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“Software architects are the unicorns of the
tech job market.”

  • “Average salary of Software Architects is increasing by 30% YoY”
  • Software Architects can expect an average salary of $223k annually.

Learn from Pioneers
From the Founders & Leaders of Software Architecture

David Garlan

One of the founders of the field of software architecture.

  • Associate Dean for Master’s Programs, SCS - CMU
  • Member of the Institute for Software Research at SCS.
  • Author of best-selling books on Software Architecture
  • Leading researcher on Self-Adaptive Systems, Formal Methods, and Cyber-Physical Systems

Bradley Schmerl

Google Scholar, 10,000+ Citations

  • Principal Systems Scientist, Dept. of Software & Societal Systems, SCS-CMU
  • Part of ABLE Group, CMU that researches on Architecture, Quality and Resilience
  • Authored papers, book chapters, tech reports on self-adaptive systems
  • Leading researcher on Software Architecture and Self-Adaptive Systems

Transformative Pedagogy
Live Interactive Classes + Hands-on Application

Why Software Architecture from CMU - SCS

  • World’s 1st and best Computer Science School
  • Founders of the field of Software Architecture
  • 20 Nobel Laureates
  • 13 Turing Awards

Carnegie Mellon University

CMU, a private, global research university, is one of the world's most renowned educational institutions. With its cutting-edge education, a stellar alumni network of Nobel, Emmy, Tony, and Turing prize winners, innovative startups, and home to groundbreaking innovations, CMU has mastered creating a future as imagined

School of Computer Science at CMU

SCS is recognized worldwide for its computer science programs. It is home to researchers who have made developments in the fields of algorithms, computer networks, distributed systems, computational biology, robotics, language technologies, human–computer interaction and software engineering. To learn more, visit SCS website

Software Architecture Course Overview

The Software Architecture course offered by Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science is designed for professionals who aspire to become sought-after Software Architects. This program provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of software architecture, with a focus on global practices.

Throughout the program, participants will build expertise in software architecture principles, design patterns, and best practices. They will also have the opportunity to network with distinguished faculty members and global peers, fostering valuable connections and facilitating knowledge exchange. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a prestigious SCS - Carnegie Mellon University Certification, recognized worldwide.

This program is ideal for individuals looking to transition into a career as a Software Architect, as well as software developers seeking career acceleration. It is also beneficial for product managers with a software engineering background and professionals who have worked on system design, development operations, or DevOps. Eligible candidates should have a minimum of 3 years of software development experience and familiarity with object-oriented programming languages. Take the next step in your career and become a sought-after Software Architect with the Advanced Certificate Program in Software Architecture.

Software Architecture Course Curriculum The state-of-the-art curriculum, designed by world-renowned experts, is delivered through LIVE interactive sessions.

Foundation Modules

Object, Class, Message, Inheritance, Abstraction, Encapsulation and Polymorphism; Syntax and Semantics, Variables and Datatypes, Loops and Conditional Statements, Arrays and Strings

Variables and Datatypes, Javascript operators, Conditional statements, Functions, Arrays, Loops, Objects and Debugging

Hypervisor concept, Virtual machines, Containers, Container fundamentals, Container orchestration

Introduction, Requirements process, Elicitation and Analysis

Software Engineering process, Lifecycles, Introduction to Software Process Assessment and Improvement Models

Core Modules

What is Software Architecture?

Basic Architecture Concepts, Practice: Thinking like an Architect, Architecture Drivers and Quality Attributes Practice: Drivers and QA Exercise

Assignment: Identifying Quality Requirements

Dataflow & Events, Call/Return, Repository, Practice: Architecture Styles, Platforms, Frameworks, Product Lines and Ecosystems, Tactics 1, Tactics 2, Practice: Tactics, Case Study: Service-based systems

Assignment: Specifying Quality Requirements

Principles of Architecture Documentation, Modeling and Analysis, Practice: Architecture Documentation, Architecture Evaluation

Assignment: Architecture Design

Architecture Agile Processes & ADRs, Architecture and Emerging Domains, Trends and Research/Wrap-up

Assignment: Architecture Realization

  • 6 Months
  • 116 hours Live
    Interactive Sessions
  • Hands-on
  • Executive Friendly
  • Weekend classes:
    Sat & Sun

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion, participants receive the esteemed certification from Carnegie Mellons School of Computer Science, globally recognized for its excellence. This certification equips individuals to:

  • Master global software architecture practices
  • Apply well-established paradigms in conceptualizing and designing systems
  • Evaluate quality attributes at an architectural level
  • Propose viable architectural alternatives for challenges

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Find out why participants want to join this programme

Who is this program for?

  • Aspiring to transition into Software Architect as a career
  • Software Developers looking forward to career acceleration
  • Product Managers with a software engineering background
  • Worked on System Design, Development Operations or DevOps


  • B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/BCA/MCA or equivalent degree, preferably in
    Computer science/information technology or other related domain
  • Professionals having exposure to System Design or DevOps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software architects have remained among the most sought-after in the tech industry (TeamLease Digital Oct 2022). Moreover, they have overpowered roles like cloud architects and product managers and remain among the industry's most lucratively paid job roles.

Software architects are responsible for creating a solid foundation for the software project, making the platform scalable, and boosting its performance. Software developers or software engineers who prefer to scale their careers with a technical focus instead of management can explore software architecture.

As the discipline of software architecture is expanding, so is the demand for the role. In India, software architects can easily command upto ₹47 lakh, based on the experience and organizations they are working for and a 30% jump over the previous year.

The Advanced Certificate Program in Software Architecture by Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science aims to prepare aspirants for this role. The program is exclusively for tech professionals looking forward to accelerating their careers beyond development and programming.

  • Learn from Experts : Benefit from mentorship by the frontrunners of software architecture evolution- David Garlan and Bradley Schmerl, the distinguished faculty of CMU.
  • High Impact Format: Leverage a transformative pedagogy supported by live interactive classes + hands-on application
  • Certificate from CMU: Get certified by the world leader in computing research and education, School of Computer Science, CMU.

  • Build expertise in global software architecture practices
  • Understand the technical, organizational, and business role of a software architect
  • Leverage better growth opportunities as a software architect
  • Access career opportunities with TalentSprint
  • You will earn a globally recognized certification from CMU
  • You can access TalentSprint Career Accelerator to boost your career acceleration efforts.
  • Network with distinguished faculty and global peers.

The program welcomes all tech professionals, but it is ideal for

  • Professionals aspiring to transition into Software Architect as a career
  • Software Developers looking forward to career acceleration
  • Product Managers with a software engineering background
  • Professionals who have worked on System Design, Development Operations, or DevOps

The program will be taught by the esteemed CMU Faculty, counted among the founders of the field of software architecture, and recognized for developing it as a discipline in software engineering. To meet your future mentors, visit here.

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