Mr. Surendran Ghiridharan, the Vice-President of Cordys India, visited TalentSprint, on 29th of August, 2011

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Mr. Surendran Ghiridharan , the Vice-President of Cordys India, visited TalentSprint to spend some time with the management and trainees of TalentSprint. Mr Ghiridharan interacted with TalentSprint trainees in Hyderabad as well as teams in Chennai, Anantapur and Tirupathi enabled through TalentSprint’s iPEARL technology (Interactive Platform for Employability and Remote Learning)

Ghiridharan encouraged the trainees to change their mindset on joining their workplace; to start asking questions, to stand on your own feet and make your own decisions as opposed to in their previous experiences as students where things were spoon-fed to them and decisions taken by someone else.

Never think that you have learnt everything you need to know, Ghiridharan cautioned the gathered trainees; A good educational institution teaches the student the foundation of how to learn new things. With the life cycle of technology just 24 months long, he asked them to never stop learning, to never stop improving oneself as they might become outdated like the technology they specialise in.

The sessions were interactive, with the teams in Hyderabad as well as in Chennai, Anantapur and Tirupathi asking pertinent questions about their careers in the IT industry.

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