Santanu Paul, CEO at TalentSprint, speaks at Skoch Summit on Delivering Equality Growth and Social Justice

Santanu Paul, CEO at TalentSprint, is chairing a session on ICT in Governance and serving on two power panels at the Skoch Summit on Delivering Equality and Social Justice. The Summit is being held on the 10th of November in Delhi.

This Summit visits the theme of inclusive growth as laid out in the 11th Five Year Plan document (2007 – 2012). This lists out divides and disparities and these can be spatial (geographic) or collective-category (gender, caste, community, ethnicity, religion) based. Reforms that trigger growth must be inclusive in the sense of broad-basing growth and mainstreaming deprived and backward segments. While growth throws up market-based opportunities, there must be equal access to markets. The summit visits the main items on this inclusive growth agenda including Education, Health, Governance, Infrastructure, Subsidies, Spatial Derivations and Financial Deepening.


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