TalentSprint held the Graduation Ceremony for its Testing Batches 20 and 21 on Saturday, the 16th of April

graduation ceremonyTS graduation ceremonyTS graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony for the trainees of the testing batches 20 and 21, took place on Saturday, the 16th of April. It was an intimate affair with Mr. Madhu Murthy presiding over the ceremony and handing out the certificates to the testers.

Madhu Murthy spoke earnestly to the trainees about always being prepared and grabbing every opportunity that comes their way.

Joy, Kausar, Vathsala and Edwin also came forth to reminisce about the time they had spent with these 2 batches, which encouraged the trainees to come and share their heartwarming stories about successes and failures in their lives.

The trainees then felicitated the members of the faculty and amid a great mood of revelry, group photographs were taken and cake was cut. It was a fun time for all those involved either faculty or trainee.

TalentSprint hopes to make a tradition of such graduation parties.

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