid and senior levels from Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Regulators, Industry bodies, Start-ups and Technology organizations. Participants aspiring to be future FinTech leaders and keen to create a FinTech blueprint for their organizations from across the country and abroad will be your peers in this programme.

Covid 19 has altered the business landscape extensively. However, this crisis could benefit the FinTech industry by accelerating digitization and making digital-only the new norm. Services such as lending, insurance, wealth management etc. are expected to go digital, driven to provide consumers with a user-friendly experience. In the next few years, rather than being one of the channels, FinTech will become a primary channel for financial services.

With global FinTech adoption reaching 64%, FinTech is clearly becoming mainstream. India tops FinTech adoption at 87%, with China.

The financial institutions in India are viewing FinTech as an enabler, giving rise to a number of strategic partnerships with FinTech firms. And the industry is creating new roles, positions, and opportunities for people with the unique expertise needed to fill them.

This is the time to pursue the FinTech Programme and fuel your career with a new beginning. Become an early adopter of this cutting-edge technology and brave the new financial world order.