5Ws of Developing AI for a Successful Tech Career

Whether you are a technology professional or not, you will not be surprised to see how automation has become synonymous with the future of our work. But incidentally, that future is now. From the unassuming chatbots and virtual assistants to fascinating self-driving cars and completely automated townships, Machine Learning has gradually crept into every aspect of our 21st-century life. And, as with any other tech innovation, Artificial Intelligence opens up new career opportunities for tech professionals as well as for those who are keen to explore this industry space and prepare themselves for the future.

As a tech enthusiast or a professional seeking a career in AI and Machine Learning, you need to be aware of what goes behind developing yourself as an expert and the nuances of the chosen path.

Why should you upgrade your tech skills to AI and ML?

Experts believe that a majority of technology projects have AI components integrated into them but less than 1% of professionals have adequate expertise to carry out the functions. Also, research published in MIT Sloan Management Review stated that almost 85% of businesses believe that AI and machine learning can bring a competitive edge to their enterprises and catapult growth. But out of those, only 20% have been able to implement it, owing to the lack of experts with the right amount of AI knowledge. This talent gap is also a reason why jobs in automation and machine learning are now considered one of the hottest that can lead to a remarkable foreseeable future for tech enthusiasts.

Who is it for?

The stage at which this domain stands at the moment, it requires professionals who can upgrade themselves to becoming experts with deep learning capabilities. But above and beyond domain experts, AI and ML is open to anyone and everyone who wants to get themselves acquainted with the developments in AI and ML through professional training and advanced programs. So, whether you are a business dealer, a product manager, an analyst or a coder, this can be a great opportunity to join the rising trend and make a successful career. 

What makes you ready for an AI career?

The fact is that most practitioners of AI today are self-taught or from myriad educational/professional backgrounds. But it doesn’t adequately serve the purpose of getting yourself future-ready. When it comes to automation, the idea is not just to advance your skills to the point of finding a career opportunity, but adopt, adapt, and manage the evolving technology ecosystem most comprehensively.

When it comes to upgrading your technical skills, instead of waiting for trends it is more prudent to be proactive and not wait for an external push. By keeping yourself abreast of changes and innovation, you can prepare in advance even before the need arises. Thus, you will always remain ahead of the game.

When is this the right time and opportunity?

The right time is now! The idea of automation has crossed its hype cycle and facing us as a hard reality. From being a topic of endless debate and discussion, AI and machine learning have now reached their growth stage, which makes for the right space to be tapped into.

Machine learning is being constantly used to identify data at micro-levels that are often overlooked.

Where and how can you develop your AI skills?

The best way to bridge the gap between the demand for and supply of automation experts is to educate yourself and prepare for a career. There are multiple online and offline options available if you want to build a promising career in AI. However, when it comes to finding your career path in AI and ML, one size doesn’t fit all.

If you are already a data engineer or a tech architect, you can simply upskill in machine learning with MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on online platforms like Udemy or Coursera, where professionals are honing their tech skills and upgrading themselves with training in AI and ML. However, these are best suited for self-motivated tech enthusiasts, who know exactly what they need. But if you are new to this domain and want to start at the beginning and follow a proper path, then you need a structured program with hands-on training and mentorship. In such cases, you can join advanced professional programs like the one designed by IIIT Hyderabad and TalentSprint. Here you can avail of the best classroom learning environment with peer group support, expert faculty, masterclasses, real-time industry projects, workshops, and more. 

The idea is to first become aware and then narrow down your learning funnel to the area you want to specialize in. With such deep learning as your foundation and being abreast of market trends, you can move forward with specific skills.

The key to success for technology professionals is to stay ahead of the game. As newer technologies evolve and become the foundation for the future, professionals need to constantly upgrade their capabilities to stay competitive in the industry.