AI or Intuition. How About Both?

An Advanced Programme in AI-Powered Marketing can help professionals strike that elusive  balance between intelligence and gut-thinking.

For long, smart and seasoned marketers like you have been using intuition for key decisions. Your ability to read signals amidst the big haystack of noise is impressive. So is the strength in adapting strategies to new requirements. This has set you apart from the crowd.

But what if there was something else to reconfirm what your gut says? Like data that has been picked in a real-time instance, stripped of redundant information to get you quickly to the insight that actually counts.

And that can support your key marketing decisions like, what should be the messaging of your next campaign? Whether to target a particular TG? How much to spend on a particular Ad? Why not to say ‘this’ in your messaging? Or what is a better way of saying ‘that’?

Data: Some Missing Teeth

Of course, the role of intuition cannot be sidelined no matter how much data can tell us, and how fast. Research suggests that our intuition has been developing and expanding throughout our lifetime of experiences. Every interaction is recorded in our memory. Every lesson is processed and stored in the right spot for future retrieval and application. When we subconsciously spot patterns, the body fires neuro-chemicals in both the brain and the gut. This gives us that instant feeling that something is right or wrong. Most of the time, the hunch is spot-on.

But again, decisions based purely on gut or intuition can be risky, especially when there are huge marketing budgets and a lot of brand equity at stake. This is where AI can help you. AI and Machine Learning can validate your intuition and open up fresh opportunities that are not visible on the immediate horizon. That is the power that unleashes like a genie, when data and gut come together beautifully through AI.

When coupled with AI, your astute skills and experience can help you “radically rethink” campaigns and assess customer needs far more accurately.

Marketing with AI: The Sharp Cut

Truth be told, marketers can’t win markets without mastering data, analytics, and automation. After all, this is the age where we are overwhelmed with the constant deluge of data and on top of that, the versatility of data. Data is raw and processed, cold-warm-and-hot, structured, and unstructured– there is so much to deal with. Plus, it is being generated every second at every corner, on every device.

An Advanced Programme in AI-Powered Marketing is helping marketing professionals to revolutionize their marketing efforts to thrive in this data-glutted economy.

Using these strengths, it would be possible for you to sharpen what the gut tells. When intuition is validated with the right data at the right time, the possibilities are limitless. A marketer can do so much more than simply reacting to what the customer wants. Now the marketing department can do more than putting out fires. Marketing professionals can leverage AI tools for guiding them better towards a proactive understanding of customer journeys. They can read customer needs before they emerge. They can avoid mistakes before they raise their slippery heads. They can fix pain-points before someone else uses/abuses them. But to use these tools, one needs the right levels of expertise and experience. This is why so many professionals are eager and excited to join this AI course. They have realized that there is something called ‘intuillegence’ which is more powerful than what intuition or intelligence, placed alone, ever were.

Do not waste the experience and intuitive molars that you hold as a marketing professional. Give them the edge of AI. It is time to sink your teeth at the exact problem spot. It is time to put that marketing finger at the exact pulse without doubt or guesswork. It is time to be empowered with AI.


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