• "A 35% rise to be seen for women in the tech workforce in GCCs by 2027.” - TeamLease report 1"
  • "We are actively working towards achieving a gender-balanced employee base globally by 2025. 2"
  • "We’re empowering women to succeed in tech and beyond by providing the right tools and support. 3"

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Program starts in Aug 2024

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  • 11249 Applications
  • 816 Test Cleared
  • 63 Selected

Building World-class Women Engineers

*over market median

  • 12 Years of Proven
  • 60L Top
  • 150% Higher
  • 6000+ Women Engineers

Women in Software Engineering

  • Cutting-edge Curriculum Industry-focused curriculum taught by industry experts and
    seasoned academicians
  • High-impact
    400+ hours and two physical bootcamps, providing
    a hands-on learning experience
  • Unique Proven Pedagogy A 4-pillared pedagogy focused on achieving
    maximum learner success
  • Comprehensive
    Career Support
    A 5-step extensive career guidance journey to
    launch your dream tech career

“ At TalentSprint, we empower women in engineering through a unique 4-pillar learning methodology. This approach transcends teaching coding languages, equipping them with foundational skills to succeed in any programming environment. This includes not only mastering in-demand languages but also teaching the fundamentals of independent language learning. With this core competency, our graduates confidently adapt and excel as the tech landscape evolves. WISE's comprehensive, hands-on training ensures they emerge as world-class software engineers, ready for any challenge.”
Asokan Pichai Chief Learning Officer, TalentSprint

What will I learn?

This foundational curriculum helps you understand and apply computational thinking, write non-trivial Python programs, and master fundamental Python concepts. You will grasp OOP principles, use Google Colaboratory effectively, and develop teamwork and version control skills with Git.

This module will prepare you to write efficient, maintainable, and well-structured JavaScript code. You will understand and utilize different data types, implement modular programming, and effectively use Git for version control. Additionally, you will collaborate with team members and maintain a clear and organized project history.

On completion of this module, you will understand the Core concepts and importance of web technologies. You will be able to create and structure web pages using HTML, ensuring a solid foundation and logical organization. Additionally, you will gain the skills to style these web pages using CSS, enhancing their visual appeal and user experience.

This specialization covers fundamentals of Data Analytics, including understanding different data types, mastering data collection and storage principles, and learning data cleaning and transformation using Pandas in Python. You will also gain proficiency in statistical analysis techniques and acquire skills in data visualization, categorizing data types, and using BI tools to create impactful visualizations, all while applying best practices to derive actionable insights from data.

In this comprehensive module, you will learn JavaScript for DOM manipulation and asynchronous programming, API connectivity, client-side storage management, and node package usage. On the backend, you'll master creating Express applications, designing PostgreSQL databases, and performing CRUD operations with ORM. You'll also delve into MongoDB for NoSQL solutions, grasp MVC architecture and RESTful APIs, and gain essential insights into DevOps, CI/CD pipelines, and algorithm analysis for software engineering roles.

In this immersive course, participants will build an application based on their learnings, collaborate effectively in teams using Agile rituals typical in software engineering, and track their progress, issues, releases, and deployments using Git. They will also explore the significance of professional social visibility, creating networking opportunities, and developing a showcase-ready Git profile and engaging social media presence.
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Node.js
  • SQL
  • Angular
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Python
  • Git
  • Linux
  • + More

Who will I learn from?

  • Asokan Pichai
    Program Dean

    Asokan is a Chief Learning Officer at TalentSprint. He is also an Industry Instructor, Instructional Designer, and Programming Guru, with a solid software development experience of over 35 years. With a PG Diploma in Computer Programming, Asokan is a subject-matter expert in Programming languages - COBOL, Clipper, C, C++, Python, Haskell, Elixir, Clojure, Java and Ruby. He has trained over 5000 software engineers, designed more than 25 courses, and conducted ‘Train the Trainer’ programs for more than 300 trainers, and nearly 100 instructional designers and developers.
  • Indira P
    Program Faculty

    Indira leads the training team of Fresh Engineering Graduates to make them industry-ready. She is an expert in handling Java, Python, and Machine learning concepts. Her 13+ years of experience in the IT and Edtech industry not only make her an SME with answers to most questions, but also an approachable, reliable, and seasoned mentor to thousands of students.
  • Aruvi B
    Program Faculty

    Aruvi is a dynamic force of change and growth in technology education. With a Master of Science (Technology) from BITS Pilani and a Master of Arts in Gender Studies from the University of Hyderabad, Aruvi embodies expertise and evolution. From a stellar stint at PayPal to shaping aspiring developers at TalentSprint and spearheading a Prodapt bootcamp, Aruvi ignites coding enthusiasts into agile software contributors. Beyond code, Aruvi advocates as a nonbinary transgender, fostering community resilience. Aruvi's presence enriches our team, infusing a blend of technical excellence, dedication to education, and a commitment to empowerment and inclusivity.
  • Rajanikanth V
    Program Faculty

    Rajanikanth Varumani is an Associate Director at NSE TalentSprint, bringing over 18 years of experience in the tech industry. He is a certified professional in Pega CSA and CSSA (7.x, 8.x), with expertise in Java, Python, and Pega technologies. Rajanikanth leads Pega training programs, coordinates technical events, and consistently upholds the highest standards of quality and effectiveness in his role. Known for his ability to simplify complex concepts, he ensures advanced technical information is accessible to all learners. Rajanikanth's hands-on approach and commitment to excellence in training create an engaging and productive learning environment.

Gain an experiential learning experience to launch premium tech careers

  • Monthly Masterclasses

  • Industry Mentoring

  • Alumni Connect

How is this program delivered?

  • Onboarding


  • Online LIVE interactive classes Phase-I


  • Bootcamp 1


  • Online LIVE interactive classes Phase-II


  • Bootcamp 2 + Capstone Project


How will I learn?

How will WISE help me secure a
premium tech career?

You will receive extensive career guidance to launch your dream tech career

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How do I know WISE works?

Our Bootcamp Alumni work at

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Am I eligible for WISE?

  • You are a woman student currently in your 2nd/3rd/4th year of B.E. or B.Tech degree.
  • Your specialization is in IT, CSE, ECE, EEE, AIML, or a related field.
  • You are passionate about building a promising tech career.
  • Scored over 70% in both X and XII.

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What is the enrollment process?

  • Aptitude + Technical Test
  • English Language Test
  • Personal Interviews

What is my investment?

Program Fee ₹5,00,000

Merit Based Scholarship

Scholarship Test Score Scholarship Fee you Pay
>80% 80% ₹1,00,000
70% - 79% 70% ₹1,50,000
60% - 69% 60% ₹2,00,000
50% - 59% 50% ₹2,50,000

*Fee are inclusive of GST

The program fee (post scholarship) equals 20% of the median salary for women engineers from our bootcamps

Take the first step to launch your premium tech career now

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How can I qualify for the scholarship?

You can qualify for the scholarship based on your aptitude and technical test results

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How can I fund my program?

EMI as low as ₹7,083/Month

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Modes of payment available

  • Internet Banking

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • UPI Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

This program prepares you to become a world-class women software engineer with the following 5 key elements:

  • An Industry-focused curriculum is taught over 12 months with 400+ hours of learning.
  • Industry experts and seasoned academicians teach cutting-edge, new-age tools
  • High-Impact learning through two physical bootcamps and hands-on learning
  • Experiential learning through monthly masterclasses and industry mentorship sessions
  • A unique proven pedagogy focused on providing maximum learner success
  • Comprehensive career support to launch your premium tech career

Key outcomes on successfully completing this program are:

  • Industry relevant skills: Learn foundational to advanced topics through cutting-edge modules, specializations and master in-demand languages (JavaScript, Python, SQL) and frameworks (React, Node.js, Angular) to build modern web applications.
  • Capstone Project: Gain hands-on experience through capstone projects and build web applications based on your learnings.
  • Career support: Receive personalized guidance on resume building, linkedin branding, and interview preparation to help you land your dream tech job.

As a part of the program, you will work on in-demand industry tools.

The program will cover tools and languages like JavaScript, Python, and SQL, frameworks such as React, Node.js, and Angular, HTML, Python, CSS, Git are taught in this bootcamp. Additionally, you will also learn advanced topics to become a successful software developer.

The bootcamp is taught through a 4-pillared unique pedagogy.

  • Learn to Learn: Explore and discover, experience self-learning.
  • Learn by Doing: Tackle real-world problems through hands-on projects, learn problem-solving.
  • Learn with Peers: Collaborate and learn from diverse perspectives, building communication and teamwork.
  • Learn Without Fear: Experiment in a safe space, develop resilience and adaptability – crucial for software development.

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