1. Massive Growth Opportunity

As per Automotive Mission Plan (AMP) 2026, the Indian automotive industry will create 65 million jobs over the next decade.

  • 'By 2030, journeys will become more integrated, intelligent and connected, as people will demand personalized mobility solutions.' 1
  • 'Worldwide roads on course for 31.1 million EV milestone by 2030.'2
  • 'The Indian EV industry is expected to gain USD 20 billion by 2030.' 3

2. High Impact Format

  • Interactive Live Sessions With expert faculty from IISc
  • Experiential Learning Supported by case studies
  • Industry Interaction Mentor support by industry practitioners
  • Experience IISc campus 2 Campus Visit of 2 days each

3. IISc Advantage
India's #1 University and #1 Research Institute*


IISc (Indian Institute of Science) is the oldest and the finest higher education institute of its kind in India. It pursues excellence in research and education in several fields of Science and Engineering and is one of the first three publicly funded institutes to be awarded the Institute of Eminence status. The alumni of IISc hold significant academic and industry positions around the globe. For more information visit www.iisc.ac.in

The PG Level Advanced Certification Programme in Mobility Engineering will be delivered by IISc’s Centre for Continuing Education (CCE). CCE delivers courses suitably designed to meet the requirements of various target groups, eg: research & development (R&D) laboratories and industries, research scientists and engineers, to enable them to grow into competent managers of technology-intensive and data-driven organizations. For more information, visit cce.iisc.ac.in

Expert Faculty

Taught by eminent IISc Faculty Group

Programme Director
Prof. R V Ravikrishna

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IISc Head, National Centre for Combustion Research & Development, IISc

Research Expertise: Energy Systems & Thermal Sciences, Combustion, Atomization & Sprays, Laser-based Diagnostic Techniques & Applied CFD

  • An IIT Madras alumnus, he holds 7 patents to his credits.
  • Authored 200+ papers published in reputed journals and conferences.
  • Guided Ph.D. candidates who now work as a faculty across various IITs.
  • Member of The Combustion Institute (India) and ILASS - Asia.
  • Principal Investigator for funded projects of GAIL, NCCRD and Siemens

Research Expertise: Human Computer Interaction, User Modelling, Multimodal Interaction, Intelligent Interaction

  • He set up and lead the Interaction Design (I3D) Lab at CPDM, IISc.
  • Vice chairman of ITU Study Group 9 and a Co-Chair of the IRG AVA and Focus Group on Smart TV at the International Telecommunication Union.
  • Taught courses on AI/ML, Automotive UI, AR/VR, and allied areas in educational institutes and top tech companies.
  • Won grants for his research work on gaze-controlled applications, AR/VR, Automotive UI from Microsoft, Facebook, DRDO and, other organisations.
  • Many of his research works have been covered by reputed media outlets.

Research Expertise: Solar Thermal Technologies, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Solidification, Materials processing

  • At IISc, he teaches Thermodynamics, Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow and Convective Heat Transfer subjects.
  • Holds leadership positions in organisations like the Indian Society of Heat and Mass Transfer and Solar Task Force, DST
  • Worked as a Principal Investigator for sponsored projects of NCCCR&D, Solar Energy Research Institute (India, USA) and MNRE, GoI.
  • Associate Editor of ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging, IEEE Transaction on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology
  • Elected Fellow Member of renowned scientific councils - ASME, Indian Academy of Sciences, ASTFE to name a few.

Research Expertise: Finite Element Methods for Moving Boundary Problems, Mechanics of Slender Elastic Structures, Computer Vision for Mechanical Measurements, Flexible Robotics

  • At IISc, he teaches Solid Mechanics and Mechanics of Slender Elastic Structures subjects.
  • He has worked with leading tech companies like Apple Inc and MSC Software Inc.
  • He is an alumnus of Stanford University and IIT Madras.
  • Worked as a Principal Investigator for sponsored projects of SERB, VSSC and Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems, IISc.
  • Authored various research papers published in reputed journals.

Research Expertise: Shared Ride and Transit Systems, Applications of Reinforcement Learning, Traffic Network Optimization

  • Prior to IISc, worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Cornell University.
  • Most of his research works are primarily focused on the optimization of transportation networks.
  • His teaching areas include Transportation Logistics, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Network Equilibrium and Markov Decision Processes.
  • Taught Operation Research courses in IIT Kanpur and ISB Hyderabad.
  • Worked as Principal Investigator for projects funded by the IISc, DST - GoI, IMPRINT - GoI, MeitY - GoI and RAKSHAK - GoI.

Research Expertise: Power Electronics

  • Counted among the leading researchers in power electronics, he worked as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota, USA.
  • Founding Chair Member of IEEE Power Electronics Society and IEEE Industrial Electronics Society - Bangalore Chapter.
  • Appointed as the Technical Program Committee Vice Chair for the prestigious IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo (2020).
  • Winner of the Prof. Priti Shankar Teaching Award for Asst. Professors for Engineering for the year 2019, conferred by IISc.
  • Holds a brief industry experience by working with companies - ColdWatt India Private Limited (India) and Dynapower Company LLC, Vermont, USA.

Research Expertise: Vehicle Crashworthiness and Occupant Safety, Design of Automotive Systems, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) in Design, CAE-Driven Design of Medical Implants

  • He founded the CAR (Creative Automotive Research/Conceptualize - Analyze-Realize) Laboratory, CPDM, IISc
  • Before switching to academics, he worked for some of the leading companies like TELCO (present Tata Motors), Caddtech Productivity Inc and Ford, USA.
  • He also worked as a Faculty for the University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA and Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Worked as a Principal Investigator for projects funded by Tata Motors Ltd, General Motors - USA, MHRD - GoI, DST - GoI, and Tata Steel - India.
  • He holds 6 patents to his credit and has authored 140+ papers published and chapters for 6+ Book publications.

Research Expertise: Big Data Analytics, Un/Semi/Self-Supervised Learning, Explainable AI/ML, Data-Driven Analytics for Autonomous Systems and Transportation, Spatio-temporal Data Mining, and Streaming Data Analytics.

  • He worked as a Researcher at TATA Steel Ltd and developed many image processing and ML-based real-time systems for manufacturing industries.
  • He also worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at MIT - Cambridge and the National University of Singapore (NUS) and worked on mobility analytics.
  • He is a Reviewer for IEEE and its niche chapters - Transactions on Big Data, Knowledge and Data Engineering, Cybernetics and more.
  • At IISc he teaches Data Science for Smart City Applications and Theory and Applications of Bayesian Learning subjects.
  • Majority of his research work revolves around Driving Behaviour Study using Human-Machine Interactions, Big Data, Smart Mobility and IoT.

Research Expertise: Autonomous Aerial and Ground Systems, Nonlinear Estimation and Control Theory, Data-driven & Learning-based Control, Robust Control Systems Design, Vision-based Navigation

  • Acknowledged expert in Robotics and Automation.
  • Previously worked as the Assistant Professor in the Aerospace Engineering Dept. at Mississippi State University, USA.
  • ournal Reviewer for leading publications like IEEE, AIAA, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems & Control Engineering Practice, Sadhana.
  • Presented research works in international conferences.
  • Authored various research papers published in reputed journals.

Research Expertise: Thermal Management, Two-phase Heat Transport Devices, Thermal Property Measurements, Radiation Heat Transfer, Thermo-Acoustic Devices

  • From 1998 to 2019, he worked with the Thermal Systems Group, U. R. Rao Satellite Centre, ISRO.
  • At ISRO, he worked as thermal engineer where he was involved in R&D related to spacecraft thermal management.
  • An IIT Madras alumnus, he is also an elected fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering.
  • Published research papers on topics like space vehicles, thermal management, and thermodynamics.
  • He has also worked as a consultant for thermal management and air pollution monitoring projects.

Research Expertise: Power electronics - Renewable Energy Systems, Photovoltaic-based Systems, Bond Graph Modelling, Power Conversion

  • Acknowledged expert in electronic systems engineering with emphasis on power electronics.
  • He holds 4 patents to his credit and has authored 160+ research papers.
  • His research work on revolves around power and energy systems with an emphasis on societal benefits.
  • Some of his significant research work include Solar cooking, Photovoltaics integrated microgrid, Integrated magnetics and Rimless wheel walker.
  • He has authored books - Power Electronics: Essentials & Applications and Design Of Magnetic Components for Switched Mode Power Converters.

Research Expertise: Travel Demand Modeling and Forecasting, Choice Modelling, Transportation Planning

  • Previously taught in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida - USA.
  • Served as Faculty Affiliate for the Center for Urban Transportation Research and Patel College for Global Sustainability, University of South Florida.
  • Served as an Advisor for organisations like Caliper Corporation, Cambridge Systematics and Gannett Fleming.
  • Member of Editorial Board for scientific journals and niche committees set up for Transport Modeling and Travel Demand Forecasting.
  • Under his guidance, students have won scholarships to pursue doctoral studies in top universities.

Research Expertise: Power Conversion Systems for Transportation Electrification, DC Microgrids, Differential Power Processing, Power Electronic Systems - Control & Stability

  • Before joining IISc, he was a Lead Engineer at GE Research, Niskayuna, USA.
  • He holds 5 patents to his credit and authored various papers presented in international conferences.
  • Before his doctoral studies, he worked as Power Electronics Engineer at GE Research, India.
  • Much of his research is aimed at addressing fundamental problems in the area of power electronics.
  • Power Conversion for e-Mobility, Microgrids and Power Magnetics are among his active research projects.

Research Expertise: Smart Grids, Renewable Energy, Power System Analysis, Protection & Monitoring, Big Data applied to Smart Grids.

  • An acknowledged expert in Power Systems, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy.
  • Previously worked as the Assistant Professor at IIT Kharagpur and as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada.
  • Has previous industry experience of working with PRDC and Schneider Electric India.
  • Associate Editor at IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy, IEEE Access, Journal of Modern Power System and Clean Energy, and International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems.
  • Presented research works at national and international conferences.
  • Authored various research papers published in reputed journals.


You will deepen your knowledge of urban transportation system, electric vehicles, modern vehicle design and more, delivered through the state-of-the-art curriculum, designed by distinguished IISc Faculty.

Module 1: Modeling Urban Transportation Systems

  • Transportation demand and supply analysis and applications
  • Travel generation and regression
  • Spatial and Modal distribution of travel
  • Consumer/traveler behavior
  • Introduction to transportation network analysis
  • Shortest paths
  • Equilibrium algorithms
  • Traffic flow models
  • Agent-based modeling

Module 3: Vehicle Structural Analysis & Design

  • Revisiting strength of materials
  • Strain, stress and boundary value problems
  • Plasticity, fracture and fatigue
  • Vibrations, impact and acoustics
  • Material selection

Accompanied with practice sessions using worked-out examples and computer simulations

Module 4: Vehicle Dynamics

  • Revisiting particle and rigid body dynamics
  • Compliant model dynamics: spring, mass, damper systems
  • Vibrations, impact and base excitation
  • Tire mechanical modeling, friction, vehicle-road surface interaction and driver dynamics
  • Handling, steering and driving performance

Accompanied with practice sessions using worked-out examples and computer simulations

Module 5: Electric Vehicles

  • Introduction to Electric Vehicles
  • Battery energy storage, electrical modeling, and battery management system (BMS)
  • Electric motors: control, construction, working principle and design
  • Introduction to advanced concepts

Accompanied with practice sessions using worked-out examples and computer simulations.

Module 6: Power Electronics for EV Batteries and Propulsion

  • e-mobility power electronics introduction, topologies
  • Batteries, charger electronics, control, active series and parallel
  • Drive train and drive power electronics
  • Digital controller and Magnetics design
  • Space vector and d-q architecture

Module 7: Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles

  • Introduction to heat transfer
  • Active thermal management technologies
  • Passive thermal management technologies
  • Thermal management of electric motors and power electronics
  • Thermal management of EV batteries
  • Thermal management of the cabin
  • Thermal management system integration

Module 8: Hybrid Vehicles

  • Introduction to Hybrid Vehicles
  • Pros and cons of different types of hybrid powertrains
  • Hybrid vehicle Component sizing
  • Control of a hybrid powertrain
  • Simulation of a hybrid powertrain and its controller using MATLAB Simulink
  • Physical visit to IISc for demonstration of a hybrid vehicle system panel trainer

Module 9: Automotive HMI

  • History, Introduction, Relevant International Standards and Case Studies
  • Basics of Visual Perception, Cognition and Motor Action, Visual Angle Calculation, Virtual Touch and Rapid Aiming Movements
  • Multimodal Interaction, Demonstrations of gesture, eye gaze, voice based interaction, Affective Computing, Cognitive Load Estimation
  • Introduction to AR/VR technology, Augmented and Mixed Reality based car dashboard, Introduction to Haptics and Spatial Audio
  • User Study Design, Statistical Hypothesis Testing, Qualitative Analysis, Case Studies on evaluation of Automotive UI
  • Physical Lab visit at IISc - demonstrations of gaze controlled interactive HUD, Microsoft Hololens based ADAS, VR based cockpit

Module 10: Smart Mobility and IoT Data Analytics

  • Introduction to Mobility and IoT Data: Data Types, Characteristics, Data Quality, Data Pre-processing, Evaluations.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (Clustering, Visualization).
  • Model-based Learning: Linear and Logistic Regression, Naïve Bayes, Decision tree, ensemble models.
  • Neural Networks (ANN and DL) based models.
  • Anomaly Detection with case studies.

Is this programme ideal for me?

The programme is best suited if you

  • Are a current and aspiring automotive industry professional
  • Are keen to be an early adopter in the future of mobility
  • Appreciate the value of learning from the best in the world


  • Degree: B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech or equivalent master's degree
  • Marks: Minimum 50% marks in Degree
  • Experience: Minimum 2 years

How can I enrol for this programme?

  • Application

    Apply for the

  • Upload Document


  • Selection

    Selection by
    IISc Committee*

  • Enrollment

    Join the

*Selection for the programme will be done by IISc and is strictly based on the education, work experience, and motivation of the participants.

**Scanned copies to be submitted within 7 days 1. Education Certificate 2. Experience Letter/Latest Pay Slip

What is the return on my investment?

On successfully completing the programme, you will not only accelerate your professional growth but also be able to fuel organisational growth by building high-performance mobility solutions.

  • 35% hike in remuneration for skilled professionals in the mobility sector
  • $1.7 Bn worth investments made in the Indian EV sector for 2021
  • 50 Mn jobs in the Indian EV space by 2030

Programme Fee

Details 10 Months Programme
Programme Fee* ₹2,50,000/-

12-Month 0% EMI available Nominate your employees to avail special benefits *GST as applicable

(i) Application Fee of ₹2,000/-, and
(ii) Campus visit fee will be based on actuals and to be borne by the participants

Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Frequently Asked Questions

The programme is ideal if you

  • Are a current and aspiring automotive industry professionalword file
  • Are keen to be an early adopter in the future of mobility
  • Appreciate the value of learning from the best in the world

You will learn from eminent IISc faculty who hold academic and research credentials from the world’s best institutions. Meet your faculty here.

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