Why is Upskilling a Must for Tech Professionals in the New Normal?

The world is going to be divided into two phases, pre-Covid and post-Covid. No matter how well-versed you were in Java or Client-server computing or DevOps, the world has already changed to a new era in a short period. Industries all across the globe have pressed the pedals on digital transformation with a never-before force. Even those that were sitting on the fence about automation, Cloud, and Robotics have just jumped in for a deep dive now.

Investments in digital technologies have climbed up with a new urgency and ferocity. That means that the entire landscape of technology skills would also be upended significantly. Today, you cannot ignore the kind of impact the following technologies are making in several organizations across sect

  1. Blockchain
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. Machine Learning (ML)
  4. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  5. Containers
  6. Microservices
  7. Quantum Computing
  8. Robotic Process Automation
  9. Cloud-driven services
  10. Internet of Things
  11. Sensors and biosensors
  12. Industrial Internet of Things
  13. Embedded Hardware
  14. Cybersecurity
  15. Hyperscale Cloud
  16. Webscale programming
  17. Last-Mile Telecom


The entire terrain of technology competencies would need a candidate to be fluent in the world’s new language–which starts with digital and ends at being intelligent. Be prepared for entirely new names like bots or smart contracts to disrupt your long-standing processes. Get ready to be defined by your ability to supply an enterprise with the confidence and speed it needs to get digitally savvy.

Do you know that almost 41 lakh young people in India lost jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

As per a joint report by the International Labour Organization and the Asian Development Bank, estimates of job loss touch numbers like 4.1 million. It also points out that the youth will be hit harder than adults (25 and older) in the immediate crisis and risk-bearing higher, longer-term economic and social costs.

Introspect and Re-invent your Kit

Upskilling is not an option anymore. It is imperative. What is also important is to be brave and smart about the courses that enhance your proficiency or learn a new one? You would need to get out of your comfort zone. You would have to be equipped with strengths that may not have crossed your mind a year before, but they would define the industry for the next few years for sure.

Your effort, time, and investment would be well-rewarded too. The market is rife with demand for able and application-oriented candidates who can own AI, robotics, sensors, cloud, etc. with absolute confidence. The market will offer rich opportunities–financially and in terms of career growth–who are here at the right time and with the right thing to bring to the table.

Remember that the domestic IT services sector could witness high single-digit revenue growth in 2021-2022 due to higher demand for digital transformation, as per Fitch Ratings. Brookfield Institute also showed that in the US labor market, job openings for roles such as cybersecurity engineers, web developers, and systems engineers showed double-digit growth in the crisis. 

Take advantage of the inherent resilience of the profession you are in. But also take caution of its innate obsolescence that has got compounded because of the crisis.

Get started with a course that complements your passion or your strength. Leap over an unfamiliar terrain–like AI or Blockchain. 

Set your pace to where the industry is going. Stay relevant. Stay sharp. Stay in demand. Take some time to cross over to the new state of the world–on your CV too. Re-develop yourself as a post-Covid era technology professional. Reset the clock now.