Mr. John Walz and Mr. Aditya Rao from IEEE visited TalentSprint on the 14th of December 2011

Kedarnath KedarnathKedarnath

Mr. Aditya R Rao, Chairman, IEEE Computer Society Hyderabad Chapter and Mr. John Walz, President Candidate 2012 IEEE, visited TalentSprint on the 14th of December 2011 to address the trainees of TalentSprint, both is Hyderabad and Chennai (leveraging iPEARL Technology).

Mr. Rao was delighted with the group of students in the classroom who were interested in IEEE and he urged them to join the association so as to be able to mingle with student communities elsewhere and discuss interesting, relevant technologies like cloud computing. He then introduced Mr. John Walz to the gathered crowd.

Mr. Walz began the talk by saying that as an association; IEEE wants to ensure that the IT professional is highly skilled and can ride recessions and other meltdowns without fear. Keeping this in mind, learning should be constant and unending. IEEE is helping India by enabling students to learn about new technologies by making journals and digital libraries filled with precious intellectual properties more accessible to them either free of charge or at a nominal rate.

Mr. Walz said that his mission in touring India was to learn more about the Indian culture of working.

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