Mr. Kedarnath Udiyavar, President, Polaris visited TalentSprint on 4th Nov, 2011

Kedarnath Kedarnath

Mr. Kedarnath Udiyavar, President, Polaris visited TalentSprint to address the trainees of TalentSprint and give them his views on what he thought they needed to do in order to get their dream job. More than 150 trainees from Anantapur, Tirupathy, Chennai and Hyderabad were part of the discussion. He kept the session with the trainees lively and interactive.

Mr. Udiyavar opened the talk by asking the question “Why are we here?” and when the trainees replied saying that they were here to become professionals, he got them to target higher to become the ‘Best’ professional they could be. He also brought out the importance of delivering to the customers what they would consider the best in terms of value.

Be prepared to meet the expectations of your clients; whether stated or unexpected Mr. Udiyavar warned the gathered trainees. A good professional should be able to deliver Zero defect technology on time in full every time. Never shy away from taking an initiative, he said. Pay attention to the small details and never stop learning.

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