Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will be getting job opportunities at TCS and other top IT companies
  • There is market demand for 1000 developers (TCS needs 700 and others 300)
  • To match perfectly with the market demand, we are opening only 1000 seats for this program
  • Salesforce is a Low-Code / No-Code application development platform
  • You do not need a coding background to become a Salesforce Platform Developer
  • You will be trained in all the necessary skills as part of this program

2020,2021 or 2022 engineering graduates from any stream with a 60% academic record from Class X onwards

  • This is an exclusive, world-class training-cum-placement program jointly developed by Salesforce, TalentSprint and TCS. The fee you pay is for specialized learning and certification which is the primary tool to launch your high-growth career.
  • Top companies like TCS usually recruit on-campus and off-campus through the highly competitive Ninja and Digital exams. If you are a 2020, 2021 or 2022 engineering graduate, your chance of clearing the exam and entering TCS or similar companies through this approach is less than 10%. In other words, you face very tough competition.
  • By joining this training-cum-placement program, your chance of getting into TCS and similar companies rises to 90%. This is because:
    • You become part of an exclusive group
    • You get certified in a specialized low-code Salesforce skills (which is in high demand)
    • You get exclusive Day 0 interviews with TCS, followed by similar companies
    • You face low competition from other 2020, 2021 or 2022 graduates
    • In summary, your chances of getting to TCS and similar companies goes up 10X

Job Interviews with TCS and similar companies are guaranteed if you join this program and complete it. We will continue to support you fully until you get your first offer.

You will receive many interview opportunities with other top companies such as Accenture, ePam, Wipro and so forth, all of which have high demand for young Salesforce Platform Developers like You.

We will work very hard to make sure you succeed. However, if you are not selected after multiple interviews after completing the program, you will get to join a 6 months paid internship with TalentSprint or with other partner companies with a monthly stipend of Rs.12000/- along with an internship certificate.

The program provides hands on training and designed for participants to accomplish the below 2 levels of global certification along with guided preparation for exclusive drives.

The international price per certification in a live instructor led hands on training format is $4000 (~ ₹6 Lakhs). The subsidized fee through this program is ₹ 72,000.

    Below is the timeline for fee payment.

  • Program fee for Level 1 Training (to be paid at the time enrollment) :₹ 36,000
  • Program fee for Level 2 (to be paid after clearing Level 1) :₹ 36,000
  • Includes Exam fee for Certification

We are providing flexible payment options for Level 1 registration. Below are the options:

  • Remit the complete fee of ₹36,000 using the link above
  • Avail 0% EMI options for up to 6 months using credit card