Mr. Rao Tummalapalli, MD of Seneca Global visited TalentSprint on 15th December, 2011

Rao TummalapalliTummalapalli

Mr. Rao Tummalapalli, Managing Director of Seneca Global visited TalentSprint on 15th December and addressed the trainees of TalentSprint, both is Hyderabad and Chennai (leveraging iPEARL Technology)

Mr. Tummalapalli began the address by thanking J.A Chowdary and the team at TalentSprint for taking such an avid interest in the youth of the state and country and creating more jobs for them. He says that he came back to the country in 1998 to do just this – Create jobs for Young India.

Mr. Tummalapalli congratulated TalentSprint for taking steps to bridge the domain and soft skills gap. He went on to say that technical skills were a given, however, what happens to be the deal breaker in interviews and job considerations is the soft skills of a candidate. The soft skills which he was referring to were the ability to communicate clearly, to prioritize, and to take decisions, paying heed to cultural differences, and early escalation of issues.

The ability to work with everybody and the ability to work in a group is very important, he said, and for that it is necessary to respect the differences and even cherish them.

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