The Chronicles of the TechWise Roadshow

In a world where diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical aspects of success, underrepresented groups have been excluded from this lucrative field for too long. But programs like TechWise by TalentSprint, supported by Google, are changing that.

TechWise is an 18-month program designed to prepare students from underrepresented groups in the US for high-growth tech careers. Google offers a 100% tuition scholarship and an additional $5000 scholarship that takes care of students’ basic expenses and ensures better focus on learning. 

In the first cohort launched in March 2022, the program received over 700 applications from 5 partner colleges, and only 126 students were selected, making it a 1:6 selection ratio. These students are undergoing 600 hours of immersive learning, mentoring by Google, and networking with peers passionate about tech. The success of the pilot cohort led to Cohort 2, which recently started with 8 partner colleges on board.

To celebrate the success of the pilot cohort, the TechWise Tour recently took place across three participating colleges in the US. The event was graced by distinguished dignitaries, including Congressman Ro Khanna, representative of California’s 17th Congressional District,  Shiv Venkataraman, VP/GM at Google, and Dr. Santanu Paul, MD and CEO of TalentSprint. The events have been held at the Community College of Allegheny CountyDes Moines Area Community College in Iowa, and Benedict College in South California.

Congressman Ro Khanna, the representative of California’s 17th Congressional District, said: “What TechWise and Google and this partnership is really about is bringing this country together and saying that for us to succeed, for America to remain the manufacturing superpower, for America to remain the technology leader, ahead of any other country, we can’t write a single community off.” In a conversation with The Washington Post, he also said “The essence of the program is to get tech jobs to communities that haven’t had access to them before.” 

Shiv Venkataraman, VP/GM, Google stated that through TechWise, Google is creating not just more software engineers, but also promoting racial and gender equity by bringing technology to underserved communities. Dr. Santanu Paul, MD and CEO, TalentSprint was moved by the energy of the participants. He shared his vision for TechWise and emphasized the three pillars it was built on – learning to learn, learning by doing, and learning without the fear of failure.

Here are some testimonials that are a testament to the pilot cohort’s success and transformation:

TechWise offers a transformational learning experience through its live, instructor-led classes, hands-on experiential learning, peer collaboration, high-touch Google mentoring, among others. TechWise’s pedagogy of learning to learn, learning by doing, and learning without the fear of failure was greatly appreciated by the college partners during the tour. These prestigious partner colleges have started to recognize the significant value that the program pedagogy offers and, thus, are looking forward to integrating the same into their educational offerings. The curriculum also compliments the participants’ existing degree programs, thus, making them industry-ready. 

In addition, many community college dignitaries discussed the program’s shifting and long-lasting impact. The TechWise Tour’s real power lies in the participants’ transformational journeys. These stories are inspiring and powerful. 

TechWise is about creating a new narrative for the tech industry – that empowers all voices from minority backgrounds and celebrates the limitless potential of a genuinely inclusive tech world. It breaks down barriers and promotes diversity of thought and perspective by providing opportunities for underrepresented groups to succeed in the tech industry. The TechWise Tour has proven to be a rich platform for networking amongst global leaders and aspiring tech professionals. We look forward to seeing the continued success of the TechWise tour as we work towards a more inclusive future.


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